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  1. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    This post is 6 years old today! I'm proud of that. Launch night of v.something. Thanks for keeping it alive one and all. It has been lots of fun to read.
  2. Jeff Spicoli

    Roll Call!

    Woo hoo! I am back in now thanks MS.
  3. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    Totally Dev! You would have needed a crowbar to get into those puppies. They are huge.
  4. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    here it is! jolokia paste. bocconcini. olives (green). shrooms. prosciutto. topped with a gratuitous layer of no name shredded tasty and olive oil. no docker. seriously. thanks fridge. bring it!
  5. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    Of course. I made the mistake of lumping all the colours in with the hab in front of shot. I've not been posting much mate, but I read...and it's been great watching you tear into cooking the way you have. You have left 99% of the population to culinary shame with the route you have taken.
  6. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    Those chillis? Habanero? The yellow suggests not. But the shape? Indeed. Where from? Where from? Thanks for the tips. I will follow them up. I'm all about the UK. I think that's where Blumenthal reeled me in. Evolutionary patriotism.
  7. Ahh, Ed Zachary. :-D
  8. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    Again, you take it up a notch. I'm more time oriented these days. I have a wife and stepdaughter! It twists the perceptions. You pull me back to the roots and dynamics though. I always appreciate that.. In light of that, my dough is spongy and puffy. Why? Cause I make my breadmaker do it for me. Catch those corners breadmaker. I'm in the crapper. I still use the cheap ceramic pizza stone but it's in a desktop pizza oven and you just can't beat those ridiculously high temperatures. I've only JUST disovered Blumenthal. Thanks to free to air. I thought he was a micro portion masturbator. I now think he's a freaking genius. Prior to the breadmaker I put a massive amount of effort into my pizza. To know he has a whole episode on it? Well that's my next step in drawing air. Can't wait to see what he says.
  9. I think that's my greatest fear. On topic. A plane ticket back to Canada. The depths of winter. A Steam Whistle Pilsner. Ice cold. Pulled from a backyards bucket of snow. Tastes like dishwashing liquid. Best leave the romanticism inside my skull...
  10. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    As for you! Talk about commitment to cooking. I was just thinking vegemite and cheese...and here you go, getting all scienceterrifc and what not! But a seriously good suggestion at that. Me = Unami.
  11. For so many years, I have longed for access to Steam Whistle Pilsner. http://www.steamwhistle.ca/ A Canadian beer I drank when over there once. Great memories. My mate? He never stops harping on about Singa. http://www.singhabeer.com/ A Thai beer he drank. When over there once. Tonight I bought a 6 pack of Pilsner and it dawned on me I've been chasing the Steam Whistle experience for many years now. It simply can't be attained. The moment has passed. It wasn't about the brew. It was about the experience. Thoughts?
  12. Jeff Spicoli

    What Are You Cooking?

    You are an interesting man Nich. I rarely walk past the cider section of Dan M without you popping into my head. As for the Vegemite cheesecake? Yes. Just yes. Tonight, a couple of pizza dough balls...defrosting on the bench. Doesn't matter what goes on top. Will cross that bridge when the time comes. Must be something in there I can use. Vegemite?
  13. Jeff Spicoli

    Exciting new kitchen toy! :D

    But I can do all these things and still have a few grand in my pocket. (....hmmm. if i am correct...what is this feeling of envy?) Nice toy mate! Enjoy.
  14. Jeff Spicoli

    Cowboys & Aliens

    Wow! How freaking awesome?!? I'd not heard a thing about it Hec. I'm all over this now.