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  1. remin

    Virtual PC gaming performance

    ...U'd get better graphical performance from a sega master system
  2. remin

    Cyclic scum.

    Talk bout fuckin generalisation. The bloke that did this is scum, thats it...not fuckin cyclist scum, just scum. The ignorance of people here, is incredible. How many dickheads are there that drive cars, boats, motorbikes etc. that endanger peoples lives every day. Just because THIS dickhead killed someone, doesn't mean that every cyclist does this, simple as that.
  3. remin

    Is there a good moddable RTS?

    Red Alert, its modded by a text file :P
  4. remin

    [PAC] Camping with Caelum - Part 2!

    This place is full of little schoolie dipshits all year round. Just fyi
  5. 60/80 for 79.95 :D Sad thing is, I chew through all of it every month.
  6. remin

    [WA]Rollercoaster 4

    *Bump* Rock It is rolling around too, 19th March 2009 (that's gotta be the biggest notice for an event yet). So far only Kings Of Leon have been announced but I reckon I'll be going along to it as well.
  7. remin

    [PAC] NYE w/ TKM V3.0

    hmm...how to explain this in general bastard, my bloody avatar has disappeared :/
  8. remin

    [PAC] NYE w/ TKM V3.0

    Do you really think I could look like a chick with my crazy hair????
  9. remin

    [WA]Rollercoaster 4

    *cough cough*, or ask for the day off. Yeah, because you've had so much success at doing that so far. :P Due to my crazy working hours, and no one wants to work them...Like I'm at work atm, which sucks...45mins till home, YAY :D
  10. The idea of storming the pageant intrigues me....
  11. remin

    [WA]Rollercoaster 4

    *cough cough*, or ask for the day off.
  12. remin

    [WA]Rollercoaster 4

    Bah, u know u wanna be there...Yay Dark and Middy, now just take the plunge and buy a ticket.
  13. remin

    [WA]Rollercoaster 4

    http://www.heatseeker.com.au/gigs.aspx?id=...d=2&iid=683 I'm going, bought the tickets. Anyone else wanna come?? Gyro = awesome band btw.
  14. remin

    Tak's housewarming

    Tequila it is, I also have a bottle of Jacks I must finish off... Jagerbombs ftw! Staying away from soft drinks too than??? :P
  15. Does this involve more Ruby room than Casino? If so and its a Saturday, I'm in.