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    What of Atomic?

    Damn shame guys, i have a soft spot for this mag as it kick started our TeamAU team somewhat and always had the geek/enthusiast crowd covered better than anyone else. Good luck with the merge.
  2. dinos22

    Z77 boards in stock!

    They are actually mostly Intel LAN now, there are Atheros chips also on some boards, both much better than before :)
  3. dinos22

    Project: GIGABENCH

    good luck with the project man. I had to go a bit ghetto with that photo you put up to insert watercooling tubes heheh.
  4. dinos22

    What motherboard and cpu do i want

    you guys are too funny
  5. dinos22

    What motherboard and cpu do i want

    lmao this is getting out of hand hahaha
  6. damn dude you are sending your laptop back for warranty for the 4th time with the same problem WTF
  7. dinos22

    What motherboard and cpu do i want

    GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3 and a 2500K will speed things up. You can OC it with stock cooler up to about 4.5Ghz or if you go aftermarket probably higher. That will be plenty of power for the years to game when it comes to gaming
  8. Guys ask yourself why a news like this would be a million times more significant than say ECS blowing up their mosfet Some of the overclockers were taking a piss(Pt1t from Belgium made the graphic) as ecs had some really aggressive marketing in Q4 last year calling all manufacturers losers LOL. how many people are aware of this, i bet not many if any of you and its the same for the rest of the world? This board was blown by TweakTown so you would expect something like this to spread like wildfire even faster than some end user doing the same...right? maybe not... http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1411...mp;postcount=28
  9. http://gigabytedaily.blogspot.com/2012/01/...cords-with.html ................................................................ you're a very angry dude SceptreCore, is there any point reasoning with you?
  10. This is the official statement for GIGABYTE Australia http://www.gigabyte.com.au/press-center/ne...e.aspx?nid=1079
  11. Guys, GIGABYTE is NOT recalling anything. Nothing to see here really just a bit of PR beat up from other competitors. The guy that made the video is a power user on Taiwanese forums (backed by our main competitor) from what i've been told. If you run extremely high voltage on water cooling and ZERO airflow and then try to stress the boards you will inevitably burn up all your boards, older or newer. GIGABYTE has always taken a lead in the industry as far as component quality is concerned. Ultra Durable design was the first wave of high quality components introduced, such as all Japanese made solid capacitor design, high quality MOSFETS, chokes, 2oz copper, you name it. GIGABYTE started the race to better quality design back in 2006. It was a risky move as these components cost more but it has improved the quality of all manufacturers since as they tend to copy each other, particularly market leaders like GIGABYTE and Asus get copied a lot. Admin over at Xfastest tested a lot of different X79 boards in terms of their voltage overclocking capability and MOSFET temps. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...-69873-1-1.html Platform Setup: The CPU voltage as 1.4V, load line to maximum.  ECS: Due to no turbo boost function, it only ran as 3.2GHz so highest mosfet temperature only 54.3C, and CPU voltage only 1.34V.  MSI: Due to no turbo boost function, it only ran as 3.2GHz so highest mosfet temperature was 65.2C  ASROCK: The host mention Asrock's CPU voltage is reliable(ran as 1.4v), However their CPU frequency start from 3.5GHz, than drop to 3.2GHz, at last down to 1.2GHz, and their highest mosfet temperature was 89.8C  ASUS: CPU voltage was 1.44V, higher than 1.4v, and CPU ran as 3.5GHz in whole test, the highest mosfet temperature was 85.1C  GIGABYTE: The host mention the BIOS version was F7, CPU voltage was 1.392V(Lower than 1.4V(Due to load line set up, and CPU ran as 3.5GHz in whole test, the highest mosfet temperature was 83.9C Only Asus and GIGABYTE ran properly, their mosfet temps were similar, Asus being higher because of LLC overvolting CPU by 0.04v most likely. in case someone tells you new bioses are affecting OC, that is also bullshit and another rumour being spread by competitors massman running 5.4Ghz 4WAY SLI 3DMARK11 with 1.6vcore Running wprime at 5.5Ghz 1.68vcore http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?p=145651 ................................... here's a X79-UD3 taking world records as well with the new bios http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Gigabyte-...BIOS,14397.html
  12. you'd have to flash them one at a time but if you can't be bothered RMA them mate
  13. RAM Caching was sexy when we only had mechanical drives. All you have to do today is buy an SSD or two and you're done. If you think you could use it for video editing you are wrong again, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere use all your system RAM regardless of what you have already.