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  1. Hi, I occasionally need to connect to server(s) for work from home after hours. The way I currently do this is by using RDC from my mac to my workstation at work over VPN and then RDC from the workstation to the server inside the DMZ. I'm wondering if/how-hard-it-is to setup a tunnel to simplify this, I am an admin for both machines. Any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Well I ended up getting a Lumix FT1 from Paxtons. The image sensor/processor appears to be the same as the TZ7, and they both use a 28mm wide angle lens, but I'm sure the TZ7s is better...oh well, at least the camera will be durable...
  3. I will definitely consider it, as I plan for photos to be the major use of the camera, a friend is also getting a new camera for the same trip, so maybe if he gets one that is good for video, then I could get the D10. The fact that the D10 is a 'tough' camera is also appealing...hmmm
  4. The G10 would be tempting as I would like to eventually get into photography proper, the G10 would be a good start before going the whole SLR hog, the main limiting factor for me is that it can only do video at VGA res, whereas the TZ7 can do 720p... Places like MSY and Megabuy (found through staticice) have the G10 list for $585!!! Shops that I looked at on the weekend had the G10 for ~$900, and the TZ7 for ~$780, which is a total rip-off imho, at least I got to hold the TZ7, seems well made although I worry that the rotary switch on the top and the lens cover shutter are a bit flimsy, I think they are all similar in this segment though...also the soft cases/bags for the cameras that the shops had were pretty disappointing, along with their prices for SDHC cards...looks like I'll be making the purchase online, but having said that I haven't managed to get to any proper camera stores yet, hopefully this coming weekend (I'll be in Sydney CBD)... If the G10 could film 720p, I'd probably go for it, especially at MSY pricing :D
  5. ~$600 Something where the lens does not protrude from the body when powered off, which can fit in a ski jacket pocket (with neoprene case etc)...I think cameras like the G9 etc would be a bit bulky for my purposes, but any advice, suggestions would be welcome. Also, any recommendations for soft travel cases would be handy too, I've been looking at the Built NY Hoodies but I'm not sure if it will stretch to fit the Lumix...
  6. Hi all, I am going on a ski trip soon and plan to do some heli-skiing too, so I'm after a decent compact camera for taking shots of all the action as well as some video, I really like the sound of the new Panasonic Lumix TZ7 DMC-ZS3: it won out the comparo at dpreview, the only bad thing I've heard about the Lumix range is that the shutter cover can get stuck if the slightest bit of dirt etc gets in it, I'm wondering how durable it will be too... I guess another option would be something like the Pentax Optio W60 (or even W80 if its out in time). Anyway, if anyone can advise on a compact camera which can take decent photos and shoot some nice video (the ZS3 can do 720p @60fps!) then that would be awesome! I'd also like recommendations for what SDHC card(s) to get so that I can shoot the video without dropping frames etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I recently bought a pair of Denon AH-C551 in-ear headphones, they do sound good on my Macbook headphone output, but there is a noticable high frequency noise when no sound is playing, and when I take them to work and try to use them with my Dell workstation (on-board audio), the noise is much worse (popping sounds along with what seems like varying high frequency noise). I have looked online and it seems that sound cards and mp3 players can have problems with low impedance headphones, the Denons have 16 ohm impedence (104db/mW sensitivity), and I notice that I can't hear the same noises with my Sennheiser HD500s, which are 32 ohm impedance (not sure what sensitivity though), the solution mentioned elsewhere has been to drive the headphones using a headphone amp (something about high input resistance to low output resistance), but I was wondering if, since the Dell's sound card is pretty crap, maybe I could get away with a decent external sound card, if the sound card can drive the 16 ohm headphones... So I'm hoping some atomicans would have some advice, tips, recommendations etc on how to resolve this headphone noise issue? I guess in the worst case I can try and get a replacement pair through the warranty... If I had to go down the headphone amp route, I'd probably consider something from that Headphonic online store, I could build one from a kit etc, but I'm after something reasonably small in a durable enclosure...any suggestions or similar retailers would be appreciated Cheers.
  8. cg776

    World Tour has arrived

    I have the same downstrum issue, just with Rock Band, its so annoying, the down strm only works after an upstrum, so up-down-up-down works... So I'm going to try and return the pack tomorrow, I've only had it for a couple of days, hopefully JB HiFi don't mess me around. You'd think that after releasing a few music games these companies would have the peripherals working without fault...oh well.
  9. cg776

    Anyone imported Rock Band 2?

    Yeah, I've looked into Play-Asia, I was looking at getting the bundle though, which they don't stock atm. The other possibility I was considering was GameStop, they seem like a clone of EB, getting RB2 shipped to oz would cost about the same as buying Rock Band 2 or GH:WT from a shop in Australia. Has anyone shipped stuff to Australia from GameStop?, I just want to know if they are reputable etc.
  10. cg776

    Anyone imported Rock Band 2?

    Hi, I'm considering importing Rock Band 2 from overseas, I was just wondering if anyone else has done this and what there experience has been like, where they got it from/why etc. Thanks in advance.
  11. cg776

    Rock Band - November 7

    Has anyone ordered the RB2 pack from overseas? If so, where?