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  1. I like to be able to watch movies/TV shows etc on my pc via speakers. I also like to play games and talk on vent via my headphones. I really dislike having to unplug either my headphones or speakers to use the other. Are there any products or solutions that means I can switch between the two without having to crawl under my desk? (Fnarr! Fnarr!) Thank you for your time.
  2. First things first I guess, are there any free Media Centre type OS available? If so any recommendations? Not really fussed on using it as a tuner/recorder, well at this stage anyway.... Have installed Ubuntu for the moment as a stop gap measure.
  3. Cheers Midnight but I've set the ram to 1.9v and it made no difference. Worth hitting the Gigabyte forums to see if they can provide any help? Pretty much open to anything at this stage.
  4. The closest ref board I could get my hands on was my friends (GA-EP43-DS3R) and the 8800GT worked fine. Have tried vista also just in case it was a software issue. Tried different driver revisions also. Have water cooling and have had the case open through this whole debacle. Lian Li PC-S80 case with the stock fans. Pretty much run the system bare bones as it is. i.e. mouse, keyboard and headphones. So with a random incompatibility issue what are my options?
  5. The other card I have at home is a 7600GT which I think is bung.
  6. Yeah is really starting to twist my squishies. Change of OS to XP64 Pro could possibly help? Seems like that was an option that worked for someone else.... Or switch to Vista...I have a copy sitting around.
  7. So running ATitool at a friends place on a similar setup and no problems at all. Card is humming along nicely. Going on 10 min+
  8. Don't have anything here to test it on. On my way out to a friends place so will chuck the card in a bag and test it on their rig. Card was working with no issue before the hardware change. *shakes fist at the gods of hardware* If it is the card I think I'll be investing in a HD4850 on the way home. Who needs money & food! I can live off the life giving energy from my LCD! I hope.
  9. So I dropped the clock speeds below factory stock and had fail at 20 sec and 36 sec respectively.
  10. Ran OCCT with no problem. All 4 cores happy and healthy. However... Core: 600.00 Memory: 900.00 Running ATitool artifact tester it BSoD the first time after about 1 minute 49sec. Second time: 2min 20sec Third time: 1min 5sec. Also the temps climbed pretty fast even with the cooler running at full tilt. Time to invest in some new hardware? Those ATi HD4870 look good...
  11. PSU is a Corsair HX620 less than 6 months old. Will give Prime95/OCCT and ATitool a go.
  12. Yep updated them all. Everything is fresh and new and up to date.
  13. No beer for you. Complete reinstall and many hours later... Logged into Warhammer and within 20 sec BSoD. Have run memtest with no errors. Help.
  14. Will do. Thanks for the help.
  15. Errr no... From your response I'm guessing that's what I need to do. Guessing that XP doesn't like hardware changes of such a large scale. That about the size of it?