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    Ever had an online relationship go sour?

    too many drinks? either that, or buy him one for being the type who breaks the monotony.
  2. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    Pfft! There was no "remake" of Day Of The Jackal. if you mean that thing with Gere and Willis, that is an abomination. whilst the book is THE single greatest and most tightly written piece of thriller perfection i have ever read, i felt the movie didnt totally work for a number of reasons. it was mostly due to the format itself interfering with the suspense. what is eternally commendable about that film though is how faithful they were to the source material. its something that is rarely attempted, let alone achieved.
  3. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    glad no ones pulled me up (yet) for seeming to suggest all older movies are shit, which of course isnt true. i enjoy discovering old originals that are better than their remakes. cant think of any good examples off hand, but i suspect the new version of Sleuth isnt a patch on the original classic with Olivier and Caine. however, shocking examples of where the opposite is true; The Italian Job and The Manchurian Candidate -- whose original incarnations are teh suck.
  4. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    thank you kindly for the link. but i shouldnt have watched that. it was too soon to be that bored again :|
  5. @~thehung

    The 9 most disturbingly misogynistic old print ads

    famous war time poster:
  6. "Six arseholes and labia for fingers" -- if nothing else, this sentence makes me weep for its beauty :')

  7. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    its The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover directed by Peter Greenaway. has some interesting moments ;) at the very least. dont recall what i thought in the final analysis. he does some unconventional stuff, mixing theatre and cinema. he did a sort of bio film about Darwin which from what i saw of it looked fascinating, especially in its grand Caravaggio-like use of light.
  8. @~thehung


    was it BMX Bandits? Chorus Hey Nicole You stole my soul with that cute little bunny hop, Your radical table top Oh I wished it would never stop Hey Nicole What's that you got is that a black Turbo Diamond Back a JMC Racing Bike Damn I wish I had one like that. Hey Nicole I was only ten years old BMX Bandits -- Wheatus
  9. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    well i am sure the book is very different. where i left it was just after the prehistoric prelude bit. there was little to no (i would say no -- it was very poorly handled) indication in the movie that the alien artifact actually catalysed the evolution of homo sapiens through presumably (from memory) some kind of psionic means -- so that was already a big indication of the difference, and potentially a glaring omission. i am not buying into this high-brow idea that a film doesnt have to stand on its own for the benefit of the uninitiated. if it was marketed as a companion piece that would be different. on its own, it fails. its not enigmatic, just indecipherable.
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    lol QFT http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp...;h=rouge&u= Kidman Kills Films i am expecting forced schmaltz, but i will go for the scenery
  11. @~thehung

    2001 - A Space Odyssey (Film)

    Chris, i can appreciate boring-Kubrick. i really liked Barry Lyndon!
  12. @~thehung

    Wanted: one MacGyver

    does this flickityflick trick open both at once? coz this is just the one
  13. @~thehung

    Wanted: one MacGyver

    Fight! Fight! __ i know its already been opened, but what were the available implements? i have a bottle right here, and i am up for a challenge.
  14. Your posts are good.

  15. @~thehung

    Any Creationists in the house?

    woah... note the people on the walkbridge
  16. @~thehung

    Any Creationists in the house?

    its "On the Origin of Species" Contrary to the demented ravings of Creationists O_o [citation needed] ;D in isolation, this doesnt strike me as iron clad logic: "The ubiquity of DNA and RNA and high uniformity of cellular metabolism, involving adenosine triphosphate, hemes, riboflavin and pyridoxine in nearly all organisms, is testament to common ancestry (Burian 2005, p. 111)" just because automobiles have similar parts doesnt mean they all come from Detroit. what i mean is, i would be surprised if the wheel wasnt invented independently among different pockets of entirely disconnected early humans. it isnt traceable to a single discovery which was then disseminated through the world. it took the shape it did, because thats the only shape that can do what it does. if a mechanism for abiogenesis has ever existed, it may itself be subject to natural selection by virtue of what is physically basic to life. that is, if we find alien life with uncommon ancestry to all life on our planet, it may yet be very biochemically similar to our own. of course, at a slightly less microscopic level there are billion and one peculiarities across species which evidently tie our planet's lifeforms to common evolutionary stages and ancestors. it makes me wonder, what are the most fundamentally different forms of life among plants and animals? and also, what the fuck is up with sponges?
  17. @~thehung

    There are those hard times...

    yeah, +1 on both counts. i am sometimes self-conscious of the way i keep myself emotionally detached in the forum playground. thats partly decided for me by the (to me) prohibitive limitations of the medium, and partly because i think it prudent. i was saddened reading about the situation with DonnaGEM/Zephyr and their baby girl, yet found myself unable to offer sympathy in a way that didnt seem ineffectual and trite. anything i thought to write seemed as impersonal and self-serving as it probably has to be, given the fact that i dont know them and could just as easily be emoting about a multitude of other strangers. plus, i simply have no insight or advice to offer them. i would say i admire their courage, but then what choice do they have -- and how can i presume to know anything about what theyre really going through? what i am trying to say is, you people and your e-hugs make me kinda nauseous, but threads like this (particularly DonnaGEMs words) remind me to not be so cynical. i am only content with my place on the sidelines because i take comfort in knowing that although i may not be 'feeling it', other people are, and do. the people are real, the bonds are real, and all of it matters. beyond the esprit de core of this wacky interweb clique, there is genuine love here. and it must be nice to know you have this support when you need it.
  18. @~thehung

    Snorkling for fun and... umm.. fun?

    pretty much :) just make sure youre on hand when your boy misjudges depth and breathes in half a lung of salty water -- so you can point and laugh (or vice versa!) its all part of the fun. convincing yourself not to tense up and breathe too hard is the only real hurdle, but the quickest way around that is to just do it.
  19. @~thehung

    I need some love.

    heres the sum total of what i know of Lovecraft
  20. @~thehung

    Copyright law

    Yes. while youre answering the tricky questions, can you tell me, is it illegal to steal stuff? for example, garden gnomes?
  21. @~thehung

    It is done!

  22. WOW nice work on the profile. pullin out all the stops.

  23. @~thehung

    Unarmed robbery

    btw, from that page, my nomination for the wankiest haircut ever: he should trademark it. Le Tosser™
  24. @~thehung

    Star Tek Movie pics released

    oh dear. theyve gone and made WHAT now? StarTrek Troopers? seriously, what is with the pretty-boy Kirk?
  25. @~thehung

    Once upon a time...

    man i hate french people. she is hard to dislike though