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    Windows 8.1

  2. chrisbrownie

    Set Homepage accross multiple browsers via GPO

    You can't do the lot at once. IE's pretty easy, as is Chrome, but Firefox is quite a bit harder.
  3. chrisbrownie

    Win7 Net 4.0 error

    (that said, you won't do any harm by installing 4 then 4.5. You'll just waste some of your time)
  4. chrisbrownie

    Win7 Net 4.0 error

    Scott Hanselman has a great blog post on this. If you couldn't be bothered reading it, here's a quick summary: .Net 1.1 supersedes .Net 1 .Net 3.5.1 supersedes .Net 2, 3 and 3.5 .Net 4.5 supersedes .Net 4 In short, no, you don't need to install 4 before 5.
  5. Anything in Cisco's 2600 range have a great speed, functionality and stability for the price, and you know it's a good brand. Can't really go wrong.
  6. chrisbrownie

    Tin Foil Hat Time

    you're an idiot.
  7. chrisbrownie

    Locking down Windows 8

    Windows RT would be the best solution. Windows 8 has the "desktop experience" as such a fundamental part of the OS, I doubt it'll be doable natively. Your best bet might be to restrict the hell out of it using Group Policy.
  8. chrisbrownie

    demoting a DC (2003 server)

    Are the two DCs in the same domain or separate domains? Once you dcpromo the domain/forest away, computers in it will no longer be in it because it won't exist. For this reason any domain users won't be able to log on. With all due respect, if this is tripping you up, I would suggest hiring a professional to do it. "Friends" doing IT work are the bane of the actual professionals that will have to come in and fix it after the friend screws something up. For the sake of your friend's business, and your friendship, hire a professional.
  9. chrisbrownie

    HELP PLEASE Windows 7 Install problem.

    Replace your install media
  10. chrisbrownie

    Scripting advice

    sc -pat $("C:\example\sub_{0}.txt" -f $filecount)
  11. HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentcontrolSet\network\ enjoy.
  12. chrisbrownie

    Workplace Comms Rooms

    Mine's a raised floor, 18 rack with dual redundant UPS and A/C units..so it's pretty damn tidy.
  13. chrisbrownie

    Upside down power!

    Are you stupid or just not very good at internets? The amount of derp in that post is unfathomable. If someone's wrong and you're right, by all means, correct them. If someone's wrong and you're more wrong? Shut the hell up. You just wasted about $3 worth of Atomic server fees (yes, even over their 700Gbps connection) and about $20 of my time. Seriously, leave.
  14. chrisbrownie

    Can I install W7 with a different DVD than the original?

    Just contact the OEM and get a replacement
  15. chrisbrownie

    comparing folders

    PowerShell: $folder1 = gci "C:\folder1" $folder2 = gci "C:\folder2" Compare-Object $folder1 $folder2 This will tell you which files/folders exist on one side but not the other. If you need to check the contents of each file, more effort will be required.