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  1. Shikimaru

    Mafia II

    I bought Mafia 1 and 2 via the mafia 2 preorder.. $US49! :D
  2. Shikimaru

    HTC Desire v iPhone 4

    It's not actually that bad to hold imo.
  3. Shikimaru

    Game endings that don't deliver..

    HL2 ep2 had an epic and very awesome ending
  4. Shikimaru

    3D monitors and technologies that do not require glasses

    Whatever the technology, I can tell you the pros and cons right now. Cons: They're expensive, they don't let you move around, they probably don't work all that well. Pros: They don't require glasses. Keep in mind though that the glasses that are used are designed to work with people already wear glasses. Real life 3D is pretty realistic imo, not too hard on the eyes either. In most cases it's not too expensive either.
  5. Shikimaru

    Calibrating the colours on monitors

    These devices are also great if you want to match your printer and monitor colour as close as possible, to help prevent those nasty surprises. :)
  6. Shikimaru

    Using Realtek HD via optical problems

    It's because the digital signal needs to be.. 'built'. If you play a DVD that has a digital 5.1 stream already, I daresay that it'll come out as surround fine but as games don't have a digital encoder built into them... it's not going to work. I'm not very 'up to date' with it, but I think ac3 can do what you want. hope this helps :)
  7. Shikimaru

    Gaming Headphone

    I use some Audiotechnica ADH-700's and they sound brilliant paired with my Auzentech Bravura. For a mic I use a separate boom mic with it's headphones around my neck. :)
  8. Shikimaru


    Is he still really depressed? No, it took him about a week to get beck to normal after he stopped taking them though.
  9. Shikimaru


    A Mate of mine tried them, he quit smoking but also became really depressed. afaik he still doesn't smoke.
  10. Shikimaru

    If religion was real

    Voluntary Enrolment.
  11. Shikimaru

    How not to throw a grenade,

    All over the recruit that you were saving?
  12. Maybe it's linked to a part of your brain being knocked around when you sneeze? Many epileptic people have a specific smell, that they smell before they have a seizure. For instance, I knew a Lady who would always smell dog poo before a seizure.
  13. Shikimaru

    Got a cool setup?

    nice :)
  14. Shikimaru

    I smell Sex and Candy

    Lol, you do actually have an advantage. Not an unfair one though.
  15. Shikimaru

    HD2 software upgrading

    Generally a WWE edition ROM is fine to use. Just double check that the ROM supports your band and you'll be fine.