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  1. +1 atm i'm running GB SOC 580 at exact same clocks with 1.13v no problems, and fan at 100% just to be safe - and it's not too loud thank god :)
  2. 2bobrob

    New Michael Ad for PS3

    how u insert video? sorry for noob-ness. got it! thanks for help :)
  3. lol thats a big card, but it's not bitchin' fast 3d big :) or Voodoo 5 6000 for that matter :) complete with "voodoo volt" external PSU!
  4. 2bobrob

    Witcher 2 err version 2 - released!

    http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/the_witcher_2/ i love being 6 months behind in my gaming, everything is cheaper and fixed'ier :)
  5. 2bobrob

    sikk mod for doom 3 will stress your video card

    lol yeh isnt that always the way. for better or worse, steam games are yours for life. but dont worry, im sure with the release of rage, they'll be some massive iD sale on steam, or somewhere.
  6. http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic...p;sk=t&sd=a pretty incredible what this mod does, and does well! (whilst playing, GPU usage was around 90% the whole time, so pretty well optimized) adds: HDR lighing POM shaders film grain (i found 0.2 is just right for me) motion blur Bokeh Depth of Field (it really is brilliant) SSAO and SIL soft shadows (your fps will take a nose dive unless you're rocking 580 SLI, no seriously - but the change from original hard shadows is amazing) plus other graphical effects. all of which can be tweaked to suit you. or the option to disable them entirely. quick note, apparently ATI cards are having trouble with this mod, but i think work-arounds are provided on the forum. As for nvidia users, it's recommended using HBAO for SSAO and FXAA anti aliasing as apparently they were developed by nvidia themselves. (btw FXAA rocks!, difference from MSAA is night and day.) with my o/c 580, i get about 20-25fps with every graphical trick enabled at 1080p. disable soft shadows and it goes up to about 40. IF you find the game looks too granular like its in 16-bit colour, disable dithering should fix that. also there are gameplay changes (again all optional) For instance, i heavily reduced the amount of ammo you can carry. i always hated the fact that you could carry around over 1000 bullets, 150 shells and 50 rockets. Now he can carry about 500 bullets, 32 shells and 8 rockets, and you can also realistically reload ammo so that if you swap out a mag 1/2 used, you lose the remainder! reduced ammo makes the gameplay much more "survival" and suddenly reloading takes on a whole new dimension - do i forfeit a few bullets and reduce the chance of reloading mid fire fight? very tense! - to do all this, just locate the player and weapons def files in def folder in pak_modfile.pk4 (winrar will open it for you), and change the values next to the "custom" comment. can now carry around med packs and adrenaline, with key mappings availble (i set med pack option to 4 uses at 100% - so you restore 25% health every time u hit the key) shoulder lamp (imo greatly improves gameplay because i found its perfect for combat, but doesnt make the torch obsolete as its better suited to scavenging in dark corners for ammo etc) also if you wish (and i highly recommend), install latest wulfen texture pack, http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=24708 (and be sure to use the POM shaders that come with it, not the sikk versions, i found they break the game when using wulfen texture pack). phew, ok glad i found the time to write this, this mod needs to be experienced! its customization may daunt some people, but i didnt play around too much with the values (except for film grain), i just basically toggled stuff on or off, and i'm pretty happy with the way it looks. i also installed Perfected doom 3 but havent had a chance to really play around with that yet. its not as customizable as sikk, but it contains most of the above, plus a few neat things of it's own. And depending on your taste, looks just as amazing, whilst having a much higher framerate.
  7. 2bobrob

    5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

    this reminds me of an article on US gizmodo site that recently got alot of attention. Writer basically named and shamed Jon Finkel (Magic TG world champion) because he didnt mention that on his "okcupid" page (i think thats like RSVP/oasis active etc). Anyway to say there was public outrage at this lady is an understatement! http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2011/08/my-okcup...thering-player/ google imaging her name brings up some hilarious pics taking the piss from her article.
  8. 2bobrob


    i have read on some forums that voltage regulation on the 570's is not as robust as what's on the 580, so take it easy! over cook it and it could spell permenant death. my advice is to read through as many forum posts as you can and reviews of 570's to see what the best voltage/stability is. Ramping the fan up to 100% while gaming wont hurt either (or as high as your ears can tolerate). IME i have never had problems with high volts (and high o/c that comes with it) as long as fan/s are running pretty hard. Constant effective heat removal is the key. Also use afterburner to monitor clocks, temps and volts. You will find sometimes if your game does CTD the video driver will lock the card at "low power 3d mode". i dont know if this is a bug or a safety feature, either way it drops clocks WAY down to make pretty much make any game made after 2003 unplayable. a reboot is required if this happens :(
  9. yeh i've found it pretty ironic that by the time a game is patched or modded by devs or awesome folk in the gaming community (like stalker complete and countless unofficial patches for games like Oblivion and Vampire: Bloodlines) to make the game MUCH better than it was on release, it also generally happens to be ALOT cheaper! So why the hate? i cant recall too many games that were totally abandoned by developers in a really unplayable state. Even then most games are rescued by modders in the games community. If you bought a game day 1 full price, and it's buggy, well it's your fault for not waiting to read trusted reviews and forum opinions. i bought games like crysis and bioshock on release for full price because reviews were saying they were stable and pretty feature complete. I grabbed games like stalker and crysis 2 six months later for about 1/2 price because reviews said they were buggy (stalker), or not feature complete (crysis 2 & directx 11). I've got such a pile of shame, a 6 or 12 month wait doesnt bother me at all. Out of curiosity, when did this begin? I can still remember the backlash the original SiN got because of it's day 1 patch (18Mb!!! huge for back then) because they pushed it out the door unfinished to make sure it got to store shelves in time for Christmas (and maybe ahead of half-life 1). Was this the first game to really cop it?
  10. Agreed. Delays are fine but be open and honest with the community and you have retained a loyal (and patient) customer. i wish someone would tell that to Gabe Newell :) just give us a crumb Gabe! something to let us know anything with the words half and life is being worked on. He already said it isn't :P You just made me sad :(
  11. Agreed. Delays are fine but be open and honest with the community and you have retained a loyal (and patient) customer. i wish someone would tell that to Gabe Newell :) just give us a crumb Gabe! something to let us know anything with the words half and life is being worked on.
  12. 2bobrob

    What is/does AAA mean?

    Metro 2033 was indeed a AAA game that also had AAA as a graphic option :) that fact totally just blew my mind. lol reading through this discussion, i think i read 4 different reply's on the meaning of AAA :) Oh Noes another one of them, that are saving the intarwebs from the barbaric decent into linguistic anarchy. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/senior_year
  13. 2bobrob

    Best Game You Ever Experienced?

    ok to think in terms of when i played it, yeh i think half life 2 still gets my vote, but only just ahead of Bioshock :). But all the FPS classics from doom to quake 2 to deus ex to sys shock 2 to Stalker all hold pretty great memories for me. I think it was the combination of immersion, setting and exploration.
  14. 2bobrob

    Final Build b4 Ordering

    For longevity, maybe opt for a 2gb graphics card, games coming out later this year would suggest a 6950/560 core are fine, but 1gb framebuffer just wont cut it anymore. 6950 2gb versions can be found for about the same price as the card you mentioned (see staticICE), and if you do opt to go xfire, you wont be held back by the 1gb framebuffer. And go for a 760w psu, again for longevity. I've had a seasonic 750 80G modular for about 6 months now and have nothing but praise for it.
  15. 2bobrob

    What Podcasts does everyone listen to

    +1 Smodcast, especially the earlier episodes, some very cool stories about K.Smith's childhood and movie related stuff. Keeping it Reel - movie previews & reviews podcast, think its part of IGN network. Just dont expect much talk about indie/foriegn films, its heavy on sci-fi and superhero movies but thats ok by me. Weekend Confirmed - imo best gaming based podcast by far, covers all recent events, all platforms. Alot of attention given to indie games and board games. Most speakers are from Shacknews and the Totally Rad Show. yeh to and from work, and whenever i find time to go for a jog. Its only a 1gb shuffle, but its plenty of space for about 10hours worth. by the time ive listened to them all, a new week has rolled around and i d/l the next episode. nice little routine i've gotten myself into :)