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  1. hmmm i thinking this to. I couldn't really say Lies on the phone though lol. Yeah she would be lying, EB even announced they had stock on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1177...107605795944446 In reply to the OP, I don't think you would be able to play until midnight just when it becomes the 27th. I know of people purchasing the digital download copy so it's all ready to go, but they can't play yet. I imagine it would be similar. I am REALLY looking forward to this game though, the latest trailer makes the single player campaign look so epic!
  2. the_vege

    Atomic SC2B Players

    With the Beta gaining more and more popularity, and due to the Betakey Preorder promotion that just happened, I thought I would put up this thread. There are not chat lobbies on Battle.net as of yet, so its hard to network with other players. I will try to update this thread; can people post a reply with their Atomic account name, SC2 identifier, faction and league. I don't think server should be an issue, as most will be on the US by default. If I have you on the list with the wrong faction it means I don't know it - so post it here! I will update as I can. Feel free to add players on this list :D Fellow Atomicans Unite! Atomic Members AtomicID - SC2 Identifier - League Protoss (1) Gammou - Spoonmeister.gammou - Silver league Terran (1) the_vege - awol.aus - Silver Zerg (0) Random (2) Mauzl - Primax.baratheon - Copper ayefkay - GunsGoBang.vtwin sirsquidness - squid.awesome Crypto.ntlm (EU Server)
  3. the_vege

    Atomic SC2B Players

    Just go to the profile page, it should be next to your name iirc.
  4. the_vege

    Atomic SC2B Players

    What's your bnet identifier? It should be "primax.something" Also, I assumed noob league was copper. After doing your 5 placement matches, you should be placed in a division/league. Either Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper depending on how you went.
  5. I read that the second wave of beta keys came out today. Unfortunately no beta for me atm :( A bunch of people on twitter seem happy though. Any Atomicans get in the second wave?
  6. the_vege

    *** Steam christmas sale is on NOW ***

    Braid, Stalker and UK L4D2. I'm looking forward to playing these, great deals going on atm!
  7. the_vege

    In Game Advertising. What does it mean?

    If you have the ports blocked on your firewall/router the ads should be blocked. A friend of mine has done it on his steam games and sees no ads in CS1.6. I assume it would be the same with these games also.
  8. So I've got an AMD 3200+ that keeps on restarting. After opening it up and taking a look at it, the CPU fan isn't spinning along with the two fans at the back of the case. So I was wondering where can I buy a fan for an AMD 3200+ CPU. I've looked on staticice, and couldn't find one. Will any old AMD CPU fan work? Secondly, does anyone have an idea why the fans at the back of the case (Gigabyte Aurora) may not be working? I've got no idea, maybe I can find a replacement for those as well. I realise these questions don't have much substance, but any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. the_vege

    Computer Crashing

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, the two case fans do connect into the motherboard. Which may indeed be the problem. Hmm, a new can of worms has opened up...
  10. the_vege

    I'm proposing to my girlfriend tonight

    Awesome news! Sounds like you two are great for each other. All the best :)
  11. the_vege

    Isle of Man TT

    So, when is this on and what channel? Sounds very interesting. I couldn't find it in the TV Guide. AH nvm, just noticed your full title: One :/
  12. the link for the Big Mac special sauce is 404. Interesting article, all I got from that is that McDonald's is unhealthy, something I already knew. Meh, I still eat it, mainly for convenience.
  13. the_vege

    Why having lots of channels can suck

    Tivo works well :)
  14. the_vege

    Most wanted games?

    SC2 - I do remember reading that the target release date for SC2 is the end of this year. HL2: Ep3 - there's been no news afaik on this one so far.
  15. the_vege

    i have the money, and i *think* ive found the bike

    What's your budget? You'll want to get the best gear you can afford which can be expensive (in my opinion before you get the bike), the bike looks alright, but go take a look at it first, give it a test ride and bring someone who knows abit about bikes with you. Happy Riding!!
  16. the_vege

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    Was a good game, soldiers domming it up, and also some skilled spy got a domination on me iirc.
  17. the_vege

    TF2 graphics settings stuck

    check your tf2 config file in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\cfg - There may be a setting you wish to turn off, i'm not sure which is HDR, but you can change all kinds of graphic settings from there. Also there are certain launch options you can put, such as -dxlevel which may help. I can't remember the commands though, you'll have to find that out for yourself.
  18. the_vege

    I feel dumb

    I am an undergrad student, 20 years old. Over the last say, 2-3 years; I am just feeling slower. My memory, intellectual capacity, ability to concentrate, to even focus and read a book I am finding harder. The last book I read through was the final Harry Potter. I just don't seem to be as quick as when I was a kid - and I'm only 20 :s Just the other day, a friend asked me to do some basic maths subtracting 7 three times in a row (she was counting weekdates backwards 3 weeks, I didn't realise). But I couldn't do it, I got the first week, but then just went blank. I just really feel slow and clumsy. It's more about concentration and sharpness. I feel i am extremely unproductive in studying (it takes me ages to write a 1500 word essay, which mostly is due to my inability to concentrate). However, I should also mention that I am feeling quite aimless in life at the moment. I don't really have any goals, just sort of going along which may contribute to lack of focus. I wonder if other people have same problems, or could offer advice. Perhaps some dietary advice, or the like. thanks
  19. the_vege

    Music to study to

    Classical, or Progressive House/Trance eg. Jonas Steur
  20. the_vege

    I feel dumb

    Thank for the responses. I will look at my diet and see where I can make some changes, and also times where I can exercise. I do think seeing a doctor in regard to dietary changes and general health would be a good idea as well. My little brother has brain training on DS - maybe I should get into that.
  21. the_vege

    I feel dumb

    Goals...Routine...I have them, but they're shaky, quite spontaneous (except for work and lectures). Heck, I think I may need a life coach or something.
  22. the_vege

    I feel dumb

    Hah yeah, well abit of a long story - but in high school I hung out in a group known as the "Vegies" the alias kind of evolved from there. Hopefully the name doen't have some sort of subliminal effect on me :p
  23. the_vege

    Team Fortess 2 thoughts

    Team Fortress 2 is great, I really enjoy it. although grenades are missing from this version. I recall Valve talking about this...I think they said that it upset the balance of some classes iirc. To join a server through console it's simply 'connect xxx.xxx.x.x' (x's being the ip address).
  24. the_vege

    Left 4 Dead

    So the game is released in 3hrs and 30 mins. Who else is looking forward to this game. The reviewers have been giving good scores so far, and this game seems like a winner. Some reviews: http://pc.ign.com/articles/930/930763p2.html http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/turtle-rock-project/930737p1.html woop can't wait!
  25. the_vege

    Religion and good vs. evil

    Personally I think good and evil are objective, we all have a conscience and instinctively know right from wrong. However, there are ALOT of grey areas. Religious texts; although I'm not sure about all of them, but in the case of the Bible it clarifies what God requires of us, and clarifies perhaps some, but not all of the grey areas.