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  1. It's possible that you're the one jumping to an incorrect conclusion. traceace65 has not provided any contact details to take part in this so called "exchange of information" and has also turned Private Messaging off. Until such time as genuine licensed investigator contact details are provided, it is reasonable to approach such posts with caution.
  2. For anyone still gullible enough to have had false hope that Munday's Yadnum "Christmas Special" was not a scam, there is news. This email was today received by one of the victims of the Yadnum scam from a Computer Wholesaler. I will leave the name of the Computer Wholesaler out - they are free to post if they wish - but at least the email will serve as a heads up to anyone who is approached by Munday's new vehicle, ie. "Level 4 Technology". For further information, see this Forum http://s8.zetaboards.com/BewareofYadnum/
  3. ... a bit behind the times with those suggestions. ACA & TT were both contacted long ago by multiple people who have lost money. Ditto for the Police in multiple states, Offices of Fair Trading in multiple states, ACCC, ATO & ASIC. Unfortunately scamming of this type is not an uncommon thing.
  4. Look at your PM's and look at this Forum to see much of the info you seek :- http://s8.zetaboards.com/BewareofYadnum/index/ or:- http://www.yadnumcomputersbeware.tk/ or:- http://www.yadnum.net.tc/
  5. suburban100's not alone. We know of at least 17 others (who have been sufficiently diligent to be able to find a Forum in which to post) who are out of pocket collectively to the tune of around $11K. That's roughly $650 each. Munday claimed he took 1,000 orders over his "holiday". The mind boggles as to what is the real amount outstanding and the real number of victims. A bit of statistical extrapolation paints a dismal picture.
  6. Judges & juries do that every day based on the facts of a particular matter and I am more than qualified to do so. Anyone who is interested in the facts and sound conclusions is free to read my posts. The conclusion aspect (with respect to intent) is very straightforward in this particular matter. Thanks, I'm glad you found it compelling ... but if you think there’s a chance that I don’t have an open mind to any view based on logic or fact, then with all due respect, you'd be mistaken on that count. Moreover, I fully accept that everyone is free to express their opinion, even if it is fanciful, and likewise anyone is free to comment on an opinion. It would save a lot of BS sifting, however, if more thought was put into opinions posted in public Forums. But such a hope is probably akin to wishing for world peace.
  7. wrong. The initial contact I had with him gave a very clear hint of the trouble that was to follow. While it's clear that Yadnum embarked on a bait price scam circa December '08, what Munday did before then hasn't been the issue and what he goes on to do from here hasn't been determined - all sarcasm aside. But nothing Munday can do from here (including full reimbursement) can change the fact that it was a scam. "shoot down". You're very touchy on this point. I've tried to be as polite as possible in clarifying the situation for anyone who reads this Thread. If you want to present opinions in a public Forum it helps if you respond accurately and consistently to the facts presented. If someone states an opinion that the earth is square, it's likely that there will be a response - it is not about "shooting down", it's about getting it right. People haven't had the benefit of reading everything you've written on this topic - courtesy of Whirlpool unfortunately deleting the two detailed Threads. If they had, they would have seen you not only firmly declare that Yadnum was "definitely not a scam" and that it was "safe" to send money to Munday but also declare that you would be doing so yourself, when it was patently clear at that stage (post Jan 19) that it would in fact be an extremely reckless thing to do - and that's being polite. Who knows how many people felt safe or emboldened to send money to Munday after reading those statements? And you should rightly feel remorse about it, even if you don't. Then when it finally did dawn on you that Munday was a patent liar and you would have to fight very hard and make many threats (all legal of course) just to get your money back, your posts started to become more accurate - and that was promising to see. But now, since you have been one of the fortunate few to receive a refund, you've gone back to this nonsensical notion of Munday being a victim of his own incompetence - quite possibly because it's more palatable for you to believe that you weren't actually duped from the outset. All this does, is make the victims (of who I am not one, for those who didn't already know) who haven't received a refund, see red and give a totally false impression to readers who are new to the whole saga. So keep to the facts & try to at least be logically consistent. It is a fact that Munday lied from the outset (that being from December '08 when the bait price scam was put into play) to obtain funds. His lying from the outset is a fact, not an opinion. It is a fact that Munday could not have had an intention to make good on all the bait price orders he would receive from the outset - he couldn't even if he wanted to unless he was Father Christmas. And his conduct throughout has only proven the point. It's a fact that Yadnum has not returned funds to many people who paid in December & January (we just don't know the magnitude of the quantum of $$$ nor the number of victims). It's also a fact that if Munday hadn't used those funds for another purpose and was just a poor, good intentioned shmuck who couldn't run a simple online business, he could easily have returned those funds to their rightful owners, anytime in Dec, Jan or Feb - long before now. Nobody gets 'in over their head' by simply receiving money for sales on products they don't have if they have negligible overheads (unless they use the money received for another purpose). These are all simple facts. Stick to the facts, perhaps get past the fact that you were initially taken in by it and start thinking about the many people who are STILL stuck in it, some who are out of pocket to the tune of well over $1,000 each. ********** wrong again. The 'why' of it all is extremely important in terms of recovery, consequences and future prevention. And before you fly off with another quick response that hasn’t been well thought out, this time consider the facts. This is not about one-upmanship. It's about ensuring that people know the facts. We've already got Munday running around spreading misinformation to whoever will listen and doesn't know better. There's no need for the people who should know better and should have the same aim at heart, to be helping his cause.
  8. yes, with credit cards it's not a problem but the trouble is that the site was accepting only direct deposit & cheque as the only 2 methods of payment for the majority of the duration of the scam. Paypal was an option in December and for a small window of "reprieve" in January but Paypal closed the account (twice) in Jan. Many of the victims paid by bank deposit or cheque.
  9. If that was in response to suburban100's prior post, then I think you've misread it. everyone's entitled to a view but the facts simply don't bear that out. He has "left the site up collecting money", we don't know where he is and he did not 'become' a crook mid-scam. It's clear what has transpired. He collected money under false pretences with intent. If he was a poor chap who just got in over his head, all he needed to do was return all the money & swiftly. If he was honest, it's not as though the money he improperly collected should have been used for any other purpose, plus he hasn't got any overheads to speak of, just 2-bob rent and a website - peanuts compared to what he's raked in. From the very beginning, he lied blatantly when responding to requests re goods being delivered before Xmas and used multiple false names when responding to emails to create an impression of a large staff - it would be laughable if it hadn't had such real consequences. He has lied through his teeth since mid December - well before any proverbial shite hit the fan. I could possibly understand this type of comment coming from someone who is just an onlooker with no direct knowledge but from someone who has gone through what you have and know what many are still going through, it's pretty dumbfounding. I appreciate that it would probably sit better with you to believe he was an honest incompetent who "turned into" a crook, given your original views about his operation, but the facts reveal a totally different reality. Please don't take any of this personally because a lot of what you now write about Yadnum is good material but you should revisit this whole idea of Munday being some poor honest shmuck that went "rogue" under the pressure of the W'pool Threads. It's simply not the case and the facts, plus much of the info that has been dug up about Munday's prior activities, only add weight to the overwhelming irrefutable conclusion that he didn't "turn" shonk mid-scam, he was one from the outset.
  10. Yadnum's site has been shutdown by its hosting provider - which is very good news for unsuspecting purchasers. Watch this space to see if Munday has had enough or whether he moves the site to another host.
  11. There's been a few posts about who to contact if you have been a victim of Yadnum Computers (Michael Munday). These are probably the 3 best options: - the ACCC (re breaches of the Trade Practices Act) - see sections 56(1) and 75AZJ; and - the ATO regarding the collection of GST & issuance of Tax Invoices without being registered - which if established would constitute a serious offence (not to mention the question mark over what has happened to the GST collected); and - the NSW Office of Fair Trading for various breaches. There are people in the NSW OFT that know about this whole matter. Speak to one of them as opposed to a "fresh" person. Find someone who is able to contact Munday on a phone number the OFT has from a previous application. Letters & calls to the "advertised" numbers for Yadnum are totally ineffective. 2 other options are: - your Solicitor; or - anyone you know in Sydney that has a chance of finding the guy in person. He has shown a streak for self preservation when pressed and as any victim who has gotten their money back will tell you, the more likely he knew they were coming, the greater their chances of recovery.
  12. good to know you were saved from it. and that's part of the bait he uses to lure them in.
  13. you're right in that it has similarities to Nintek. The difference being though that Nintek was a significant, high volume, components business in trouble, trying to trade its way out of trouble (unsuccessfully) & burning quite a few innocent people when the pin was pulled. As far as I'm aware, Nintek never tried to pull a bait price play. There were allegations made against them in relation to trading while technically insolvent (which is of course serious) but it's quite different to what has happened here. In summary: Yadnum advertised extremely cheap prices (ie. 20% below Static Ice's lowest) on a couple of highly sought after items back in mid December '08. People who enquired back then were told explicitly (& falsely) that if they placed & paid for their orders, they would receive their item(s) by the "end of the week" - ie. this is back in the weeks before Christmas '08. Then the site operator put up a Notice that they were on holiday till the 12th Jan. Then they extended this holiday till the 19th Jan (already a month after the bulk of the bait priced orders were made). Then there were various ploys to extend the duration of the play (... no need to go into them here. PM me if interested). Infrequently, the guy bobbed up on WP running the "overwhelmed" false sob stories. It became very clear that this was going to be a slow refund game, refunds going to whoever complained the loudest and most articulately on Forums or whoever got to the guy via the NSW OFT or whoever threatened & looked as though they might find the guy in person. The fundamental point is that there was NEVER an intention to supply the bait priced items at the bait prices. After a while, the mindsets of the people who get taken in become so fearful that they may lose their money altogether, that they become massively relieved merely at the prospect of recovering it. All thought of the goods becomes secondary. So essentially, it becomes a case of: 1) 2 months+ worth of free financing of (or interest on) a SIGNIFICANT sum of money - in the hundreds of thousands of dollars - for whatever purpose the money was required; plus 2) the windfall gain of keeping the funds of those (spread right around Australia) who will either accept the loss or who won't have the wherewithal, means, patience or good fortune to recover their funds.
  14. well that is exactly what he will be walking away with. At best, the interest value on the money he's illegally "borrowed" (see sections 56(1) and 75AZJ of the TPA) - [and that "borrowing" has been speculated as being anywhere in the vicinity of $200,000 to $400,000]. At worst, the interest PLUS whatever he doesn't return to the many punters who just "accept" the loss and tire of chasing. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but you are wrong on this particular point. And I'm surprised that you still hold that view after what has happened to you. I'd go as far as saying that there is zero chance that his bait pricing activity had a "mostly-honest" intention. It certainly had a dishonest intention. There is no question about that. He took money at bait prices with zero intention of supplying the goods. That is prima facie an offence. If he subsequently returns the funds and says sorry, sure he'll probably escape the wrath of the Authorities but it won't make it any less of an offence. WP didn't do anything to ths guy. He took a bucketload of money throughout December and up to the 19th January - and then held it until he started returning it to a few select people in dribs & drabs as recently as this week with many ppl reporting that they have still not received a refund. A child could have successfully managed to supply the goods ordered in a 5 week period - it's very simple. The problem he faced, however, is that it's impossible to supply goods at a price below which he could purchase the goods!!! ie. there was NEVER an intention to supply goods at the bait prices - it's very clear. Furthermore, it's equally very simple to return money you've received very promptly IF YOU HAVEN'T USED IT TO FUND ANOTHER PURPOSE. And why has he been stalling?? ... and why are the few refunds that are forthcoming, coming in dribs & drabs??? Because the funds were not left sitting in the bank where they should have legally remained. But it's not a moot point. One has to understand what has happened to properly carry out that priority, ie. assisting those who have been affected to get their money back, and warning those who have not to stay well clear. The priority is correct but it can only be achieved if people understand what has happened.
  15. I don't know whether people would be overly concerned about having your sympathy but I think readers of this Forum may be concerned about receiving accurate information. 1) This business has not been overwhelmed. 2) Whirlpool had absolutely nothing to do with the business being overwhelmed (not that it was). 3) There's ample proof that this was, at the very least, a bait price play. There's also a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that it could be a more virulent scam than that ... the jury's still out on that aspect. not sure why anyone would laugh at a pensioner being fleeced $500. I'm surprised you'd still make that comment after what's happened. That's actually not what's happened. And re the "stupidity" being on both sides, you might call some of the trusting purchasers "stupid" but that would be overly harsh. People who purchased before 19 Jan were wholly misled by a site (& site operator) that presented a veneer of legitimacy. But I don't know how you could possibly call the owner of the shop "stupid". He's made a killing. We'll never know exactly how much but it will definitely be a "well in the black" end result, unlike many of the people who paid for orders.