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  1. Dapper_Dan

    God of War 2018 (PS4)

    I got a spare code for the pre-order shield skins if anyone needs. First come, first served. BJN5-XGN2-ACLT
  2. Dapper_Dan

    Want to play WildStar this weekend?

    So this has been out for a couple weeks now, any opinions? I'll admit this had slipped under my radar, but from what I've heard it's meant to be quite decent. Tempted to jump in, but not sure I've got the time anymore to do an MMO.
  3. Dapper_Dan

    Hearthstone: heroes of warcraft

    Just got a 2nd key if someone needs one still 3943053799605458493838049
  4. Dapper_Dan

    Hearthstone: heroes of warcraft

    Rouge is overpowdered.
  5. Dapper_Dan


    I've been interested in GW2 for a while but haven't played it yet, how would it be for someone who doesn't have a massive amount of free time anymore (Got a wee kid to run around after)? Don't have the time to play WoW anymore, and I got bored with TOR fairly quick (Was more of the same old same old). But I do like MMO's. I really want to find one that I can play bits of here and there but not feel compelled to HAVE to put in loads of hours. I like the social aspect of MMO's, just not the massive time-sink side. Or what about Secret World, is that casual-friendly? On topic, I've bought a few keys from cdkeys and not had a problem. My Tomb Raider key on steam got cancelled on me, but I emailed cdkeys and after sending a copy of my steam support ticket they promptly sent me a new working key.
  6. Dapper_Dan

    Skyrim :: Dragonborn

    True about it being too easy to be God. I abandoned my first run of Skyrim after speccing in all the overpowered talent trees and making double-enchanted alchemy-enhanced armour sets and weapons and such. Decided to start again limiting myself to a max of 1 "OP" talent tree (I went stealth and ignored crafting/enchanting/archery). More fun that way in the end, if one can get over the initial nagging annoyance of not being (anywhere near) as powerful as one could be.
  7. Dapper_Dan

    What would you like to see a remake or sequel of?

    Homeworld remake would be awesome. That game was fantastic.
  8. Dapper_Dan

    Bethesda's Next Epic

    I love the setting and art style, would like to see more gameplay though. Fairly hopeful it'll turn out good though :) As for the GFWL thing, Games for Windows and Games for Windows Live are 2 different things. GFWL is bad, Games for Windows is just a marketing label pretty much. http://au.pc.gamespy.com/articles/122/1223378p1.html Quoted from the above link: "There's a lot of confusion as to what the words "Games for Windows Live" actually mean, and why they inspire such dread in so many PC gamers when uttered in connection with an anticipated game. Part of that is thanks to some truly awful branding by Microsoft. Not to be confused with its benign brother, plain-old Games for Windows label (which isn't actually software), or the now-defunct Games for Windows Marketplace, GFWL is the Windows side of the Xbox Live network, except without any of the features that make Xbox Live interesting or useful."
  9. Dapper_Dan

    PSA: HUGE DSE Gaming Sale incoming

    Rang a couple DSE's and they've said there is a sale, but stock is very limited and the chances of the public getting anything are pretty much non-existent. Basically, all the DSE employees are gonna be getting it all. Still gonna go down and check tomorrow though.
  10. Dapper_Dan

    Steam Specials Thread

    TW: Shogun 2 is $22.50 (75% off) for about the next 2 days. Never really played any TW games, but I hear good things. Looking forward to checking this out at some point, after finishing a whole bunch of other games I've yet to get through.
  11. Dapper_Dan

    What Are You Playing?

    SS: Saints Row 3 and soon Halo: Anniversary SL: Deus Ex: HR LS: BF 3 LL: Star Wars TOR
  12. Dapper_Dan

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev GSC closed down :(

    Yeah it's pretty bad :( Hopefully Stalker 2 will get picked up by someone. CDProjekt and GSC were pretty chummy, maybe CDP should expand to a 2nd studio and start on Stalker 2? :P
  13. Dapper_Dan

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev GSC closed down :(

    Looks like GSC have closed down :( Makes me very sad. I absolutely loved the shit out of the first Stalker, despite it being fairly buggy (Tried the 3rd one too, but kept crashing on me). Stalker had that same odd charm that The Witcher games have, that you just don't find in western AAA titles. Sauce - http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/12/09...stalker-2-dead/
  14. Dapper_Dan

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I think you're confusing SMG's with LMG's?LMG's (The big fuck-off ones with bipods and such) are support only. All SMG's (the little close range uzi-like thingos) and shotguns are global unlocks and can be used by all classes.
  15. Dapper_Dan

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Oman was prob my fav map in BF2 if memory serves. I used to also enjoy the dam level (kubra dam?) mainly so I could see how many times i could fly a jet through the hole in the middle of the dam without crashing. I seem to remember not enjoying it so much as infantry though.