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  1. @~thehung

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    tonight: Four Corners - Coronavirus How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency "Everyone is hiding...I'm absolutely f***ing petrified." Australian citizen trapped in China It's likened to a scene from an apocalypse. Empty streets, overflowing hospitals and an overwhelming sense of fear in a city of 11 million people placed in "lockdown". "What have you done? I don't want to live anymore...Take those (bodies) lying on the ground somewhere else. Otherwise, you better kill me." Wuhan hospital worker In China, almost two thousand people have died as a result of coronavirus with tens of thousands more infected. Authorities are resorting to extreme measures to try to halt the contagion. "It's beyond quarantine. I don't even know what to call it. It's quite terrifying knowing that people can knock on your door and drag you out for no reason at all because you have a temperature." Australian citizen trapped in China The outbreak of the deadly virus in the city of Wuhan has triggered a global emergency with patients being diagnosed in 26 countries. Fifteen cases have been reported in Australia. To try to contain the spread, Australian authorities have effectively sealed our borders to people travelling from China. "This is unprecedented in the history of modern medicine. We've never tried. We know that containment can work, but it's never really been done at this large scale." Australian infectious diseases expert On Monday Four Corners charts how the outbreak occurred and investigates whether a cover up by Chinese authorities allowed the virus to spread. "Just at a time where they could have traced it, just at a time where perhaps they could have checked it more substantially...that was lost because it got caught up in the politics of the information flow and information surveillance in China." China expert In interviews filmed on smartphones, Chinese activists and Australians trapped in the lockdown explain what they are going through. "There's queues outside the hospitals now. We're not allowed near them. There's people dropping on the footpath, literally." Australian citizen trapped in China Here in Australia, scientists are engaged in a race against time to develop a vaccine. Four Corners has gained exclusive access to the high security laboratory involved in key coronavirus research. "We know it kills people, but we don't know how many, and we don't know exactly what the mechanism is by which this virus kills people. So, at the moment we're taking the highest level of precautions." Virologist This comprehensive report explains why health authorities are taking this virus so seriously. "We always look at the worst-case scenario because if we don't prepare for the worst-case scenario, we'll never be forgiven." Global biosecurity expert Coronavirus, reported by Sean Nicholls, goes to air on Monday 24th February at 8.30pm. It is replayed on Tuesday 25th February at 1.00pm and Wednesday 26th at 11.20pm.
  2. @~thehung

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-02/20/c_138802487.htm "Those who spread conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are doing so either out of "bad intentions" or "absurd ignorance," a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday." yeah...problem is, you have a basic credibility problem when the following sentence is just as likely: "Those who spread conspiracy theories about the training and education centres in Xinjiang being non-voluntary prison camps for the brainwashing of Uighur people are doing so either out of "bad intentions" or "absurd ignorance," a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday."
  3. @~thehung

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Scientists ‘strongly condemn’ rumors and conspiracy theories about origin of coronavirus outbreak "... A group of 27 prominent public health scientists from outside China is pushing back against a steady stream of stories and even a scientific paper suggesting a laboratory in Wuhan, China, may be the origin of the outbreak of COVID-19. “The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins,” the scientists, from nine countries, write in a statement published online by The Lancet yesterday. The letter does not criticize any specific assertions about the origin of the outbreak, but many posts on social media have singled out the Wuhan Institute of Virology for intense scrutiny because it has a laboratory at the highest security level—biosafety level 4—and its researchers study coronaviruses from bats, including the one that is closest to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Speculations have included the possibility that the virus was bioengineered in the lab or that a lab worker was infected while handling a bat and then transmitted the disease to others outside the lab. Researchers from the institute have insisted there is no link between the outbreak and their laboratory. ..." Twitter, Open Source Intelligence HK - @OSINTHK "...now deleted paper on ResearchGate that we were able to retrieve. It claims #COVID2019 / #nCoV2019 may have originated from accidental Wuhan Center of Disease Control..."
  4. @~thehung

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    i find the mid february increase to be curious thing
  5. @~thehung

    Locked threads and suspensions

    imho youre blowing a throw away line out of proportion. it wasnt put forth as the reason or justification for the suspension. i too, am uncomfortable with anything that comes off as an official designation of "our" political persuasions, because little good can come from insinuating that anyone whose politics skew even slightly conservative is unwelcome. i do understand if that was your take. however, i do agree with what i understood to be the intended meaning, despite not thinking the accompanying connotations were advised. i think what chaos is referring to are things like principles of free speech and free expression. in that respect, we are hardly a conservative community. such ideals are a legacy of western enlightenment, and the left. as a group, we favour science and reason over religious dogma and fundamentalism (ie. the "religious hokum" context you omitted from the quote). we are small 'l' liberals in that we welcome all colours and creeds etc. under the stewardship of one DH we decided to dispense with hate speech against gays. protecting freedom of expression can be paradoxical like that; we put ensuring that we are welcoming to everyone above anyone's right to throw around terms like faggot. in a similar, and very consistent vein, we also tend to frown on people who execute personal vendettas against other members, or repeatedly characterise all transgender people as mentally ill perverted freaks, just to name a few totally random examples. and its not like, as an average over time the mods have ever been heavy handed. quite forgiving and very patient, if anything. case in point: as it stands, i am unclear if repeatedly characterising arab muslims as goat-fuckers is completely off the table — which is testament to the powers that be having a far longer fuse here than you would get it in many other places that value robust free speech less. as for 'left leaning' and 'woke', in my opinion you have a somewhat distorted view of these terms. firstly, its the lean part youre massively downplaying. i lean left. because i have a strong libertarian streak, which in the current climate is more often a right of centre ideal. whilst left and right can be used as static labels, 'leaning' strongly implies a loose conglomeration of left and right affinities that may be fluid, but among which the left side is slightly more abundant. so its not a very strong designation at all. i believe you support gay marriage. on that particular issue you skew left. if i was in charge of the world, i'd use eugenics to phase gingers out. in that regard at least, i skew far right :D. but in the final analysis, i lean left. as for wokeness, its a neologism that has sprung up and is quickly morphing into a parody of itself. whether or not, or how quickly that change is perceived may depend on the vantage point of one's echochamber. among the consistently left-leaning vast majority of my friends and family, they have plenty of negative things to say about many ideas and attitudes they perceive as far-left which they are increasingly likely to deride by way of the shorthand of them falling under the umbrella of so called wokeness. i dont know if this is surprising or counter-intuitive to you? sure, the aforementioned people supported gay marriage, which until such time as the definition crystalises into something unambiguous, is a 'woke' idea, and have many other ideals you could call woke. but with the word's definition currently in a superposition between liberalism and self-parody, i do not think its accurate to say being 'woke' is what left-leaning folk pride themselves as being. based on what i am aware of at least, were it up to me, i probably wouldnt have suspended Leo. however, he's needed a good arse chewing from on high for quite a while. but thats easier said than done. it wasnt up to me — i dont have the responsibility, and dont want it, but i am thankful to those who have taken it on. had i got involved as an ordinary forum member then i would just be another person trying to get people out of a cesspit by climbing down into it. thats why forums everywhere, no matter how hands-off, need people with the authority to dispense law and order. back in the day, i mightve criticised the response. but since we are such a small forum now, and we exist by the grace of barely a handful of people willing to take on the burden of running this place for so little reward — i am disinclined to bite the hand that feeds. and i dont presume i am aware of every factor that went into the decision.
  6. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    so, looks like Jeremy Corbyn is kind of helping Assange at the 11th hour. and i cant help thinking that if Corbyn is on the case it can mean only one thing: he is truly fucked.
  7. @~thehung

    Locked threads and suspensions

    quoted for truth
  8. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    hmm...i wonder what they use? synthetic polymers i imagine. probably an instance where genuine human hair wouldnt be prized.
  9. @~thehung

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    do you recall if it charted well in australia? i have never heard of her or it. i suppose the whole Pearl Jam connection with that song may have made her well known, but i guess i'd stopped paying attention to them even before Vitalogy came out and sucked so hard.
  10. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    so you allow that regulation and public ownership may be better solutions than your previous hyperbolic take?
  11. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    yep, that sure is a head scratcher.
  12. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    i realise its about water, what i dont know is the relative assumed value of that "amount of product" within the context of our GDP and its degree of expendability in our economy.
  13. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    whats the argument for this?
  14. @~thehung

    What a joke

    The Report hardly the thriller it aspires to be, but works admirably as a fairly dry docudrama. interesting fact: lead actor Adam Driver served in the marine corps for a couple of years after enlisting in the wake of 9/11.
  15. @~thehung

    Oversampling compressed music

    if it is a production problem you should be able to hear it here, right: my ears cant identify a whine in the 12k region. although i can identify a harsh and brittle over all sound that was probably there before data compression. its like a build up of low res noise in the mix. nothing in particular shows up in either FFT analysis (real time or full song scan) or in the spectogram (anything somewhat sine-like and of sufficient volume should be visible as a horizontal smear) there's a lot of yuck, including vocal sibilance and craptastic hi-hat in the high end, and it sounds immediately better with both 6k and 12k pulled down a bit on a 30-band EQ, but i didnt play around much... if it is present in the youtube version, can you be more specific about what you are hearing. are there parts in the song where its super noticeable?