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    Epic suburban shopping shitfight tonight

    I did most of my shopping a few weeks ago too and it wasn't too busy. Glad it's all done. Working last Sunday was pretty intense though, non stop serving of customers for most of the day. The CEO of Woolies as well as other executives were there too, but it was alright, no dickhead customers. Saturday may be a different story...
  2. Focus

    SAVE me the BS.

    To be honest, this is the first I've heard of any of this and if it's true then that is pretty scary. Then again, dying tomorrow is also pretty scary. I try not to think about too much. Instead I try to focus (no pun intended!) on what I want to achieve which at the moment is to finish uni and secure job that I can earn a bit of money to buy a car, specifically one of these: http://www.kreativerodwerks.com/default.asp My 2c.
  3. Focus

    Are you a PC tech hoarder

    I tend to hoard mostly computer stuff but I've recently thrown a lot of it away to make room, I would have kept it otherwise. Got a few socket 7 mobos and CPUs, one of which is a 500Mhz AMD. Other than that, the oldest stuff I have is an AMD 386DX mobo which needs a video card to work and an Atari 520STfm that needs a floppy drive. I would have liked to have kept my Amiga 500.
  4. Focus

    .net2005 database issue

    Doh! I knew there was something obviously wrong with what I was doing! But thanks buddy, my application now logs data. It still needs a lot of work but I think I can get it done. Here is a pic of it at its current stage: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y155/Stiffsbucket/woot.jpg
  5. Focus

    .net2005 database issue

    Hi, if this has already been posted please lock (I did search). I'm writing an application that stores data from variables into a local Ms Access database in vb.net 2005. So far I can get the application to commit changes made in the dataset to the database that I make manually myself using the datagrid, however when I try to assign the value of an array element to the table (PIDData) I get the error "Property 'VehicleSpeedColumn' is 'ReadOnly'." These are the statements I use to attempt to copy data into the dataset's table: CarLoggerDBDataSet.PIDData.VehicleSpeedColumn = VehicleSpeed(Commit) 'error occurs here CarLoggerDBDataSet.PIDData.Rows.Add() Commit = Commit + 1 Every readonly property that I can find is set to false. Also when I type "CarLoggerDBDataSet.PIDData" I get a list of all of the fields in the dataset (as well as other stuff) but the names for field names always ends in "column". Is there something that I'm doing wrong or should this work? My OS is Vista Home Premium. Any info would be greatly appreciated.