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  1. austrian dungeon dad

  2. lol 'chubby member'

  3. "Six arseholes and labia for fingers" -- if nothing else, this sentence makes me weep for its beauty :')

  4. Your posts are good.

  5. WOW nice work on the profile. pullin out all the stops.

  6. HAHA! you finally made it through security. well done!

  7. she's looks like the unholy spawn of

    Alan Rickman and Tom Green

  8. lol it suddenly occurs to me that THAT must be the Green Lantern -- and i have no idea what/who that is...

  9. speaking of retro photos, who was Mullet Man ?

  10. is that noodles, or a REALLY badly groomed goatee?

  11. is that henna tatt looking thing a rune or something, or does it simply mean "Sixty-Nine dude!"?

  12. the nature of monkey was irrepressible!

    oh wait. its a gorilla