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  1. steve_hb

    I wanna do a multi monitor setup =)

    My current dream-setup is a 30" centre (2560*1600) with two portrait 20" 4:3 (1200*1600) on each side. Reason being I like the idea of pixel-matched screens for super-wide windows and dislike narrow vertical screens, so the 3:4 would be good. Getting harder and harder to find a 1600*1200 20" screen, Dell has them now and then though.
  2. steve_hb

    Samsung 245B+

    The stand may not have the functionality, but with a screen arm (most screens have a VESA mount) you can force the screen upright. You can then use most modern drivers to output a 'sideways' (still 1920*1200, but rotated) signal for portrait mode. The screen doesn't care whether it's turned, it's just displaying what it's given.
  3. steve_hb

    External Speakers for my Dell Studio 17

    I haven't had any experience with the V20 model but can totally recommend the Logitech X-140 (2.0) speakers. I got these ($50 on special) about 18 months ago when I was transiting accommodation and had no room for a sub. I've never gone back, these things are bloody brilliant. Not as much heavy base as a sub (obviously) but I like my eardrums in one piece anyway. They're quite small and light, they use a mains adapter so that may be a problem for ultra-portability but if the V20s run just off the audio cable, they'll never have the grunt of a mains powered set. As to aesthetics, the X-140s are very nice, black mesh ~2"x8" with a slight back tilt. They have plenty of grunt to fill a bedroom and be heard in the kitchen outside my study, although that requires turning them up most of the way. I'm no audiophile to give you a dissertation on their sub-harmonic tone or some such, but I've used them for music, movies and games with total satisfaction. (No, I don't work for Logitech, though now maybe they'll want me for marketing.)