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  1. I've been using Serviio for quite some time and found it to be pretty good with my BDP-S370, T-Box, Toshiba TV and XBOX360, it has codecs inbuilt for transcoding so I haven't had to install any codecs. I haven't used WHS V2 though I went from the original WHS to Server 2008R2 and right now I'm using Server 2012RC because I'm not very smart but Serviio has worked well on all of them.
  2. 80proof

    LHC successful: God particle found.

    It's probably just another loose wire.
  3. 80proof

    Civilization V - Gods and Kings

    I picked it up from http://www.getgamesgo.com/product/civiliza...-gods-and-kings last night for $22.49 last night. Wasn't going to pay $50. Have only just started a game so I can't tell how much it's changed yet. Although I did see quick move and quick battle options in the settings which I hadn't noticed before (doesn't mean they didn't exist). Has really sped the game up for me, even if it doesn't look as pretty.
  4. 80proof

    And now for something a little bit different.

    I agree, it is the massive spoiler that throws you. Have seen quite a few pics of this model on the net with either a high or medium rear spoiler but they all seem to be on the later updated models with the round rear lights. I can't find a picture of a Jalpa with the same headlights as that.
  5. 80proof

    The Atomic Cycling Thread

    I tend to ride to work when it's not raining. It's only 6k's but 180m elevation, so it takes about 10 minutes to get to work and about 20-25 to get home. I ride a Giant Cross City 3. Just bought a set of SPD pedals and shoes, first ride went OK but on the second I pulled up behind a school bus, I'd unclipped one pedal in advance but I over-balanced couldn't unclip the other in time and slowly fell over. Luckily the back windows of the school bus was painted over otherwise it would have been even more embarrassing then it already was. I've loosened the clip strength on the pedals for now, untill I get the hang of them.
  6. 80proof

    Father kills daughters abuser

    It could be worse, I haven't read a Hitler/Nazi comparison yet.
  7. 80proof

    Congratulations Atomic Forums!

    No one uses the IRC channels anymore?
  8. 80proof

    Father kills daughters abuser

    Given the lessons I've learned watching procedurals. The first person questioned is generally guilty. So I'd say the Dad was molesting the Girl, was caught, beat the guy to death so he wouldn't talk and then threatened the girl to corroborate. Eventually the Detectives will figures this out but only after interviewing 3 other suspects.
  9. 80proof

    Little worried

    It doesn't matter if you buy Gold or not. If the console has been used to play copied discs and has been connected to the internet chances are you'll be banned when the next ban wave comes. Particularly if the copied discs don't work anymore.
  10. 80proof

    Steam + Portal 2

    I would try this https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article...=5357-FSQM-0382
  11. Learn to like yourself. Then whether other people like or not isn't as important. Also you'll find that being sober won't be such a drag as you'll be able to stand your own company.
  12. 80proof

    A portrait of an ex-gamer

    I too recently became a man and put away childish things.
  13. 80proof

    Thoughts on a server...

    I'm running plex/nine off an server 2008r2 box. Works well for my atv and ipad. Might not be what you're after tho.
  14. 80proof

    Amiga Users Group - NE NSW/SE QLD

    I'd come, Cooly's not too far from Lismore, but truth be told I own or know much about Amigas. :)
  15. 80proof

    Iphone 4S

    I'm not surprised. I was just saying to someone yesterday that it would be updated guts in the same case. My current money is on an iPhone 5 next June.