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    What a joke

    my point was, even in that wildly exaggerated instance of "global competition" completely undercutting our own labour force, there are still enduring benefits to having more people. infinitely better, of course, is if we were to create jobs for australians building large scale projects, but however its paid for, the right infrastructure can simulate the economy and create jobs in its own right.
  2. @~thehung

    What a joke

    yeah, theres issues with that, but think infrastructure. with the population density to justify and sustain it, even if we paid offshore contractors for FIFO coolies to build better roads and railways and broadband...we'd still end up with all of that shit.
  3. @~thehung

    What a joke

    "In 2012, it’s arguably just as much in Australia’s interests to boost its population numbers, in the interests of economic security and (according to some) military security also. And again, immigration – not an accelerated breeding program of naturalised Australians – is the only way this can realistically occur. As domestic industries increasingly surrender to global competition and as energy, agriculture and services industries increasingly depend on foreign markets for their long term survival, the issue of Australia’s relatively small population – despite its huge continental mass – raises little by way of public debate. A larger domestic population might provide markets for domestic industries, for local employment and for community wide infrastructure." [emphasis added] link
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    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    whats your major beef with RCA? i guess it all depends on the application. ive always found they stay put well, while being satisfyingly smooth to plug in/out. i suppose theyre fairly noisy and bulky, but i quite like them for spdif.
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    Real life Fallout

    of the square tubing i presume. i am curious, since ive never towed a trailer more than a few ks once in a blue moon, do you think that will be enough to notice the extra weight?
  6. ive made them from scratch a handful of times over the years. i think... pretty sure... its just...there wasnt any baking involved? and my tomato sauce was actually palatable. kinda defeats the purpose though, when i imagine half the point for most is the impromptu convenience of the canned stuff.
  7. is there ever an appropriate time to ruin perfectly good cheese and toast? not sure that ive ever had it. baked beans — out of a can at least — is dog food.
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    ...and another mass shooting in America...

    once again, its time to post this gem: https://www.thoughtsandprayersthegame.com/
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    ...and another mass shooting in America...

    depressing, yes. too depressing, no. not while theres still so many still fighting the good fight and kicking against the pricks.
  10. @~thehung

    ...and another mass shooting in America...

    besides, "Trumpland" works just fine as a general way to refer to the status quo of the country.
  11. @~thehung

    ...and another mass shooting in America...

    hmm, i suppose thats all i am going to see when i turn on the TV :( i know texas is an open carry state. but the only conclusion its possible to make is there werent enough good people with guns roaming about the shop that day. it makes me wonder what the uptake rate is, because its obviously not high enough, and i think ive found the problem: "An eligible person wishing to obtain an LTC must take a State-set instruction course taught by a licensed instructor for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours". can you believe that? 4 hours! who has time for that? maybe if it werent for these draconian restrictions, tragedies like this one could be entirely avoided.
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    What a joke

  13. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    i am calling bullshit on that study — filtered through the lens of that article at least. (even if did point out they "observed an association and did not prove cause and effect" as an afterthought) confounding factors, anyone? 0_o "Participants with a high chilli consumption had a lower income and BMI, and were more physically active compared with non-consumers". ha yeah: the most underpaid, overworked, and underfed. those who labour outside, or are crammed onto a factory lines. people who cant afford to be picky about where they live and what they consume. ...in a country plagued by poor air quality, and water and soil contamination issues; with an average life expectancy still trailing developed world. those who have historically been the least able to minimise their long term exposure to detriment...who were in their forties, in the nineties. people less likely to be well educated or have the luxury of an intellectually stimulating life. in other words, chilli-eating motherfuckers who are probably biologically older than the rest? what? these people's memories might be degrading faster? quelle surprise! "In certain regions of China such as Sichuan and Hunan, almost one in three adults consume spicy food, including chilli, daily" the study reads. Sichuan, btw, has the third lowest disposable income per household among 31 provinces. maybe the study should be more interested in how many heavy metals they consume daily instead?
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    What's on your mind?

    Olaf from Frozen, right? or maybe its more like this :P
  15. @~thehung

    Cyberpunk 2077 - 48 minutes preview!

    This year's Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo is staggering in scope and detail By James Davenport 2019-06-12T01:45:29Z At E3 2019, we got a fresh look at Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay. Here's what we thought. https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-e3-2019-gameplay/ i believe this latest 50-minute preview will be made public at PAX West, circa Sep 1
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    haha, still great:
  17. @~thehung

    Please Explain ... if you can

    yeah the ones ive looked at have a domestic section. looking at the proportions though, i'm like, waaaay too much milk for my purposes. its no surpise he says the domestic maker needs to eat it the same day. ive used mixtures with a lot of milk. they were at their best after a few hours of freezing, but melted too quickly for my liking, and soon froze too hard. whilst alternate sugars would probably reign those negatives in, i think i mostly prefer a harder, more "ice creamy", texture that only comes from a higher fat %. mine is usually unsatisfyingly soft until the following day, and then fairly stable over several more — moreso since i started using glucose. sometimes make "soft-serve" by blending in some milk into already set ice cream with a stick blender. if done right (like beginning a mayonnaise), you end up with really uniform and superfine ice crystals. texture more like McDonalds than Mr Whipee. got to eat it there and then, though. the distinction between ice cream and "gelato" may be a misnomer, but its a way of distinguishing between these: 1 2. (<-- LOL at the so called 'short read' versions). 8% vs 18% fat. i've had most success hovering around the latter. interestingly, in the section on fat he says "In my tests, I’ve found 23% milk fat [total dairy fat i think] to be optimum for texture for homemade ice cream". of course, as long as an ice cream doesnt have grittiness of any kind, or taste vaguely of scrambled eggs, or leave a gummy residue in the mouth (like a lot of the shop bought stuff — saliva?), the rest is very subjective. as for store bought ice cream eventually setting hard? heres a theory for you: theres lowish fat, partly due to cost and a desire for lowish kjs. theres also the fancy sugars. so these factors come into play: "Fat globules mechanically obstruct the growth of ice crystals, thereby slowing the rate of recrystallisation and extending shelf life" "Several studies have found a direct relationship between recrystallisation rate and freezing point; that is, the lower the freezing point, the higher the recrystallisation rate during storage (Hagiwara & Hartel, 1996; Harper & Shoemaker, 1983; Miller-Liveney & Hartel, 1997). This is because as the freezing point is depressed, the amount of unfrozen water increases, and this unfrozen water will participate readily in recrystallisation during storage." ... so my guess is, as larger ice crystals form, even before theyre noticeable on the palate, they have begun to break the structures held in place by the stabilisers, causing everything to start collapsing under its own weight as air is continually pushed out.
  18. @~thehung

    And What Are You Listening To?

    i looked it up, but all i see is a rave song from the 90s. if you like this type of thing you might enjoy the Tron Legacy soundtrack. not nearly as sparse or dark as Carpenter, but with electronic instrumentation and a vibe that harks back to 80s films. every time i hear the Stranger Things theme it reminds me of it.
  19. @~thehung

    Please Explain ... if you can

    cool. fascinating that d-glucose (dextrose) has more than double the "antifreezing capability" of l-glucose (glucose) when its practically the same molecule. as to how relevant some of that will be to me depends on the cost/effort equation. i quickly lose interest if i cant make something as good or better than whats in the supermarket freezer for significantly lower cost and minimal fucking about. i mean, pasteurisation? - no. a few bowls of ice cream are not worth all that babysitting a thermometer. maybe i couldve used some maltodextrin last time i made mango ice cream. i was doing it specifically for the challenge of using the cheapest nastiest pre-sliced frozen Woolworths mangoes. it wasnt too bad; a bit light on flavour and a bit too dense as you might expect. probably shouldve at least cooked them down first, but i was trying to cheat the equation! mainly i just do vanilla. cream, milk, sweetened condensed milk (for extra milk protein) and vanilla paste. no heating, no saucepans. blender --> fridge --> churner --> freezer. i boost the air content by taking it out before it sets and savaging it with a butter knife. works as good as any hand mixer. very cheap, very quick, very good — and consumed days before it sets too hard :)
  20. @~thehung

    Please Explain ... if you can

    i make a crap-tonne of icecream. here's the best website ive ever found on the topic, and as for 'what they put in it': http://icecreamscience.com/stabilizers-ice-cream/ a day or so is a bit extreme! if the water content in the mixture is on the high side, and the container is in and out of the freezer a lot in the middle of summer, definitely. temperature changes are the biggest killer. homemade ice cream is best when care is taken in the beginning to chill the mixture properly so it freezes very fast when churned — makes a big difference to the texture and the size of the crystals over time. the main problem i have, is my ice cream setting too hard by the end of a week, but otherwise it tends to hold up very well. i dont use egg anymore, because making an anglaise and waiting for that shit to cool down sucks all the fun out of living. just a high proportion of milk fat (heavy cream), minimal water, and the right sugars (some glucose syrup). but i am about to start experimenting with adding some psyllium husk, of all things, for its jelling properties.
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    Why I was up at an insane hour....

    insane hour? insane match! oh lordy, what an absolutely epic contest. i am so bummed for Roger, and for myself not getting to enjoy what mightve been. the tension in the stadium, well before that marathon final set, was prolonged and excruciating. i was out of my chair and pacing around like a fucking loon for the last half. and when at long last Roger had those two Championship points queued up you could tell the crowd was fixin' to go pants-on-head bonkers. if he'd won, i was half-anticipating him to announce his retirement then and there. oh well - hard to stay pissed at Novak for bringing it like that. its a rare contest indeed, even at this level, that truly lives up to a "clash of the titans" characterisation. what a dream to not only be the best of the best, but to get there against such worthy peers. between this match, and the previous Federer vs Nadal, undoubtedly some of the best tennis ive ever seen.
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    I'mmmmmm BACK!

    welcome back remind us please, what was your av?
  23. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    confused faced emoji? okay, what the hell, i will go ahead and take that on face value... "The smell still shits me, especially coming in on the body of someone who's just had one [a cigarette]", can be read as a double entendre. ie. is the smell coming in on their body? or are you coming in on their body? you obviously meant the the former, but i responded as if you meant the latter in order to allow MAXIMUM HILARITY and wonderment and levity to permeate all up in here. because, not only is that interpretation nonsensically way off base, it also implies that for you, walking in on a person who has died immediately after smoking a cigarette is a regular enough thing to be a pet peeve of yours. am i making any sense?!?!? LOL unless you think the joke was in bad taste, nothing there to cause annoyance i should think!
  24. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    i dunno, i always took it to mean a grimace? so to reinforce the exaggerated tone of being grossed out — as if i'd stumbled upon your your post but somehow managed to totally misread it. <--- ha ha? ... *tumbleweed*