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  1. @~thehung

    Snide thread

    perhaps you meant to say I was working in this bar and a blonde woman came up to me and asked for a double entendre. So I gave her one.
  2. @~thehung

    How Do You Post Images?

    copyright infringement, advertisement, defamation, misrepresentation of Haymarket ...
  3. @~thehung

    Snide thread

    one of the four skin divers of the apocalypse?
  4. @~thehung

    How Do You Post Images?

    be nice if it was possible to make images viewable only to logged in members with that option turned on in their profiles... rather than the opposite.
  5. @~thehung

    Quoting quotes

    Yea... uh huh.
  6. @~thehung

    This is hell.

    yes, i have to admit this loading issue is baffling :S its fine on my end.
  7. @~thehung

    Thank god there's only 2 months left...

    ^^ you are berry sneaky
  8. @~thehung

    Not Just Lolcats

    hmm, why does this still work in the Haiku thread?
  9. @~thehung

    I think I've opened a can of worms here

    aw come now tell me thats --> http://i35.tinypic.com/m994lz.jpg not stylish and tasteful!
  10. @~thehung

    Debilitating Illnesses ... Got Any?

    the human body is amazing. meh, whats another 9 weeks, right? you laugh HAHAHAHAHA in the face of a measly nine weeks.
  11. @~thehung

    Got H?

    the green, white, and black tell me that they're coming back disoriented
  12. @~thehung

    This is hell.

    you say you understand, and you probably do (beyond the usability issues youve acknowledged) but consider giving people at least 24 hours to grieve before telling them to STFU and be 100% rational, yeah? yes, its only a forum. but it had a feeling to it, a modus operandi that is now gone. that wont be returning. the new re-skinned BB version(s) will never be exactly the same thing as what we ALL had, nor mean the same thing practically and symbolically as the lovingly hand-coded one. that is not to say it wont be replaced by something bigger and better, coz as you point out, the community is everything! its just, the patience thing goes both ways ;) point taken. but look at it this way, dead it may be -- but its probably getting some serious luvin from Squidy right about now. aww yeah.
  13. @~thehung

    Hip Hip...

    haha :D SORRY PPL! IT NOT ME BIRTHDAY i was just testing out the settings :o that video is great but :) /bookmarked edit:
  14. @~thehung

    I need to find this pic

    nice...but i will not be outdone! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d...turama_ep59.jpg
  15. @~thehung

    Who assassinated JFK and why?

    not who, what http://www.cntoro.com/uploadpic/20080425235115720.jpg
  16. @~thehung

    I need to find this pic

    this, you mean? http://tinyurl.com/69g6ee ;) its bigger at least
  17. @~thehung

    Liked The Old One Better

    put me down as another who only really cares about returning to the BLACK/GREEN/WHITE
  18. @~thehung

    Best movie based on a TV series

    oh i agree about the sense-making-bereftness of the series BUT you are doing it a great disservice! a) i always thought this was partly because i never saw the start of the series (???) AND b) it OOZED cleverness and cool, i mean it was intriguing and aesthetically ground breaking, and always alluding to an undercurrent intelligence -- so whether that was just faux pomo posturing rather than a purposefully enigmatic dystopian vision rife with edgy existential philosophy and gripping acrobatic action, it . . . like totally . . . worked the movie however sucked a whole lotta balls
  19. @~thehung

    Calling All Screenwriters!

    never seen The Hollowmen . i place a lot of cred in the recommendations its received, but it does look boring lol. ive flicked over and thought "nah, not in the mood to spend time with these people" is it satire on the level of the EXCELLENT bygone Yes Minister ?? (or does that comparison not work)
  20. @~thehung

    This is going to drive me mad

    oh dude. i lol'd. coz (to me) those acts would NEVER go in the same category! anyway, it kinda reminded me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNf9rEPoc8Q
  21. @~thehung

    Best movie based on a TV series

    is that list in the OP ones you endorse? coz Aeon Flux...c'mon!
  22. @~thehung

    The Explain Your Avatar Thread

    what? you cant be serious. that movie was pretty harrowing so i find it hard to call it things like "awesome" (which it was) but it is probably the only thing to have really affected and unsettled me in long time. plus, i didnt respect Mr Owen as an actor AT ALL until Children Of Men. Sin City, meh!
  23. @~thehung

    The Explain Your Avatar Thread

    okay, @ = AT ~ = TILDE the hung
  24. @~thehung

    Current Mood: Exuberant?

    im sorry wut? http://i38.tinypic.com/11j4pht.jpg :P
  25. @~thehung

    Not Just Lolcats

    i guess it could lead to heaps of "bandwidth theft" -- coz most ppl would leave images enabled and in each new thread page visit there would be a billion and one people retrieving each image with Atomic as the referrer -- as opposed to the odd person opening something relevant to them based on a description? dunno incidentally, how many large images can browsers cache before have to re-dl ??