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  1. tmccoy

    Solar power realities

    Leo, whilst utilisation of the Solar was 13% or so, it's an obvious limitation of the technology that the sun doesn't shine everywhere 24hours a day, so generation ability is limited... unlike coal or nuclear that can be generating all day... provided the system is fed accordingly. For interests sake, I think the original report is talking about this Country Energy site, as you'll notice the panel array in the front of this upgraded depot. There's also a Smart Grid Education Centre at the same site I've been part of. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&sou...mp;t=k&z=18 ...interesting report. I somewhat agree - the insane cost of solar doesn't make it cost effective, but there is an opportunity for it to support base load during the day... maybe. Edit: embedded map didn't work, changed to link
  2. tmccoy

    2 Extra wires on in-car LCD Screen

    I'm gonna go with they're inputs from reversing cameras?
  3. tmccoy

    Have tape icon on Nokia phone

    I'm not sure if this is a serious post or not... but the answer is yes.
  4. tmccoy

    Have tape icon on Nokia phone

    I've had my Nokia 6500 slide for a while, and roamed overseas with it a couple of times. Whilst in India last week, I received voice messages, which has put the tape reel icon on my screen, and looking through the Messages menu shows the same icon on the Voice Messages screen. This is an option I looked at once, but it asked for a voice mailbox number that I never knew. I'm a Vodafone customer here in Australia, and have cleared out my regular voicemail (121)... anyone got any experience clearing these voice messages, or will they just time out?
  5. A very short google suggests it'll work fine. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...cfm/733703.html I don't know why you'd bother with Analogue TV-in, given it's being actively phased out right now. A DTV-1000S is $45 from http://www.msy.com.au ...so get 2! Not something I've fiddled with - maybe consult the MythTV forums, or google? I am running the frontend and backend on the same machine. I've experimented with a few frontends, including MythTVPlayer, which worked well enough to do the job on my Windows machines. I really haven't had a need for remote frontends and have had great results running the single front/backend machine. EDIT: also, to add to the great howto above, browse mine when you're bored :D http://penguinpusher.net/index.php?option=...4&Itemid=26 http://penguinpusher.net/index.php?option=...0&Itemid=26
  6. I'm a big MythTV fan, and have been running my Myth box for the last 2 or so years now, and absolutely love it. I'm running a Leadtek DTV-1000T single HD tuner, and if I was bothered to do my box again, i'd strap another tuner of the same in, or get a dual digital tuner. I don't think it's worth getting an analogue TV car, but certinaly worth getting a cable video capture card for connecting to your Foxtel. There are some issues doing that, so I'm not sure how successful you'll be. Linux is more than capable of sharing your files, as well as accessing other shares on the network. MythTV also has a great web interface that lets you easily setup schedules from the web (or you own network when you're not in front of the TV), and MPlayer has always been my favourite multi-format-of-all-doom player. I'm currently using Shepherd to grab the listings for all the Digital channels - and the listing grabbers and data seem to be getting better and better all the time. Consider giving MythTV a run, even if for a couple of weeks... EDIT: I just watched that original link you posted... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2176025602905109829 Wow - The 0704 looks positively archaic compared to even my rather old version of MythTV. It seems like it's getting better in 0710, but I'm not that impressed at all. I know a flashy UI isn't important, but given you're after a PVR/Media Center, and probably not a home automation machine, consider Windows MCE or MythTv.
  7. tmccoy

    Programs in Windows 7 installed in XP

    I'm pretty much the same - I've ditched XP and gone deep into '7. I would advise against running your executables from your mounted Windows XP drive - consider taking the time to reinstall your main applications natively into Windows 7 and enjoy! I'm happily running editors, office and steam under '7 without too many quibles.
  8. tmccoy

    Windows 7

    Yeah... firefox under linux just kinda went... what? ...and offered me the direct link. I let firefox manage the download (v3 has this) and resumed it a couple of times before letting it run in the wee hours of the morning. x86 is 2.4GB, x64 is 3.2GB, if I recall correctly, and download managers also work. If only Microsoft were supporting download via Torrent!
  9. tmccoy

    Windows 7

    My experiences with RC1 and my netbook... http://penguinpusher.net/index.php?option=...01&Itemid=2
  10. tmccoy

    Windows 7 install question

    Not quite the same, but I'm triple booting Windows 7, XP and Ubuntu - but Grub is managing the Linux vs Microsoft layer.
  11. If the inverter goes kablewy spectacularly and shorts itself, then a fuse, circuit breaker or RCD might trip due to the nature of the fault. It's more likely that if the inverter dies, it'll die quietly and you'll just no longer be pushing energy back into the grid. I would certainly expect the internal fuses and safety circuitry of the inverts to simply remove itself from your circuits, and hence not cause any issues in pulling energy from mains.
  12. Coal fired power stations don't have a power dial, they are either off or they are on. The generators spin at speeds proportional to the load required. Turbine speeds is regulated by (usually) steam, steam is generated by burning coal, so technically, removal in loads from the grid requires less effort at the generator, and hence less coal.
  13. Given I'm in this industry, a few replies from my side. I question you need to average this over 24hrs in the day. It's solar - it's clear that it only works in daylight, so doing calculations based on a 24hr average really doesn't make much sense. For interest, one of the real world installations that I've been involved in of a 1kW grid exporting system has the following profile for a 6 day period. Each of the ticks on the x-axis is a midnight boundary for the day, and the intervals are at 30-minute resolution, so you'll notice that the maxium output is around 0.5kWh in a 30-minute period, or a 1kW system. You'll also notice that the first couple of days have poor output, which is probably due to cloudy or rainy days, and the latter part of the graph shows good consistent output building up to the peak at the middle of the day. The data above averages (over days with poor direct sunlight to good full-light days) to around 3.2kWh per day, or around 1200kWh per day - so you're calculations are pretty good here. That is definitely based on build quality - and you're probably far better off buying a high quality one, but it's definitely worth considering that in 10yrs time, a 1kW inverter is likely to cost far less (maybe 30-50% less) and be far more capable of standing up for a longer period. I completely disagree. You're instantly starting to take load off the grid, away from our current generators and are genuinely giving something back to the Environment and grid as a whole. There are cost savings to be had for what may be a reasonable investment, whilst possibly leading to a situation where the grid isn't in crisis in 10yrs time. This is a long term approach with good benefits in countries like ours. There's a huge importance on curbing customer load demand as well. It's not about replacing power stations, but more about a sustainable approach to support growth in the energy industry.
  14. tmccoy

    Expensive watches

    Having been bought the most beautiful Tissot PR50 Titanium by Gir, I've appreciated having a nice brand of watch that wears well. The titanium model is highly understated and incredibly light - something that I appreciate all the time. Having travelled a lot in the last few years, the Titanium has also been nice as it doesn't set off the airport metal detectors... just one less hassle through security. I'm not sure from the thread if you want to spend more than something like this Tissot Classic - I'd say it's a mid-ranged priced watch rather than some high end approaching the $1k and above bracket.
  15. tmccoy

    Jaunty Jackalope day

    Clean upgrade on my desktop from 8.10 to 9.04 on my side, still waiting for the weekend to bother with my MSI Wind. I ran a live USB version of the 9.04 NBR on the Wind - which was pretty good, but I'm not convinced enough to switch away from a pure desktop install as oppose to the new netbook version. A work collegue is having major quibbles with his dual nVidia setup, but I guess it just needs some fiddling. I like it - another great release from the Ubuntu team!