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    The most special people

    ya, congrats to all! ?* *thats either a bro fist, or an indication i dont handle praise well. you decide!
  2. well there is nothing wrong with taking an idealistic long view. necessity is the mother of invention after all, and i trust the inevitability of ever more refined technological solutions. which is why i said "it may take these cars becoming mainstream" in my original post. see stadl's post for a different but complimentary take. the disconnect here, is whether or not we focus on the difficult realities of the protracted interim, already in full swing.
  3. you seem to be exhibiting some of the overly-reductive hubris that is at issue here. your assumptions about confidence speed being a magical catch-all are faulty. the accuracy of the systems used to define and measure the required level of "confidence" are prone to potential failure. in the Uber case i posted above, Uber had willfully disengaged the Volvo’s factory settings for automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance. and evidently this Tesla car was operating with a suspect level of confidence when it killed its occupant: A diagram from the police report about the Tesla crash shows how the vehicle in self-driving mode (V02) struck a tractor-trailer (V01) as it was turning left. link according to Tesla "neither autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky". we will never know for sure if the same human, or a 'reasonable person', would have spotted the trailer were they not chaperoning a robot at the time. this incident likely exposed shortfalls in the sensor system. or perhaps those systems were operating faultlessly at levels of acuity far beyond human capability. in either case, though, it would still be arguable that the driving speed was overly confident. acceptable risk is not something that is trivial to codify. when you factor out incompetence, we humans routinely exceed our personal confidence speed. if we did not, traffic would grind to a crawl. a cyclist flying out of some bushes is one thing, while a 100km/h red-light runner at an intersection with poor visibility on the approach is quite another. to a large extent we take on acceptable risks we define for ourselves as individuals. if driverless cars are to function amongst human drivers, there is a practical need for them to drive at speeds not optimally safe — by design. the designers must quantify how unsafe is safe enough. there will always be eventualities that neither man nor machine can anticipate or prevent. but if the above incident was indeed preventable, its a shame you werent consulted beforehand. you would have said "It's simple, Elon, just set the confidence speed correctly and it's all good man", collected your fee, and that man would still be alive today.
  4. edit: i should add: actual collision is NOT shown.
  5. @~thehung

    Diablo Immortal Announced (Mobile Game)

    yeah, most skin technically sweats. i've dried my hands out with various materials. and i am not one of these deviants who lick their fingers reading the newspaper :P. so its always there, yes. i've never had this issue with a touch screen though. or, maybe i have, but ive just absent-mindedly wiped my hands over my clothes and moved on too quickly to entrain a memory of it? individual hands vary of course. so i could be wrong, but at present i just cant even conceive of this being a 'thing'. and at number 3! in all other respects, i endorse your list.
  6. @~thehung

    Diablo Immortal Announced (Mobile Game)

    fingers sweat firstly, they WHAT !? ? secondly, even so, in your disdain for this game surely you've decided to go full Demtel ad on this? "Are you tired of THIS (close up of puddles welling around a finger like its a broken fountain pen, followed by close up of soccer mum type shrugging dementedly, followed by a greyscale freezeframe), or THIS (old guy who just cant get an SMS written because his labrador won't quit licking up the sweat slicks on the screen), or THIS (father and daughter in the park, huddled around an ipad to look at pictures of the kite they've been flying when an ill-fated pinch-to-zoom gesture by the daughter slides right off the screen, poking him in the eye)?" Then you need, new microfibre Touchies™! Our gloves have been specially engineered with patented microfibre technology that allows touch screens to go on working perfectly while ensuring finger sweat is a thing of the past! Stop those pesky mistaken identity money transfers. Never bid on the wrong item again! Never miss that high score! And best of all, you can just wring them out when youre done! Act now, and we will send you not one, but two, packs of our disposable individual finger tampons for convenient sweat-free screen time on-the-go.
  7. driverless cars don't kill people! programmers kill people, with driverless cars! the ethical dilemmas are a gigantic fly in the ointment. thats why, as much as i am fascinated with all the developments, ive never been bullish about them. soooo much naive underestimation of the complexities, even amongst the smartest people. there's already been a number of incidents. and a lot more people gotta die before they get this stuff figured out. it may take these cars becoming mainstream to do that, which of course is a chicken and egg thing. looking at it with cold pragmatism, i suppose the ultimate death toll will be minuscule compared to the lives it took to refine the safety of traditional cars — but that is no consolation if its you and yours. its so strange that being bulldozed by a rogue computer weighing a tonne has become a form of natural selection. we seem to be proceeding in willful ignorance of the fact we could barely expect even an on-board Artificial General Intelligence to grapple with the thorniest in-the-moment moral decisions. and in the meantime, through either acts or omissions, we end up with lives saved or sacrificed by the contentious bias of programmers, and/or random number generators.
  8. @~thehung

    And What Are You Listening To?

    really gets going around 0:59
  9. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    i remember learning that its supposedly common for English people to use talc for drying themselves. dont know if thats true, but i suppose it would make more sense in places where towels tend to stay permanently damp. i tried it a couple of times as an adult for novelty sake. i dried myself thoroughly regardless, but the talc did produce a comfortable feeling of slippin' and slidin' around inside my clothes. growing up though, i was always told that stuff is "unhealthy" haha
  10. @~thehung

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    @Cybes, that was genuinely terrifying lol every now and then i check in on the Brexit debacle. every time i do i become more confused as to WTF is going on. wouldnt want to be in the UK right now. i feel like its getting so bad, even the comedy value is running dry.
  11. @~thehung

    What's on your mind?

    okay, so i recently became aware of an actor/comedian, Chris Gethard, son of Ken. now, as a man called Ken Gethard advances in age, do you suppose there will be a time when he changes his name to Kent?
  12. @~thehung

    Formatting SuperFloppy

    new to me. one thought, maybe you could root around writing in HEX with something like this: BootIce or, maybe you can image a "super floppy" with something like ImDisk and format another using that image ???
  13. @~thehung

    So - who's around these days?

    yeah, i am getting the italicised phi thingo but dont change it on my account if it might be just me! i looked around a bit for some other options: theres this: Atʘmican looks kinda good, but Herʘ looks kind of shit :/ or there's the goatse option haha: At ҉ mican
  14. @~thehung

    So - who's around these days?

  15. @~thehung

    Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

    hmm...while it would make little difference to how well done it is, have they stated categorically that this didnt get a final pass through After Effects, or similar?
  16. @~thehung

    So - who's around these days?

    every "O" in Atomican and Hero is a messed up rectangle for me. just my browser maybe? btw, what happened to Cybes' hero tag?
  17. @~thehung

    how crap is this government ?

    yah, i am more depressed than anything else. ...that criminally negligent/ignorant politicians can stand before the public, and with straight faces, make the argument that encrypted communication must be undermined because it allows crime to prosper — and this sounds persuasive and reasonable to legions of docile dribbling fucking fools. you know what else allows crime to prosper? locks on our doors! we need to rethink those. they should be done away with, or at least it should be mandated by law that skeleton keys are created for all locks for safe keeping with your friendly local authority. and the whole search warrants thing? pfft! those are an outdated civil rights luxury that only serve to slow the good guys down in this bold new age of terror. i mean, just think of how much crime could be prevented if the powers that be had carte blanche to enter any domicile at will. really, if youre not in favour of this idea, then youre in favour of terrorism. i understand labor pushed back with some amendments or some such, but i am not sure i want to know just how pathetically...
  18. @~thehung

    Media players

    when you say "dedicated" do you mean bespoke, or just a device for that purpose? how about something DIY and crazy cheap/small? using for example.https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Orange-Pi-Plus-2E-SET5-Pi-Plus-2E-Power-Suppy-Transparent-Acylic-Case-Support-Ubuntu-Debian/1553371_32674695091.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.2.74a919f4h72QXm
  19. @~thehung

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    well....Dwayne Johnson? 46, and very close to Jack Reacher size. here he is standing next to a twat, who is very close to Tom Cruise size.
  20. @~thehung

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    i didnt pick either! goes to show the contrast between Cruise and the "real" Reacher though.
  21. @~thehung

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Idres definitely has the acting chops. i knew him from Luther, so it was weird seeing him playing an american when i finally saw The Wire. but as for the look, and not so much the acting ?i was thinking a young Dolph Lundgren. ...and weirdly enough, as He-Man, he was 6'5 250lbs = exactly the same as Jack Reacher in the novels.
  22. @~thehung

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    yeah, a lot of people seem to shit on that movie. not sure why. its actually pretty decent — better than the bulk of big budget action hero movies made in the last decade. i was ignorant to the source material, though. as defined by the movie at least, the deftness of the character's heroics are a stretch for sure, but its all presented well enough to not be a deal breaker for me. but i can appreciate how ill-fitting Tom is. anything approaching real life 'beat up everyone in the room' bad-assery demands height and mass. for example, Shaquille O'neal (damn, ive never had to spell that, what a dumb name!), with or without training, could actually beat up most guys in most rooms :) unfortunately, theres not many people who look the part, and can act. case in point - that lump, Hemsworth, has the charisma and acting ability of a petrified sea sponge.
  23. @~thehung

    Did something just happen?

    so...what youre saying is, Atomic has a future because Future has Atomic, and Future has Atomic because Atomic has a future? well, i, for one, welcome our new tautological overlords
  24. @~thehung

    " Only birds and fools fly "

    i love me some Air Crash Investigation(s). even more so in instances where nobody had to die in order to uncover a preventable oversight. you can usually skip roughly the first half which is the set up and dramatisation because the most pertinent moments of that are rehashed during the forensic breakdown. some episodes are just so-so but theres some cracking good ones where the twisting trail of guesswork is akin to a good murder mystery. the first major incident involving volcanic ash was really cool.