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  1. Yep MSI great brand, its slightly less of a facotry oc (880 v's 900) compaired to the Gainward and $10 dearer, but it does have one of the BEST factory coolers going atm. If you can, i would get the MSI, top card, top cooler and easy to increase the Oc later on. Awesome, that sounds like the one either way, but just in terms of sli does it matter if I buy another that is not MSI, or not the exact same card?
  2. What about MSI? from what i can tell the stats it seems pretty good. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=16578
  3. I yeah i thinking about a 560ti, i might direct you to this thread where i am discussing my choice of card, your input would be appreciated: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=43710
  4. Im trying to work out which 560ti to get, does it make much difference I.E. http://www.allneeds.com.au/category75_1.htm#111 // there is 3 or 4 there from big names to no names, or these 2: http://www.diycomputers.com.au/product.asp?id=9316 gainward http://www.diycomputers.com.au/product.asp?id=7716 gigabyte i mean some of them are clocked way higher than others for ~20 price difference. are factory OC worth it? i wouldnt really do any overclocking myself. would it be louder than a stock one? and do brand names matter?
  5. my current system: q6600(the not the good one, b3 i think) ga-p35-dq6 4*corsair 1gb 5c ram XFX 8800GTX--Needs Replacing.... 1 optical drive promise super track hardware raid card with: 6*500gig WD in raid 5 2*180gig seagate in raid1 all running on a corsair 620w modular PSU, So i need a new card because my 8800gtx is dead, iv been reading issue 126 and trying to decide. i use 1920*1200, so im considering a 550 ti, 560ti or a 570ti(not sure how much i want to spend yet, see Q2). also, i use ubuntu as a primary OS and i hear the amd drivers suck compared to the nvidia ones, is that correct? in terms of games i play borderlands, Mass effect 2 and portal 2 (atm) but future proofing is definatly important. 2 questions, first is i was surprised that none of the recommendations in the video card head 2 head, included AMD cards. in some of the benchmarks, for their price range, they outperform the nvidias, am i missing something? second, would buying a 560 or 570 be worth it given that the rest of my system is not super fast? if i start from scratch in a years time will a 560/570 be much chop for the new games at my res(or should i go a 550 and save the cash for later? and how would those cards compare to my 8800? would they all be far superior in terms of performance?
  6. yeah i asked PCCG, who i bought it from, they said warranty is gone. so its time to get a new one unfortunatly.
  7. This is the trouble shooting thread, now that iv wiggled the cables and double checked their modular connectors, and it doesn't show any output when i power up, not even post (it still beeps, but doesnt display anything), so i guess its definitively the GPU, the question is: can i get it repaired? if so where and how? and is it worth it?
  8. So update: dw, im going to start a new thread for the follow up questions: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=43705
  9. That seems like i could quite easily short somthing and ruin the card, i dont think im following exactly what you mean, you you try explaining that again? Edit: also, yeah philo, that sounds about right, so exams are killing me atm, so not going to bother with the future thing atm, as long as it working im gona leave it, but after it will be diagnosis time.
  10. I didn't consider the screens, because they both shut of at the same time, so it seemed unlikely, and they aren't the same model. so it seemed the system was running, and i paused the video, but as far as i can remember, it actualy wouldnt resume with the space bar (in vlc) it might have crashed as well. yeah i think i knew it was the graphics card but i sort of wanted to hope it wasnt. the 9800gt seems to work fine, im going to try my card in another system some time next week and see how it goes, if it works, that would be a solid indication that its the PSU right? or not necessarily? i might try adjusting some settings in the OS, but i actually crashed while i was checking the bios, so i doubt it would stay working long enough to let me try...
  11. First, let me describe what went wrong that got my attention, i was browsing the web, watching a video and downloading something, and the screen flickers a little bit, almost unnoticeable, then about 10 second later flickers again, then a few seconds after that it just goes blank, and the screens(2*24" 1920x1200) go into standby mode. (N.B. in case its relevant i use ubuntu) No bashing of the keyboard or shaking the mouse will re awaken them and i can still hear the sound from the video playing. so i think, hmm thats weird, hit the reset button, i assumed it was OS related, as i had been an early adopter of 11.04 and had lots of problems with it freezing because of memory leaks. however on reboot the displays didn't turn on, they stayed in sleep mode, and yet they didn't show that nothing was connected which is a different indication. so i turned if off, and switch the psu off for about 20 min, later came back and it started seemingly with no problems, screens were fine, logged in, opened the browser and video going great for a few min then screen blank, restart and they stay off-line. so now i suspect video card, i leave power off for 20 min try again, as soon as i get loged in i check the temperature via the ubuntu-nvidia config manager says 65, which is warm but not ridiculously hot, gets up to 70 when playing the video, but thats not unusably as my raid card runs SUPER hot and obviously it affects the video card to some extent. still crashes, the temp didn't even reach 75. but just to be sure i took the cover of the video card and cleaned out most of the dust and tried again, still no luck. so, the question then is, in light of my system specs(below) do you think the video card is busted? or could it be the psu is not up to scratch? granted i want it to be the psu, but then again, this setup has had no problems for about 4 years, then again again, this psu has been working hard for 4 years, and it is often left on over night. My friend will lend me is old 9800gt to try but even if it works thought, it still wont really answer my question as i expect that card will use far less power than my 8800gtx (the gtx has 2 pcie power slots, and the 9800 only 1) sorry for the wall of text, but i figure this way, it will save you guys having to ask me, that said, if there is anything iv left out, please ask. my system: q6600(the not as efficient variant b3 i think) ga-p35-dq6 4*corsair 1gb 5c ram XFX 8800GTX 1 optical drive promise super track hardware raid card with: 6*500gig WD in raid 5 2*180gig seagate in raid1 all running on a corasir 620w modular PSU, Thanks for your help in advance!
  12. inatey2

    Google isnt what it used to be...

    then why do they offer the option to search within Australia?
  13. has anyone noticed that google now shows more pages from .au domains by default? even when your searching the whole web (i.e not having selected "pages from australia")? the las couple of days iv just noticed iv been trying to find global things, like retailers, and it seems to only give me australian pages. is this somthing google announced and i missed it?
  14. inatey2

    wine is fine but whiskey is quicker.

    Yeah big fan of Ardbeg(anyone tried the super nova?), i was surprised by the passion for glenmorangie. i was disappointed, had a weird medicinal taste. also, im a fan of Laphroaig which someone said lacked depth. try the quater cask if you can find it. way more oak.
  15. inatey2

    The Bots Must Be Crazy

    actually my friend tells me he read that most Japanese companies are actual inefficient. he said that Australian employees are more efficient but Japanese employees work way more hours a week. anyone read this/can show me where?