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  1. near-fields themselves are even a partial 'real-world' compromise, versus full range far field speakers.  but for classical music in particular, whats even less achievable for most of us at home, is a pristine lack of ambient noise — so even very high quality recordings tend to get some of their full dynamic range squashed before mastering.  


    as for simplicity, in many cases just the completely untouched recording from a single pair of hard panned mics, of say, an orchestra with taiko drums, would sound pretty great in most ordinary rooms with half decent speakers.  but the very same wouldnt sound so great played off a shitty stereo while moving about a house, or in a car, or over headphones.  versatility would demand, at a minimum, probably some room mics mixed in to liven up the reverb (at the cost of muddying the stereo image) and compression, compression, compression (until the recording is a shadow of its former glory).  again, compromises 😕

  2. On 9/12/2019 at 5:26 AM, chrisg said:

    Headphones are one way to get tantalizingly close to the real thing because you have taken away the room effect.


    well yeah, but its ever a double-edged sword, innit!


    unfortunately with most mixes, which have not been created exclusively for cans, you are closer to the "true" sound when a requisite amount of direct left speaker sound is able to enter your right ear, and vice versa.  all things being equal, that can be the most significant factor for fidelity, even beyond the positives/negatives of your meatsack body in the acoustics of your own particular listening space (sure to add variously delayed and low-pass filtered reflections from either speaker to each ear).  its a fucking mess!


    a mix EQed and panned with surgical precision over studio monitors can sound gobsmackingly good in the room whilst astoundingly narrow and lifeless over headphones.   conversely, a perfect headphone mix played through speakers is often a blurry cacophony of bullshit that is far worse.  it sucks, but good mixing and mastering is the science of degrading the studio sound in the least worst way to please everyone — and headphone listeners tend to get the rawest deal.


    not to mention the most obvious missing ingredient with cans: sweet LF goodness.


  3. 5 hours ago, DEVERE said:

    Hell yes!!  Last one we had was a shit modular one - do you know exactly how much stuff gets lost in between those bastard things?  And the springs went after only 6 months Grrrr - so we've been putting up with it and then this one was brought to our attention - bloody great deal we just couldn't pass up.



    tell me something, since i guess youre fresh form auditioning other options.  why do so many lounge designs have firm jutting headrests that force your head forward at an unnatural angle like they were designed by and for hunchbacks? 


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  4. 5 hours ago, Kimmo said:

    Actually, the best movie of all time would have to be the almost three days of Game of Thrones. Bam. 


    imo that crown goes to Breaking Bad, i would have said by a nose, were it not for the waning quality of the latter seasons of GoT, but then once it is conjoined to the eventually complete Better Call Saul, no contest.



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  5. 3 hours ago, Jeruselem said:


    well duh, thats obviously because they are part of a cancerous cabal that has been serving the malevolent agenda of globalist forces who are intent on undermining and destroying the Britain that we love. 🤣

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  6. 8 hours ago, chrisg said:



    I'm tipping a very quick election and he may well beat the record for shortest time in office.


    Trouble is that implies a win by Labor and I really do not trust their leader one little bit.




    yeah, what is it about Corbyn?


    not basing this impression on anything specific he has said or done, but his whole manner just screams "I'm a thoroughly ineffectual git!"


    ...the kind of person who leaves admonishing notes on sharehouse fridges because nobody is following the rules he thought 'everyone' agreed to, like "Green vegetables should go on the LEFT side of the crisper!" and who will never find out who keeps stealing his pickles because everyone is always stealing his pickles, because nobody ever asked him to be in charge of the fridge, and because he's such an unlikeable ineffectual git.


    the potential leader of a country?  potential parking inspector of a small country town more like. 

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  7. @@~thehungI'm trying a thing where I can log in to your account via admin controls.  Search pages are slow to load, but not giving the timeout you were getting.  I'm not au fait with logging in as another user, so I can't rule out whether this problem is with your account or with your browsing device(s) :<

  8. okay, did that.  still all SNAFUd up the wazoo.


    switched to new profile.  logged in.  search still borked.  plus, couldnt log out (which was another orginal symptom, btw  (1) ).  restarted browser.  made sure i was in the new profile.  deleted all cache, cookies, the whole shebang.  before logging in, tried to test search -- and BAM, i was fake logged in (2) -- and couldnt log out.  deleted stuff, restarted, clicked on green room bookmark, already fake logged in, but click on "home" and not logged in, but click on "Tech Talk" etc, and fake logged in.

    dont know what to make of this.  i will try to update this browser and see what happens before ditching it for a new install.

    (1) when i click the sign out button, i go to the forum root (https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/?&_fromLogout=1) or i get a something went wrong page (Error code: 2S119/1) -- but either way, i stay fake logged in

    (2) cant submit posts ("saving..." flashes up after clicking "submit" but nothing happens), whilst i can still click on my name, open my profile, and open a text box by clicking on "Write a public message on your own feed".


    p.s. to actually submit this post, i had to save it to the clipboard, go back to https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/ where i was not logged in, log in (again?) with "remember me", which got me the something went wrong page, and then i came back here to post for real haha


    p.p.s and even now, during this edit, if i go to https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/ i get the Sign Up button — WTF mang!

  9. 22 hours ago, Nich... said:

    Yeast gives a better flavour profile, rather than tasting vaguely of unreacted baking powder in the flour.

    Fresh from the oven the crumb was fine but maybe too dense.  Bland as in, maybe more salt, and more sugar.

    I get scones are meant to be a delivery vehicle for, say, jam or butter or cream, but I feel like they should be perfectly edible and satisfying on their own, in a way that damper isn't.


    ive never been sure what scones are meant to be.  had them once or twice as a kid, and once or twice as part of Devonshire Tea. never really sought them out, because they always seemed like improbably glorified damper to me. 


    question is, assuming yeast is non-standard, how far can you go before youre not making a scone any more, but something else that already has a different name?


    personally, i prefer something like pulla (yep, more scandinavian shit :D) which is yeast based, and that dough without the cinnamon/cardamom and maybe a bit less sugar could work.

  10. 37 minutes ago, Nich... said:

    3:1:1 (SR flour, cream, lemonade) is indeed a quick and easy scone recipe, but I'm not particularly happy with the results.

    Also quite unhappy at the dearth of recipes online for yeast-risen scones.


    how the did the taste/texture fall short?


    why the interest in using yeast? 

  11. 8 hours ago, chrisg said:


    Depends if China backs it or just sets it free.


    If China underwrites it it is Fiat, if not it is Crypto.



    even if China backs it, how is it not still a cryptocurrency?

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  12. 6 hours ago, eveln said:

    " Berejiklian: My personal view is I'm a very conservative person who would not feel comfortable in having that process, but that is just me, and it's not fair for me … and Ben, you've been naughty in pushing me to say that, because I don't want anyone to feel guilty about decisions they've made, because I'm not in their shoes. "


    No. Just no.

    You see I was mis-remembering her comment and being nicer about it than I should have. What the fuck has being conservative got to do with abortion ???  I love how these people don't think about the picture of a person deciding whether or not to abort.

    Suddenly these females are Socialists cos their personal circumstance requires an abortion ???? Holy fuck how small minded is that ?! And more than likely there are quite a few fucking conservatives out there who have had to have an abortion

    Mein Gott !!


    Again, what about all those who've had legal hysterectomys and vasectomys ... should they be feeling guilty too ffs


    woah, youve latched onto that one word and gone mental haha


    she didnt say, "I'm a very conservative person politically...". 


    she probably meant conservative of temperament (since terminating your own pregnancy is an extreme intervention) and conservative sexually (because a no sex before marriage lifestyle choice tends to be very effective at eliminating all but the most unthinkable scenarios for an unwanted pregnancy).


    while its safe to assume 99% of social "conservatives" are "conservatives" politically, that does not mean the word is interchangeable and connotations within context can be overlooked.  its also safe to assume theres a fair proportion of sexually promiscuous atheists who happen to be conservative voters, so it should be pretty fricken obvious that the main thrust of her comment was not to invoke an association with the entirety of those on the right of politics. 


    moreover, with her answers, she was pretty much doing the exact opposite of what youre accusing her of! she resisted offering a personal view, repeatedly downplayed its supposed relevance, and generally displayed a level of reluctance befitting someone with a healthy respect for the separation between church and state.  so who is she trying to make feel guilty?  


    first she said
    "I don't want to make people feel guilty who have had to go down that path."


    later she said
    "Ben, you've been naughty in pushing me to say that, because I don't want anyone to feel guilty about decisions they've made, because I'm not in their shoes."


    oh, i see it now.  it must have been the last bit that set you off: "...not in their shoes".  she was clearly echoing the famous aphorism that says we should cast hasty judgments on people with different life circumstances.  i see your point now.


    by the way, just as an aside, when she says "I've not been in a situation where I've had to contemplate that, and nor would I", i totally believe her.  being someone who grew up as a god-fearing christian, theres every chance she knows to take precautions whenever she rolls over for Alan Jones.


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  13. 40 minutes ago, Kimmo said:


    The fact you think this is a question worth asking gives me a slight twinge of quiet despair.


    Nobody is the the boss of you, man. Eat what you fucken want, and leave semantics out of it.


    And have a think about what makes a good question.


    here's a question for you Kimmo:  were you eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when somebody took a shit in your cereal?   😝


    yeah its a silly question, but it did lead to some discussion.  what motivated it i wonder?  my theory: Robzy is trying to settle an argument with his partner.  she's all like "Grrr.  Baked beans is not a romantic dinner!  It's not even a dinner!"


    now that the first part is settled, i am awaiting the next thread, in which Robzy asks: "Is any meal eaten by candlelight romantic?"

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  14. 13 minutes ago, Rybags said:

    Frazier - his brother Niles, couldn't stand him.


    i disliked Niles for a while, but the skill of the actor grew on me.  it was the father i couldnt stand.  written poorly, yes, but holy jesus what a thoroughly unlikable overacting twat.  still, it was the housekeeper and her bullshit accent that made me switch channels.


    BBT is perhaps the biggest and longest turd TV has ever produced.

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  15. ive always been curious about that show and what the deal was with that character.


    but i never saw much more than a second of it.  that Urkel thing made me want to smash shit just from the clips they'd play promoting the show.  i just couldnt do it...switch channel over...okay okay fat dad...then the Urkel would walk in, yeah fuck this, i really thought i could do it, but i really cant do it haha

  16. 1 minute ago, Nich... said:

    'A dash of milk'. 
    3L of cream, 5L of milk, 1kg of rice, and 500g of sugar.  A random assortment of lemon zest, vanilla, star anise, and cinnamon.
    I think the milk part may be covered, good sir 😉



    oh no no no!   as you know, theres different versions of rice pudding all over the world, and yours just happens to be from somewhere that has it all wrong :P


    there should be ZERO added cream.  just pre-boiled rice simmered in milk to a fairly dense consistency.  then an extra dash of milk when serving (so the milk around the edges of the bowl is coldish while the middle of pudding is still hot enough to peel the skin off the roof of your mouth)  + sugar  + cinnamon (or any chai / pumpkin spice) + butter.  vanilla, maybe.  but certainly none of that zest nonsense! :D