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  1. Junaid Ismai—Kamel Darwish, 38—Atta Elayyan, 33—Ramiz Vora—Arif Vora—Mojammel Hoq, 30—Khaled Mustafa—Syeed Areeb Ahmed, 26—Lilik Abdul Hamid, 58—Haji Daoud Nabi, 71—Sayyad Milne, 14—Linda Armstrong, 65—Dr Haroon Mahmood, 40—Ashraf Ali Razat—Imam Hafiz Musa Patel—Ashraf Ali—Husna Ahmed, 44—Hussein Al-Umari, 35—Mucad Ibrahim, 3—Mohammed Imran Khan, 47—Tariq Omar, 24—Mathullah Safi, 55—Farhaj Ahsan, 30—Abdelfattah Qasem, 60—Ansi Alibava, 25—Ozair Kadir, 24—Ashraf al-Masri—Maheboob Allarakha Khokhar, 65—Abdullahi Dirie, 4—Hussein Moustafa, 70—Amjad Hamid, 57—Mounir Soliman, 68—Abdukadir Elmi, 70—Mohsin Al Harbi, 63—Osama Adnan Youssef Kwaik, 37—Mohammed Omar Faruk, 36—Muhammed Abdusi Samad, 66—Muse Nur Awale, 77—Ahmad Gamaluddin Abdel Ghani—Zakaria Bhuiyan—Zesshan Raza,38—Ghulam Hussain, 60—Karam Bibi, 60—Mr Suhail Shahid, 35— Syed Jahandad Ali, 34—Naeem Rashid, 40—Talha Naeem, 21—Ali Elmadani, 65.

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  2. 18 hours ago, eveln said:

    " Tim Dean, a philosopher at the University of Sydney, said we should be cautious about condoning any form of political violence, no matter how minor.

    He said celebrating the teenager's actions, which he described as "a very mild form of violence", sent a message that it was "appropriate to express a political opinion through attacking someone"."


    never heard of him.  anyone else around here heard of this guy?

  3. 2 hours ago, Kimmo said:


    Seen the episode of Rake with Sam Neill?


    nah.  ive stumbled upon enough snippets of that show to know its really good, but i never stuck around because i didnt know what was going on.



  4. hmm...ive always wondered about this, and now i know:



    The term was first documented in the early "Mercury" days of the US space program. It came there from a Yale graduate named John Rawlings who helped design the astronauts' space suits. The phrase is actually derived from an earlier, more vulgar and direct term which was slang for doing something very much the wrong way, as in "you are fucking the dog!" At Yale a friend of Rawlings', the radio DJ Jack May (a.k.a. "Candied Yam Jackson") amended this term to "screwing the pooch" which was simultaneously less vulgar and more pleasing to the ear.


    The term, however, did not enter the popular lexicon until Tom Wolfe used it in his book about the space program, The Right Stuff, where it was used to describe a supposed mistake by astronaut Gus Grissom.


    The phrase's origins come from an old joke. There are various versions, but a drunk man ends up shooting the wife and screwing the pooch (instead of the other way around).

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Rybags said:

    You've shown all the hallmarks of a junkie lately - sitting there looking down on the world from your vantage point in the gutter.


    jesus christ dude.  uncalled for.







  6. 17 minutes ago, Kimmo said:

    You think? I didn't realise I had such jurisdiction.


    well, maybe its an awkward metaphor.  but i guess i am saying a PM would serve far better as neutral ground than a public venue set by one party?



  7. On 3/17/2019 at 8:16 PM, Kimmo said:

    So I propose that in our dealings, that we strive to convey at least the shadow of a shred of basic respect for each other


    ...but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you really are just some sort of sociopath. What do you reckon? 


    aaah...okay, so i had somehow glossed over the last line, mistaking it for the closing formalities of the sweetness and light olive branch stuff...so i was confused by the tenor of scruffy's posts.


    you must see the problem here?  with that backhanded closing remark, youre passive aggressively holding court.  its an inquisitorial one, to which the defendant has been cordially invited to disprove the charge of being a cunt, publicly, on your terms, under pain of conviction in absentia.  c'mon, this is not basic respect haha.  was this before or after you started striving? 😆


    an olive branch offered in bad faith, is not a good way to get Leo to start arguing in good faith.  there is no way to do that







  8. 53 minutes ago, scruffy1 said:

    "grow the fuck up, you pussy" 

    "don't be such a dick"


    nope.  unless Kimmo is suffering what in psychiatry is referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder, you gotta choose one or the other.


    See, there are three kinds of people: dicks, pussies and assholes.



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  9. 3 minutes ago, eveln said:

    OMM ... I like tomatoes. Would be truthful to say I love them . And yet three days after I paid five dollars and some coin for four tomatoes, I'm still incredulous that I did that.


    yeah, i love tomatoes.  do you eat them like an apple like my asian friends?


    one of my favourite things is thick tomato slices on toast with just a bit of salt

  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/15/video-of-christchurch-attack-runs-on-social-media-and-news-sites


    YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are struggling to stop videos of the Christchurch attack spreading on their platforms, as users upload new copies of the footage faster than the sites can take them down.


    Many traditional media sites including MailOnline, the Mirror and the Sun also hosted edited videos of the same footage, although MailOnline and the Mirror later admitted this was a mistake and removed the videos.



    the former can be forgiven, the latter, i am livid.  deliberately choosing to publish the gunman’s own footage, thereby becoming complicit in vindicating and validating its profane motivation?  for a FUCKING SCOOP!   i dont i cant even


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  11. 3 hours ago, Kimmo said:

    Greens FTW




    "There is a Darth of case law in Australia..."


    there is what now!?  O_o


    i think he meant dearth, which is pronounced differently.  ....however.... come to think of it...i wonder if Philip Ruddock ever mentored anyone in the dark side of lawyering?

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  12. On 3/13/2019 at 9:47 PM, Mac Dude said:

    Pell's conviction boils down to one person's word against another.  There was zero material evidence of any crime and there was circumstantial evidence that no crime had been committed.  So, how can he be convicted 'beyond reasonable doubt'?


    well, if somebody had undue knowledge of the shape of a birthmark on his taint, would we necessarily know about that?

  13. 26 minutes ago, Jeruselem said:

    "A Boeing software update to fix a suspected nosedive problem in its 737 Max 8 jets was delayed by the US government shutdown, it has been claimed."


    its unclear in that article who is responsible for that messaging, but it seems like a dumb idea.


  14. ...Okay then...............


    so i finally got around to watching the Final Cut version of Bade Runner, and
    i dont know if its because i am older, and hence slower of mind, and less prone to boredom haha
    i dont know if it was because of better than DVD quality and WAY better sound
    i dont know if it was because of Riddley's little nips and tucks and additions to interstitial sequences


    ...but i enjoyed it far more than ever before!


    this time around the transitions between events and scenes seemed less crude, even if there were junctures where the thread of continuity got thin enough to be broken by a single misheard word or a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-detail.  



    - Deckard is flying, listening back to Leons VK test audio.  we learn he lived at "-1187 at Hunterwasser" "-yeah thats the hotel".  so its reasonable to infer that's where Deckard is now heading.  cut to Deckard + creepy sidekick standing outside a building called YUKON.  cut to a superintendant opening a door for them and unintelligbly mumbling "Kowalski".  um...YUKON?  Kowhatski?  okay, so i guess we arent at Leon's hotel after all?  well, as it turns out, we are, because Leon is Leon Kowalski but the only other time he is referenced as "Kowalski" is in the very first line of the film, in barely audible background babble over a P.A. when Leon is just a peripheral smudge almost out of frame.   obscurity like this is just shoddy.


    - during the hotel scene, there is a fleeting shoe-horned-in shot of a man walking on a city street.  where is this?  who is this?  is it Decker?  has he left the hotel now?  actually, its Leon — something that might be obvious if you were to pause the movie here and send a captured jpeg to a CSI lab for enhancement.  also, i wasnt expecting Leon to be on the loose, AT ALL.  why?  because there was no indication he was one of the AWOL replicants.  yes, he went apeshit in the facility at the beginning, but it was not made clear, or even hinted at, that he subsequently escaped!  


    - on first viewing (on *cough* 576i PAL TV), when Pris was finally introduced in the flesh (as it were) i did not recognise her from a 5 second grainy shot of her hairless head from 20 minutes earlier.  eons ago effectively, coming as it did, after a soporific snoozefest of a scene with Rachel at Deckard's.  as such, i had no reason to think this woman was one of the rogue skin jobs either.  and even if i had, why would i think she had been in communication with Roy and Leon and was now assisting in their quest to find some Sebastion guy?  theres a fine line between trusting an intelligent audience to make inferences, and just half-arsed storytelling.  to make things worse though, when Sebastion introduced himself to the pretty vagrant i didnt catch his name.  i was too busy wondering who she was.  to be fair, my oggling Daryl Hannah may have been implicated in both cases :P.   but now i was like, who the hell are these people?  this may seem silly in retrospect, but at the time i was allowing for the story to still be unfolding in a different way with entirely new characters.


    - the photo!  it wasnt clear the photo was one of the ones grabbed from the hotel and i still dont know what prompted Deckard to use it in the inscrutable Enhancerator 5000.  where the hell did that woman come from and who is she supposed to be? is she the snake woman?


    - on this most recent viewing, i still found it confusing/jarring as to how/why Leon just happened to pop up in the city immediately after the snake woman went through the glass.  maybe he was already lurking around, because maybe he's a regular at Zhoras titty bar?  maybe he was already tailing Deckard?  maybe word had got around about the incident and Leon is a deft user of the city bus timetable?  maybe it was his replicant sense of smell?  maybe it was clumsy storytelling?  i am going with the latter.  

    in the final analysis, although i still think the Blade Runner feels thin, flawed, and unfinished, i can see my appreciation of the film was irrevocably marred by first impressions of it on shitty TV, so i have upgraded my judgement accordingly.  especially considering its context in film history, yeah, its a good film.  


  15. 50 minutes ago, scruffy1 said:

    mashed potatoes likewise - 15min slow boil and a masher with milk/butter


    yeah, fuck all that! :)  i dont need no starchy pot and utensil to clean up.  i dont need no peeling, or to be sweating over a steaming pot mashing away, all for some nutritionally bereft high-GI goop.  i would rather just steam them — skin on! 


    i do make mashed potatoes the ordinary way once in a blue moon.  but if mashing is the order of the day, i will most often just mash steamed ones — skin on!

  16. 4 hours ago, SacrificialNewt said:

    I detest cooking...and I can't afford a thermomix. Oh well. At least I'm happy cleaning.


    a thermomix is exactly the right thing for some very specific use cases.  i think theres a lot of people with buyers remorse though. 


    imo you cant beat the combination of multipurpose slow cooker + stick blender  <-- that right there covers 90% of what the thermy does for 10% of the cost haha  


    also, + steamer, like one of those multi-tiered ones maybe, even though the slow cooker can probably steam, because of options, like doing more things at once.

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  17. 17 hours ago, Rybags said:

    It's under engineered actually (as AvE explains).


    The purpose of "engineering" in this sense is to remove unnecessary parts, ie get the machine to function as required using the minimum of parts which are built to be only as strong as they need to be.


    So, the proper term is "under engineered and overbuilt".


    that definition is a little esoteric, but for engineers i can see the semantic justification for it.




    a manual hand crank would be 100X better than that dumbass machine.  just need to mount it vertically so the rollers move down the stationary juice bag.


    you'd be left with the stupidity of tiny single use bags though. 

  18. before we begin, a warning to techno juice junkies out there:  Juicero is already dead.   awww 😢


    maybe youve heard of it?  i hadnt, until i saw one of these machines featured in Get Shorty (the series)






    rewind to 2016:


    NYTimes —

    A $700 Juicer for the Kitchen That Caught Silicon Valley’s Eye link

    With no experience running tech companies and a bungled juice-bar chain under his belt, he [Doug Evans] has extracted a remarkable $120 million in investments from Silicon Valley titans, including Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and big companies like Campbell Soup. His pitch: a $700 machine that makes an eight-ounce [ 240mL ] glass of juice.

    His company, Juicero, opens for business this week. But what is it?  Is it a juice-ordering app? Is it just another kitchen-counter contraption? Or is it a 111,000-square-foot food-processing factory, staffed by dozens of hourly workers, washing and slicing up fruits and vegetables in Los Angeles? It is all of these things. “It’s the most complicated business that I’ve ever funded,” said David Krane, a partner at GV, formerly Google Ventures. “It’s software. It’s consumer electronics. It’s produce and packaging.”

    The arrangement relies on a smartphone app, always-on Wi-Fi, QR codes, high-tech packaging and an army of workers slicing fruits and vegetables in very particular ways.



    Recode —

    "I said, ‘I’m going to do what Steve [Jobs] did,’" he said, recalling how Juicero started. "‘I’m going to take the mainframe computer and create a personal computer. I’m going to take a mainframe juice press and create a personal juice press.’" link


    "There are 400 custom parts in here. There's two motors, there's 10 printed circuit boards, there's a scanner, there's a microprocessor, there's a wireless chip, wireless antenna. There's 775 aircraft-grade aluminum. There's a gear box. There's latches that support 16,000 pounds of force. So this is basically a monster of a machine inside this veil of this nice aesthetic." link



    fast forward to 2017:





    The Verge —

    Juicero became the laughing stock of the tech industry last week after Bloomberg revealed that its custom fruit and vegetable packs could be squeezed into juice by hand.
    Ben Einstein ...took apart a Juicero juicer piece by piece to see what made the device — which currently sells for $399 and went for $699 at launch — so expensive.  “It’s clear that cost savings was not anywhere near a top priority for Juicero when designing this product (or if it was, something went horribly wrong),” Einstein writes. He also points to an “expensive process” for “fancy plastics” and “unnecessary complexity” in the design, such as a door-locking mechanism that involves more than two dozen parts. link



    The  Guardian — Squeezed out: widely mocked startup Juicero is shutting down

    Juicero, a Silicon Valley juicer startup that raised $120m from investors and was widely ridiculed after the $400 machines were revealed to be the equivalent of two hands squeezing a juice box, is shutting down.


    The company’s founder, Doug Evans...in the face of embarrassing videos of the squeezing by hand ... noted that the machines were connected to the internet and could ensure users don’t make juice with packets that have expired. The packets, however, had expiration dates written on them. link 

    [emphasis added, LOL]


    finally, whats he up to now?  here is your moment of Zen —




    for the technically minded, check out Ben Einstein's detailed teardown of this over-engineered disaster Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive

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