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    GPU upgrade?

    Not sure whether this is the right place for this question, and it's rather basic BUT.. I have an old(er) AMD Radeon HD 6900 and am considering an upgrade. Most games run quite well still, but I'm feeling the itch to upgrade. What do you think?
  2. Hey guys I'm contemplating a move into the world of modding but don't really know how to start. What I really want to do is install a window on one side of my Corsair carbide 500r, clean up the mess of cables inside and set up some purty lights but I don't know whether to skill myself up to do it myself or get someone else to do it. Help!
  3. psychiatrik

    GPU upgrade?

    Right. Today I may have gotten a little carried away and picked up a 1070. I've now discovered that it requires an 8 pin PCIE power cable, and my dear old Antec Truepower Trio 550W has two 6 pin cables only. Would it be safe/advisable to grab a dual 6 pin to 8 pin cable, or get an entirely new PSU?
  4. psychiatrik

    GPU upgrade?

    Thanks for the advice. I was prompted to consider an upgrade by constant crashes with Grim Dawn. I have reduced the video settings and it appears to be stable now. Might look at the 1060s..
  5. psychiatrik

    GPU upgrade?

    Currently running 1680x1050, single monitor. Wont be adding additional monitors anytime soon. Prefer to keep settings higher. Budget is up to 300, maybe 350
  6. psychiatrik

    Speakers for Gaming

    I'm not sure what to get. It's been a while and I've had great use out of some Altec Lansing 221s (2.1) but it is now time to upgrade (as I have effectively blown them out!) I have a Xonar Essence STX card. Been looking at the Logitech Z623 2.1 set up, as well as the Audio Engine A2+. What would others suggest?
  7. psychiatrik

    Speakers for Gaming

    Well, it is done! I ended up visiting a couple of DJ stores including StoreDJ which was such a good idea. The first DJ place I visited showed me the Rokits and a couple of others, including Behringers. The salesperson very quickly dismissed the lot in favour of a 2.1 system waaaaay out of my price-range and completely unsuitable for an apartment. I walked out. Far too much online research later and I had whittled it down to Audioengine A2s or A5s, Rokit 5 or 6, Swan M200MKIII, and M-Audio Bx5 Carbon. I won't go into all the pros and cons I identified here but speaker footprint was certainly a consideration which meant I was more inclined toward 5 inch monitors. At StoreDj I heard the M-Audios and Rokits once more, but was also shown the Presonus Eris 5s and good lord to they sound gorgeous! I now have a pair set up and the difference compared to my old Altec Lansings is ridiculous. Hooray for beautiful sound!
  8. psychiatrik

    Speakers for Gaming

    Thank you all for the good suggestions and food for thought. I like the sound (no pun intended) of the Rokkit 8s but they might stretch my budget. Have considered logitech 2.1 speakers (z623) but I do live in an apartment building so I might steer away from a sub. Also, at 200w they do suck a lot of power. Now considering the audio engine a2+
  9. psychiatrik

    Speakers for Gaming

    An interesting idea. I hadn't considered this very seriously, partly due to not wanting cables everywhere. Worth a look, perhaps
  10. For the uninitiated what is so special about EVGA?
  11. psychiatrik

    New headphone advice needed

    I just picked up a pair of AD700s for $140 delivered. I love them.
  12. psychiatrik

    New Baldur's Gate

    Could not have said it better myself. However I fear we have seen the best of adventures from fair Faerun, the like of which we shan't see again.
  13. psychiatrik

    thinking about getting a sound card

    I guess it's pretty slow around here.. Oh well, in case future generations of humans are interested, I went for the Asus STX plus some brand spanking new ATH-AD700s!
  14. psychiatrik

    Anyone play Torchlight?

    This made me laugh
  15. psychiatrik

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    ^ Pwease expwain I just bought a ticket to Maitreya festival
  16. psychiatrik

    thinking about getting a sound card

    Good heavens there's a lot of research to be done when it comes to improving one's aural experience, often raising more questions than it answers. Oh, we're on the air.. Ah HEM! So it seems that there's a fair amount of conviction that a card adds significantly more than onboard sound provides. I'm convinced this needs to now be decisively implemented in my rig. I've narrowed (?) it down to the ASUS STX, the SB Titanium HD, and the Recon3D. Love my gaming and music. Mostly will be using cans like the ATH-AD700 or 900. Might go Audioengine in future. What I gather from this forum is that the STX and Titanium HD are bees knees and either will do, though it seems the HD has an edge for gaming? To further complicate matters, the Asus Phoebus is on its way, and I wonder whether it would be worth waiting... hmm! Or to look at this another way, would an external DAC be a better choice? Any thoughts?
  17. psychiatrik

    When is summer gunna be?

    Holy handgrenades, It's been a bajillion degrees here in melbourne for the past few days. I think the OP spoke too soon and has melted into a puddle somewhere. My housemate took my (only) fan and has squirreled it away so I've covered everything in white polystyrene foam pieces to make me feel like it's snowing in here. Frankly, the results have been disappointing.
  18. psychiatrik

    I'm a subcriber

    I just subscribed for the firkst time too. It was an offer I couldnt refuse.
  19. psychiatrik

    1k what to do ?

    Does this whole scenario remind anyone else of wheel of fortune...the bit where Burgo shows the contestant all the prizes that are available and then the contestant has to choose what they want to spend their money on? Back on topic, how about some high end headphones? I've been toying with the idea myself over recent weeks. The ATH-AD900s are particularly lush, as are the Beyerdynamic 880s.
  20. psychiatrik

    Guage interest: Community Mouse Testers

    Don't you think that if the reviewer gets to keep the mouse regardless that this will negate potential bias?
  21. psychiatrik

    Skyrim Mod Guide

    Pardon me, madam, but could you please direct me to the mod-guide, referred to in this month's magazine? Che-yahs!
  22. psychiatrik

    Skyrim Mod Guide

    Yes I have the hardcopy guide here, it refers to an online updated version on this site. Really my question is whether to use skyboost or the 1.4 beta patch. Yes, I'm fairly new at this