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    Will a TRUE black oxidise?

    I highly doubt that surface oxidation will affect heat conductivity/dissipation as severely as electrical contact conductivity. Though it sucks bad that things will simply look very bad once it's all set in.
  2. ph33liX

    Results after IFX-14 Upgrade

    Nice job! At first I was wondering why the insignificant temp drop. Then I looked at the pics again and noticed the significant clock speed increase. LOL Smashing.
  3. TRad2 won't fit on the GTX, but the HR-03 GTX version will.Make sure to get the GTX version of HR-03 cooler, or you will find that a lot of the onboard power components aren't getting enough cooling. Generally, it's not so bad if it's just the cooler that's b0rked. More reason to get a better performing cooler anyway. http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/pro...er_hr03gtx.html
  4. That's terrible. The 4870, in theory, should be roughly twice as powerful as a 9600GT. Thanks for the info, I have very little knowledge about Folding@Home's details. I did suspect Nvidia had the upper-hand, mainly because they've had compatibility for longer, but that's would purely been a guess. In the gaming realm, yes, the 4870 is a lot more powerful than the 9600GT. ATI's aim was to create a powerful card to meet the current needs of gamers, which is impressive graphical performance for a price to beat.I feel that Nvidia GPUs on the other hand, the GTX 200 series in particular, are more future proofed what with PhysX support and all. Especially when games are already ramping up physics type effects. For now though, nobody can really go wrong with a HD 4850 for the OP's budget range. xtremesystems.org has a huge thread on 4850 volt mods for overclocking and it looks like a lot of fun too. Too bad not many people figured out vmem mods for 9800GTX+ though. :C
  5. ph33liX

    Water cooled 8800

    Why not prop up some of your own LEDs in front of the fan or something then?
  6. There are differences in performance with regards to f@h, mostly because of the way nvidia constructs its architecture.http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Powerco...HD_4830/20.html As you can see, even the 9600gt can out perform the 4870 in this kind of task.
  7. 9800GTX+ has a decent edge against the 4850 in a few tests and costs a smidgen more. http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=580&a...xpert&pid=1 It may be an old article but it pits the cards that are of concern together. Maybe the latest release of the catalyst driver may boost the 4850's gaming performance a bit, but I'd still stick to a 9800gtx+ since I do some folding whenever I'm not gaming (strong shaders count and speed on nv 8/9 cards make them best for this kind of application). But if you don't care much for folding@home, cuda and physx... I'd say the 4850 is quite a bang for buck if you're feeling scrooge.
  8. general order in the $200-300 range is 9800gtx>HD4850 stock>9800gtx+>HD4850 factory overclocked editions Alright! Thanks for putting my mind at ease. Now to look for 9800gtx+ vmem mods.
  9. Hahaha, with how late it is, the finalized card+drivers had better blow through the charts man. I hope the small performance difference between the 4870x2 and gtx295 in crysis is just to drum up some drama of a sort. Oh well, the launch is just a matter of weeks away, eh? We shall see some proper analysis and dissection soon. :D
  10. I've been facing just about the same dilemma. LOL In where I live, there's a very small price difference between the Palit 4850 Sonic version and an XFX 9800GTX+. I've always been leaning towards the 9800gtx+, but there are quite a few review sites which show that the 4850 is superior to the 9800GTX (hardware canucks namely). Haven't seen a direct challenge between the 4850 and the "+" version of the 9800gtx yet. Anyone has any links to such articles? Forum and/or otherwise... thanks. :)
  11. ph33liX

    Thermal Paste

    Make sure to use a runnier compound like Arctic Silver 5 or equivalent that is fluid enough to be spread out very thinly and evenly. And by spreading out, usually the contact force of the heatsink onto the processor is enough, no need to get fancy goop spreader cards/butter knives and what not. Also, when removing and re-seating the heatsink, always remember to wipe off whatever thermal paste that was there and reapply the match-head sized blob once again so that you won't find yourself trapping air in between.
  12. ph33liX

    sli plus physx ?

    Ow that sucks. D:Good luck man. Will await your benches.. pretty interesting read.
  13. ph33liX

    Water cooled 8800

    At least now he can go berserk with the volt mods and overclocking of his graphic card.. which apparently matters more to games. :Dhttp://vr-zone.com/articles/overclocking-t...6.html?doc=4296
  14. ph33liX

    120MM fans

    http://ixbtlabs.com/articles2/cpu/fan-mass...art1-page1.htmlMake sure to get the Cooler Master SAF-S84-E1-GP (80x80x25mm) or SAF-S12-E1-GP (120x120x25mm) as they are the Delta variants that feature sealed fluid dynamic bearing design as reviewed in the above link. Their lower end variants aren't all that bad either, at least featuring a single ball bearing + sleeve bearing combo which isn't as fucked up as a whole sleeve bearing design. All the best. Headed over to MSY today and picked up three 1200RPM CM fans for $10 each. I'm pretty happy with their noise level to be honest. Very quiet. I don't remember (ie forgot to note down) the model number, but its a ball-bearing 50k hours design. Wow, that's a decent price.. Congrats on your purchase.
  15. ph33liX

    120MM fans

    Try taking out the black and red wires from the connectors then connect the red to 12v and black to 5v to supply your fans with 7v. They should sound much more bearable and maybe even become silent.