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  1. gun_sl1nger

    USB converting

    Hi bradstone. 1. Go to Jaycar and buy some heatshrink in different sizes (you can get a bag with varying sizes for 10 bucks) by sizes I mean diameters. 2. Buy a wire stripper from bunnings for 10 bucks. Cut the Male end off a USB A. (about 10 cm or how ever long you need it). Strip it down to the wires. Then strip the connecting wires (R,G,B,W) carefully. slide some skinny ass heatshrink onto those puppies too. Then slide on some heatshrink as you will want to cover the finished product. Tin the wire tips with solder. youdo this by heating the wire from underneath and gently adding solder to it. you should see the hot solder 'wick' into the wire. cut the cable in the second picture you have, strip it down as above, tin the ends as above. USB is a standard, so if you solder the green to green (probably don't need this as it's data) and the red to red (power) and the black to black (ground), white (whatever it is...neutral or something). check you have heatshrink on for the individual wires and the fat insulation at the end. check your heatshrink again. Use a pair of helping hands (people or mechanical) to hold each of the wires you are going to join together in a slightly overlapping fashion and place the soldering iron under both of them and watch them melt together then take the iron away. Do this for all the wires. Slide the heatshrink over it. Don't shrink it yet, just tape it in place and make sure the connections are covered. Test it. If it works shrink the heatshrink (you can use the barrel of the soldering iron if you have no mini pencil torch) It should work. I made one a couple of months ago in a similar manner. Mine was a motherboard header to a USB A female socket to get an extra USB 2 port from an unused header. NB: YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD ANY SOLDER WHEN JOINING THE WIRES. THE TINNING SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT AS A JOIN, IF HELD TOGETHER AND HEATED APPROPRIATELY. Done.
  2. gun_sl1nger

    iPhone 5!

    My thoughts on it: Wow, nothing would make me buy it. I bought a 3GS when they came out and used it for the length of the contract (2 years-ish). At the end of the 2.5 years I had it, the phone was pristine, but the battery had burst (I took it apart you can see the bulge forcing the circuit board up), so I couldn't even replace the battery and use it as an iPod. I was also sick of the screen size (small) and resolution (poor) Looked at the 4/4S and didn't buy it.......why, you ask? for the following reasons: 1. It didn't seem any bigger than the 3GS 2. I use my phone for surfing the web, checking my email and IM, also ebay/purchases/taking the odd snapshot and listening to the odd tune....... Just about any phone would do these few things. 3. It did have better battery life, but once again, if the battery was faulty and I was out of warranty........I couldn't replace it. 4. Siri didn't interest me. I just couldn't see the point of it. I can search the internet with my fingers and besides, I am looking at the screen anyway as I need the visual information more than the aural information. To avoid a 24 month plan - I decided I was buying outright........an outright iPhone (for my above criteria) was an outright rip-off. Plus I was sick of the inconvenience of iTunes. I am a drag and drop kind of guy. After looking around for a while I went with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It did all of the above things and I paid about 500 bucks. - The OS is supported by google, so for me it was just like an iPhone (I get my OS directly from the designer, who had the phone built to showcase the OS [iCS, now JellyBean post update]) - I can surf the net, listen to music, IM, make phone calls, take photos (yes I know the camera is not as good, but for 'good' photos I have a Leica M9 + Lenses), check email, plus it's drag and drop hence......no iTunes requirement - The battery lasts me about 2 days, plus if the battery has issues I buy another for 20 bucks, bang it in and I am good to go. so: iPhone 5. If you follow the criteria above why would I 'upgrade'? It's not necessarily any better than the phone I currently have. - I don't need a super duper new processor with tonnes of grunt (I am not encoding video, I am surfing the net) - I don't need a super duper graphics chip, I don't play games on my phone - The screen is (I think) not actually any better than the one I have (resolution wise), I could be wrong though......mine is 1280*720 with 316 pixels per inch and the apple goes 1136*640 with 326 pixels per inch on a 4" display not a massive difference (for me) - I take photos rarely with my phone (as above, my Leica M9 + Leica glass will kick the shit out of any phone) - Yes it's probably thinner than my current phone, but the size of the nexus doesn't bother me now, so that's a non argument - I don't like iTunes and I don't really buy apps willy nilly so those don't count either - If I bought it, I still couldn't replace the battery myself There's just no reason for me to get it. So it's a non event for me. It's probably not really worth it for you either. Its a whole lot of cash for not that much phone. Please note: I am neither an apple nor PC 'fanboi'. I have both types of computers (mac book pro + multiple PCs), have an iPod + Touch + iPad (iPad and Touch is wifey's) and to round it out a moto xoom (which I bought second hand from Takoma). Those are my thoughts. EDIT: Typo's
  3. gun_sl1nger

    Best Gaming Headset! 2012 June

    Buy some decent headphones from www.headphones.com.au (good 'cause you can send them back and they are cool with it) My suggestions would be: Audiotechnica: A900s or AD900s or the Beyer Dynamic DT250s (Comfy, good sound not too heavy on bass), the Audiotechinca 'phones are really comfy. Then add a modmic. They are on backorder so I am anxiously awaiting mine. http://www.modmic.com/ You really, honestly are better off buying good quality/high end cans and then adding a mic. You kill two birds with one stone. - Good headphones for music/movies - add a removable mic for gaming. saves yo money give yo nice tunes.
  4. gun_sl1nger

    Keyboard upgrade?

    Do yourself a favour and get a Realforce. 87 or a 104 if you like the extra keys. Yes, they are expensive but they are sooooooo good. After you use one for a week you will never, ever want to go back to another keyboard.
  5. gun_sl1nger

    Alternative to iPhone....

    Another vote for the nexus here never used android before and I am posting this right now from the nexus. I went from iPhone 3gs to this and I gotta say its awesome. I had the same tossup bw SGSII and the Nexus. Went the Nexus. Its really really good.
  6. gun_sl1nger

    Solving the following problem

    Hi; Looking for some help with the following problem, if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it as I am unsure where exactly it should go. ------------------------- I work as the RIS/PACS (Picture Archive Communications System) administrator for a Large Area Health Service in NSW who would like to be able to discuss patient treatment ACROSS hospitals between 2 rooms of clinicians. These Hospitals are located around 15km apart. Video conferencing is already present (but is quite poor, being purchased sometime ago) and is the easy part of the answer for the discussion between clinicians portion. Here's the tricky part: I want to bring up Xray images in the conference room of Hospital A and scroll through them during said conference. When I manipulate/scroll through the images in Hospital A, I want the other conference room in Hospital B to have a mirror image of what I am doing so that everyone is on the same page (so to speak). Is there any way to do this other than point a Camera at an image on a wall which comes from a projector? Keep in mind this is patient data and so is subject to the Privacy act. The networking infrastructure is: GB+ inside each Hospital but 100Meg Microwaves for communication between the 2 hospitals. ------------------------ For those who do not know what a PACS Administrator is: If you attend a Hospital in NSW and receive an Xray/CT/MRI/Ultrasound/PET/Nuclear Med scan etc, they are digitally acquired and sent to PACS server(s) so that Dr's can view the scans, anywhere (even from home) and treat/diagnose you. A PACS admin looks after all these servers and the information they store and troubleshoots/networks/fixes/modifies etc exams/components as required.
  7. gun_sl1nger

    Fanless CPU Cooler

    This was my favourite part of that web page Notic 1. Be careful not to eat thermal grease or not to keep it available for your eyes and skin. If it contacts your skin, wash it out with water. If you feel any irritation or have it, please consult doctor. 2. Please wear gloves when you use the product for precaution against any accident. 3. If you apply excessive pressure, it may cause any fatal damage to the product or system. 4. Please keep it away from the hands of children. 5 .before installation, please check components and status of the product. If you find any abnormality, please contact seller for exchange of product or refund. 6. When problems arise due to error in installation or misuse, the company is not held responsible. 7. When damage occurs to CPU or system due to Overclocking, the company is not held responsible. 8. When external pressure certainly applies to computer on move, any damage can occur. You must remove cooler before moving computer. When any damage occurs to CPU or system on move, the company is not held responsible. 9. External design or configuration of the product may undergo change for quality upgrade without notification to consumers. 10. CR-100A does not support CPU with more than capacity of 100W TDP.
  8. I have an 8800GTS 640 you can have for free if you would like to pick it up.
  9. gun_sl1nger

    Headphones from Sennheiser

    So what brand can bring out decent audio without the high price for quality? Audiotechnica, good price, excellent sound. I have a set of A900 (Closed Headphones). They are great, not too heavy on bass, not too expensive. I also have a set of Senn HD600s at work (Open Style) good all round headphone. Beyedynamic DT250s (Closed) my favourite headphones by far, excellent all round sound Audiotechinca AD900s (Open, seriously open) Better than the A900 for sound clarity and depth but they are open so you pollute the space around you. Just go here --> www.headphones.com.au best shoppe on ye olde internet for cans. All of the above may be out of your budget: My answer: Expand your budget. Good headphones last forever.
  10. gun_sl1nger

    TVs as Monitors

    I have used a 42" Panasonic Plasma for around 3 years now for my HTPC including gaming. The picture quality is awesome, the colours are bright, the blacks are black the sharpness is excellent. My HTPC runs a quad core CPU and an HD 6870. What exactly is wrong with plasma in your opinion?
  11. gun_sl1nger

    Bomb around girls neck in Sydney?

    Apparently she made the whole thing up. Source: A mate of mine works North Shore ED. She was scheduled (psych) a few days earlier.
  12. gun_sl1nger

    Headpphone Stand

    i think i like the Spartan minimalism of the design. it looks serious. but Jesus is it big! how big are the cans? or your head for the matter? will you be using this metallic monolith as the focal point of a shrine to headphones or something? It's not scaled well. When I hang the phones off it, they are about 2cm off the base. Bah, I'll post another photo......hang on
  13. gun_sl1nger

    Headpphone Stand

    Ikea headphone stand. http://www.ikeahackers.net/2008/08/quality...-for-cheap.html Details that are missing. You need a 10mm hole for the Capita leg and a 10mm bolt 3/8" is imperial and only threads in 1/2 way You need a 3.5mm female stereo (jaycar) some twin shield (or just cut up an 'ipod' extension lead) a soldering iron and solder to join them all up. I drilled the hole for the female jack (6mm) with a dremel as a pilot hole and then a 6mm stepped drill bit. I drilled the hole for the headphone hanger (capita leg) with a dremel as pilot hole then a stepped drill bit til I got a true 10mm hole. LED colour of your choice and resistor to match when running off the 5volt 500mA USB port. USB cable to cut up and solder to the resistor + LED (with USB red is hot black is not, other colours are data) Hot glue to stick the LED to the back of the female jack. Tape/heatshrink to cover the wirey bits. I can post some pics if anyone interested.
  14. gun_sl1nger

    Headpphone Stand

    Thought this might be of some interest to those of us who own headphones. I built this over the course of a couple of days in my lunch break. I wired up a 3.5mm jack and mounted an LED behind it in a silicon sleeve (hot glued in place) sealed off the whole lot and mounted it in the post. The LED is so you can find the 3.5mm female jack in the dark and is powered by USB The Base is a 10.00 chopping board from Target EDIT: Full credit goes to the IKEA Hacker who put the bits and pieces together for the DIY headphone stand what think you? _sl1nger
  15. gun_sl1nger

    Dragon Age II

    - I understand you want a response ASAP to a troubleshooting problem, but really, this should have been posted in the DA2 |OT|, I think. Nope. Don't mind how long it takes I have a number of other games to get to before this one. Report it, move it, doesn't bother me, I thought I had picked the appropriate section apologies if its in the wrong spot. - Disable aspect ratio correction maybe? I tried it with and without (no diff) - As a non-nitpicky response, I've heard that this is yet another DX11 issue. A friend had/has a similar problem playing fullscreen on his 720p television. Yep I think it is directx11 related I have installed it on a second box and it runs fine on a GTX285