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    Robzy aint got shit on me...

    schmenchmark! he left his post long ago. dereliction of duty, my friend. the jury is instructed to ignore his past contributions!
  2. @~thehung

    Deprogramming bullshit

    you may be correct on the failings of the carbon tax system and you *may* be able to win an argument with a 5th grader but your coup de grace needs more grace. the same argument could be made for any number beneficial uses of tax which necessarily pass first through the hands of unscrupulous politicians...
  3. @~thehung

    Robzy aint got shit on me...

    oh yes he has! even you his shit jokes have touched us all
  4. @~thehung

    Questions thread

    no. not unless you are comfortable with the same effects as shaving it off. just do your back. rip it out or fry the follicle.
  5. @~thehung

    Questions thread

    YES! ;) now i can get some sleep thankyou Atomic Questions thread!
  6. @~thehung

    Rejoice, Atomicans!

    Sounds like a good meet. I bet everyone would have a blast. Rob. in Squidy's grandmas arse? lets show some Atomic spirit and see if we cant break that thing!
  7. @~thehung

    100% High Definition TV.

    FreeView is like Foxtel where it has its own set top box, except there are no fees (proberly a high price for the box though) and it only features channels that are available on standard digital TV anyway aah no. if you read the "--Random Freeview Stuff--" i posted above :P, you will glean that Freeview is just hype for 3 new ordinary SD channels in addition to the others that are already currently available to anyone with set top boxen / digital tuner. unless i am drastically mistaken edit: okay, partially mistaken -- sorry. reading up on this now, i was totally unaware of the potential for exclusive EPG shenanigans. however, in regards to the EPG, from what i can tell no one is 100% sure if Free TV will actually try to fuck everyone who doesnt have Freeview branded gear, and/or if they can succeed if they try.
  8. @~thehung

    100% High Definition TV.

    new box, what?
  9. nonsense. its almost a full blown moose knuckle
  10. @~thehung

    100% High Definition TV.

    Freeview: 15 Digital Channels! http://www.freeview.com.au/#/what_is http://www.abc.net.au/corp/pubs/media/s2306264.htm So it seems, what we are really getting is not 15, or even 5, but 3 new channels. 3 SD channels. We will have to wait and see if this translates to good programming, or just an even bigger repository for the refuse of TV past. more Gilligan's Island anyone?
  11. @~thehung

    Questions thread

    OKAY, this has been bugging me for AGES!!!1!!1!!!!111!!!!! QUESTION: What does it mean when people use a bunch of exclamation points ("!") and ones ("1") all in a row, as above? huh? ive always had trouble searching for an answer coz the sequence seems to be random :/
  12. @~thehung

    Wind turbines fail to generate power

    your interpretation is not optimal. "All of the plants operate normally. If their turbines do not move, they are storing the energy." the "they" of the second sentence is the subject of the first -- the plants. the plants store the energy, or so he claims.
  13. @~thehung

    Cops need lessons in manners.

    That's nice. You are either a nice person with manners because you are a nice person with manners, or you are a person who appears nice and has manners so you can demand people notice that you have manners. And you were a smart arse and I can't agree with your version. Grow up and stop causing trouble because you feel it is your duty to force people to use manners. Unless they are your kids, you just look like a brat. 4th post in the thread and it sums up my feeling on it perfectly. "He was probably hungover."? who -- Tom or the cop?
  14. @~thehung

    A Nadio National podcast

    No need to be a cunt about it exlex, he was asking something, clearly tongue in cheek, so pull your head in dude. i thought he took it in quite good humour...... O_o are we reading the same post? anyway, LOL exlex wins most ridiculous typo in thread title for 2008!
  15. @~thehung

    Brain tumour has an Alan Jones removed

    POOF! gone, just like that? i dont think that scientifically possible.
  16. @~thehung

    My parents are silly sometimes...

    since we are talking about Christmas. perhaps whether or not he needs one isnt the question. does he want one?
  17. @~thehung

    Well that went well

    loathe i am loath to associate with people i loathe :) and i agree. shank the fucker Khirareq, figuratively at least. your stories make me angry.
  18. @~thehung

    symbolic languages

  19. mug is cool. no doubt.
  20. @~thehung

    Social Drinking

    A surprising one, I'd wager yeah, but is that just coz you fancy yourself a kick ass driver when drunk? :P i reckon it would work in the short term, but not after a critical blood alcohol level. problem is, it would vary so much with peoples tolerance to alcohol, their learned ability to fake soberness to some degree, and their general suggestibility. without a large amount of subjects, it wouldnt really reveal much. many of us have had the experience of sobering up quickly. yeah? personally, i have on a few occasions gotten to end of a long night and just 'snapped out of it'. i am sure at such times i was still technically drunk. but its as if blood alcohol has been dropping faster than the mind has adapted to it. youre still relying on a state dependent mindset, a drunken form of cognition that has its own momentum, and then all of a sudden realise you aint that impaired. the shift in gears is so abrupt its almost like waking up. but youre still wankered. its like going from 130 km/h to 50 km/h in a few seconds. the feeling of a crawling pace is illusory.
  21. @~thehung

    A response to criticisms levelled at judges

    Eh? i came across this only recently, so i can help you there. 'among other things'