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    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    A clip is a device used to load high capacity weapons fast.You have 10 shots in a clip,you place the clip above action/magazine and slam the bullets in with your hand. A magazine holds the bullets. Scoped weapons can't be loaded with a clip. A trip to your local rifle range will make all the difference come any in game argument.
  2. Cydonia7

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Been playing for 3 weeks now. Hiding around the corners and I'm still being hit. Swipe,swipe swipe with the knife,fk all. Can't deploy radio beacon with soflam in kit,that may have just been my noobishness. A few good things from 2142 could have been utillised.I'm currently at rank 36 and I still feel I'm missing something.I basicaly run around the map like a chicken with it's head cut off. I find it amussing to sit down and clear the tree's around the spawn with the AA. Overall.One of the best gong dang things to have ever graced my screen. Everything Ultra ultra.It's very pretty. EddystoneM17 is my ingame.See you through the open sights.
  3. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Hello.The card has a 6 hole pwr and a 8 hole power connector.I did connect both with no zoting.Not all wires are present,One grnd isn't on the 8 pin I think. If only my ancient beige keyboard would fit the z68,I turned it on with great effect.Only to be told I needed to press del to enter bio's (naturaly).......But couldn't ha ha ha what a bugger.I needed to get a new keyboard as the beige was a standby,but dang I couldn't even use my standby. So my fistypumps became nothing more than a sleepless night awaiting today,when I can finaly enter bio's with a keyboard.You could amagine this as when building everything has been done and totaly ready to throw the switch.Only then I realised I was beating a 7970 with a beige stick.
  4. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Cheers guys thankyou.And a big thankyou to all Atomicans as I could not have built a computer without you and your conversations.I will throw the switch in 20 mins.Might look at how good LOMAK looks,then get into some bf3 fun and fence a carrot.Can't wait.Cheers!!!!!
  5. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Hello again.I was wondering what power connectors i should use on my single 7970? (arived 20 mins ago,wow it's bigger than an x800 agp8x).. I have noticed 2x connections,one is a six pin and the other an 8.I'd rather not zot my new rig on startup.But no refference is made as to which one I should use in the manual.It says I must connect one but I wasn't sure if it would matter which one? I do have both connections available on my modular psu.Any imput greatly appreciated.Cheers!!
  6. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Basicaly , what I was trying to say is the price is still relative to cards that sit in it's performance area IE X800,6970,7970.I was pointing out that the second from the top card has always been around $700 on launch.It is a highend card yes.I may have used better words,sorry for the confusion.
  7. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Just for interests sake I paid $714 delivered with parcel protection.I would have loved to wait another month or two just to see what other companies come up with but I must turn on my new pc and start playing.Prices seem relative to my old x800.The X800xtpe was around$800/ $890 on launch,the X800 around $700.......So the prices seem relative to where the card sits in the performence range. IE New card,just under the high end,$700.......Just as it was years ago.Naturaly they will come down in price and up in performence.
  8. Cydonia7

    HD7000 rumors

    Got one.In that I went through the order procsess.Stock numbers are not shown in the invoice untill payment is made (nor did they change after purchase).I'll be ringing them up,asking how many do they have.If they have any left I will pay for it (I did give them the "HOLD" email).I'm certainly not holding my breath though.But as an upgrade from agp8x x800xtpe and xp,I realy can't wait to complete this box......Understatement.
  9. Cydonia7

    Issue with SSD

    forgot to mention that it hanged again, several times. Usually, it hangs when im not using the pc for a while and go back to it. Try turning off hibernation perhaps? If it's off.........Oh well.I'm sure I read somewhere in here it had issues with certain new tech.Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  10. Cydonia7


    Thankyou very much for the reply.I had pondered bottle necking also, so your answer has covered that nicely.It wont hurt to wait and see what happens.I havn't realy looked hard but I didn't see many boards with a full 16x16x support.
  11. Good morning.Well it's about time I retire 478/agp8x x800xtpe.I havn't been in the game for awhile (understatement) and am starting to miss a few titles BF3/Skyrim that I wouldn't mind having a go at.I havn't been able to play much in the way of games after crysis #1.Actualy seeing as how my build was for Doom3 I've needed a new pc alot longer than I care to admit,dang pcie....... I know it may only be speculation as the cards havn't been released yet,but I have been pondering a few things. I have a 2500k and z68 pcie3.0 asus motherboard (ariving today pccg),I am looking at getting a video card.I would rather wait it out now to see what is on offer from ATI in the new year.I'm guessing the new gen cards are pcie3.0. So heres my question,I'm sure others would be wondering also. Will a (new) HD7000 varient card work in a pcie3.0 slot on a mobo running a sandy bridge 2500k? I understand that Ivy bridge is the pcie3.0 enabling cpu for the z68 mobo's. But I was wondering if a next gen card would run in a z68 mobo with a 2500k? Would it perhaps run at pcie2.0 speeds? Then run at 3.0 speeds when an Ivy bridge cpu is coupled with mobo? Do you get what I'm asking? Will a hd7000 card work with sandy bridge untill Ivy is out? Theirs no point me getting a pci3.0 card if my gear wont run it yet. I'm hunting around for a gfx card,I could handle a pci3.0 card running at 2.0 untill I got an ivy bridge but was just wondering if it would be possible? I couldn't justify getting a 6990 yet ,when I plan on getting an ivy on release............But I could easily shelve the 2500k and z68 and go with z79 if my thinking has been incorrect. Thankyou
  12. Cydonia7

    COD4 Modern Warfare, or COD World at War?

    Cod4 could realy use a couple of big open maps.Like the one in cod2 with the trenches,open paddocks and you spawn near the tractor shed. You can get away with SNIPING with a pistol.And at the end of the day,It's easier to knife people than shoot them due to proximity (close) on most maps. We need a HUGE open map with trenches and grass,so the ghillie suit actualy works. Martyrs suck,nade spam sucks,airstikes suck...........................This game only had to be cod2 with better graphics.