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  1. lights on the GPU are on, and fans move slightly before stopping. 99% sure the front panel is hooked up right, re-doing that was one of my first reactions. I'm stumped :(


    Ok fixed!!!!


    Stupid thing.....I plugged a psu cord into the SYS_FAN2 slot, it wasn't necessary. I was like...hmmm what's that doing there? Pulled it out, and viola, working.


    THanks for all your help guys, couldnt have done it without you!!!!

  2. Okay, so i'm pretty sure everything is good now.


    Just one more thing. I am unsure what this cable is for:


    Posted Image


    I've tried turning it on, but no go. I'm guessing its because of this cable. Problem is, I have no idea where it would go. There is no room left on the board, unless i'm missing something.


    Any ideas?


    Here is the PC as well, if you can see anything wrong let me know.


    Posted Image

  3. Ok thank you,


    The cpu fan is in the correct one, I now have two other fans plugged in, and two spare fans not plugged in.


    GPU has 2x8pin slots, gonna google around and try to figure it out.


    HD audio now plugged in.


    Thanks heaps guys, i'll let you know how it goes :)

  4. Hi, i'm currently building a PC and am a little stuck on the cable connection part. Hopefully you guys can help me out :)



    Case: Silverstone FT02B

    Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 SATA II 7200RPM 32M

    Antec ATX TruePower 650W

    Asus GTX580 DCII / 2DIS 1536Mb PCI Express

    Intel Core i5 2500K CPU

    Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3B3

    G.SKill Ripjaws DDR3 1600Mhz PC3-12800

    OCZ 120G Vertex II E Series SSD




    Which fan is the System Fan? I have SYS_FAN1(3pin), SYS_FAN2(4pin) and PWR_FAN(3pin) which I'm trying to figure out. In the meantime, these are the plugs I have, that I know of:


    Posted Image


    GPU: The gpu has 2x PCI-Express 8-pin power connectors. And is bundled with a 8pin tto 2x6pin convertor. Do i need to power both the 8pin power connectors, or will one be fine? As there is only one convertor and my PSU only has 6pin power connectors.


    AUDIO: The front panel audio header supports both HD Audio and AC'97 audio. They're both on the same line. Which one should I plug in?


    Posted Image


    There is a sata cable and a 4 pin molex connector at the left frontside of my case, what are they for?


    Posted Image


    I'm stuck and can't figure this out, and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  5. Seems like you've got it sorted, if you are doing a clean install I would reccomend not using the inbuilt steam backup function. Unless they fixed it, its _painfully_ slow. I learnt this the hard way, about 6 months ago. The best way imo is to copy all the stuff from your steamapps folder and paste it back later, much quicker in comparison to steam's backup function.

  6. I watched IdrA v Jinro yesterday, not a bad match. I look forward to the rounds where they have to play on more than one map though.


    I still play sc2 occasionally, but mostly on the US server. I also prefer watching it to playing, 1v1 gets pretty stressful haha.

  7. Hmm if we're gonna play tonight - I can't play until pretty late, around 9.45pm? I can play tomorrow if needed...do you have an offpeak uncapped time Archi? Cause we could play in the morning or something if necessary. Or maybe you could play at a friends house or something. Anyway, I can play 9.45pm tonight, or tomorrow.


    When does the patch come out btw?


    Also, what are the rules if we do drop? because that's pretty common for me unfortunately. I read the rules for cybergamer, and they have a pretty good rule on it.

  8. Just a warning as well, people have ripped the ingame cinematics and uploaded them to youtube. So unless you want to be spoiled, be careful when visiting certain sites. I nearly had it spoiled to me when I clicked on a starcraft 2 video. Thankfully I closed it in time before it started playing!