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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Hey Mael nice Mondaine! Do you know if it has the signature movement of the second hand halting for two seconds before advancing the minute hand? Also, if you dont mind, where did you buy it? I've been looking at those for a while.
  2. RSB

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Where did you get that exactly? TELL ME. Dealextreme sells cheap knockoffs of Tokyoflash models among others. Search for SKU 37822 for a similar (probably the same) model as the one you're after. I've had a few cheap clones before and suffice to say they don't remain in my collection heh.
  3. RSB

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    The Razer Blackwidows use cherry blue switches which require ever so slightly more force than the browns apparently and also have a definite click sound due to a shroud section attached to each key. I'd think the Blackwidows would be just as much fun to use though. The Filco is my first mechanical keyboard and although the tenkeyless version looks even tastier, I find numpads are too nice to lose and couldn't go with the possibility of missing those keys for the occasional demanding game. Here are some links on the switch diffs if anyone is interested: Overclock's mech keyboard guide Geekhack's mech keyboard guide
  4. RSB

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    The Das Keyboards appear to have external housings that take up more space - although they have usb hubs built in.
  5. RSB

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Got myself a shiny new understated looking Filco Majestouch Ninja mechanical keyboard with brown cherry switches and a red esc keycap. I like how you can feel the subtle actuation point with only part way travel - although the clicky sounds when bottoming out are nice too.
  6. Hey thanks for the link mark. I'd be only looking at getting two vcards max. However, if those crysis warhead and bfbc2 benches can be interpreted as scaled performance of two cards combined with the f1 2010 figures and considering minimum framerates at 5760x1080, then it looks like theres one win to the 570 sli in crysis warhead, one win to the 6950/6970 crossfire in f1 2010 and somewhat of a draw in bfbc2. Considering this and the gtx 570's generally as good as 6970 performance in 1920x1080 res and the apparently better cooling and sli to crossfire noise levels, it seems things may be swinging slightly in nvidia's favour for my system setup yet again. Additional info would always be useful of course.
  7. The new vcards will not be going in my current system which I believe is even limiting the gtx 275 in it. Still awaiting my parts order to be processed. New system parts: i7 950, silver arrow, ga-x58a-ud3r rev2, corsair 3x2GB 7-8-7-20, tx950, haf x, 2 x 1tb samsung f3 hd103sj, 120gb ocz vertex 2 e series 2.5" ssd, xonar essence stx, bdr-205 (already have), existing 2 x 16:10 sig monitors with probably the addition of a samsung 2443bw+ (dismissed the idea of a 120hz centre screen as there would be aspect ratio differences with my existing monitors)
  8. Anyone have any ideas or can link to any reviews as yet on the performance of 6950/6970 crossfire eyefinity vs gtx 570 sli 2d surround? The 2gb frame buffers on the 69xx cards suggest they can better handle extreme resolutions but reviews generally seem to say the 6970 performs about equal to the gtx 570 at single monitor resolutions. The pricing just adds to the confusion of deciding.
  9. What are your opinions on the following 2d surround / eyefinity setup? Adding a new Samsung 2443BW+ (16:10 24") to go in between a Dell U2410 (16:10 24") and a BenQ G2400W (16:10 24") so that all the sizes and resolutions match up. Alternatively, get a new 120Hz 16:9 (either a 23" or 23.6") monitor for the centre position and just deal with horizontal black bars on the two side screens with odd image sizing. Thanks for your replies in advance.
  10. Ahh thats unfortunate. Looks like you cant always rely on the eyesight of people who supposedly have the same gear! I'd think most sticks without extended heatspreaders would be as low in height as you can go. If you're lucky finding some specs or a review on the sticks you're after then you'll be able to do the measurements. Otherwise in the worse case scenario, you may have to modify/flog the hsf.
  11. According to the following link it seems it does clear slot one when mounted vertically. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1498818 I should be building a similar system soon but with the silver arrow instead.
  12. The build definitely isnt for epeen as few will see the system. GTX 480 SLI would be easier on the wallet but I wonder if 2 x Zalman VF3000F triple slot coolers would be necessary to reduce noise (apparently 580 SLI is ever so slightly quieter than one 480). It would fit in a haf x although on the ga-x58a-ud3r the second vcard would be at 8x - doesnt seem to have much of a performance drop from benches. Theres also the new GTX 570 card to consider which supposedly performs as well as a 480 and quieter. The 570's 1280MB of memory may be a little limiting in 2d surround at extreme resolutions vs the 480's 1536mb though. Then the 6970 surfaces to make the choice even easier! Given that there doesnt appear to be too many titles supporting 2d surround and the fov issues people have to deal with, i'm edging towards the 27" and one vcard at the moment...
  13. Hey all, What are your thoughts on the following: 1) GTX580 SLI with new Samsung 2443BW+ (to go with existing Dell U2410 and Benq G2400W for 16:10 2D surround - 5760x1200) or 2) GTX580 with new Dell U2711 (2560x1440 - yeah I know its 16:9 - will go with existing Dell U2410 as a side accessory monitor - not used when gaming) The SLI setup is slightly more expensive so it will be interesting to see how GTX570 SLI goes bang for buck wise. Note my planned system will be able to support future GTX580 SLI also if going with option 2. Thanks for your replies in advance.
  14. RSB

    Civ 5

    Does anyone know how to enable dual monitor play in civ? Is it a different procedure for nvidia cards as opposed to amd?
  15. Hey jdog. I'd probably go with the UD3R rev2 as I dont need the added extras of the UD5/7 and it seems more popular than the Asus. Asus and Gigabyte dont seem bothered about responding to my queries about whether you can run dual SLI/crossfire in the first and third (Asus) or first and fourth pcie slots (Gigabyte). In either mobo this would allow for dual three slot cooler vcards which no one seems to run two of but would help temps significantly and maybe power usage a little (also would allow reference two slot cards to have an extra gap slot). I'm guessing three slots per card is probably unnecessary for two 5870s or two 5970s though. What Dinos22 said about placing the vcards in slots 1&3 on the UD3R would be the standard 16x16x operation (only for dual slot cooler vcards) so there would be little to no clearance between the first and second vcards. Checking out the flexible SLI bridge in more UD3R reviews show it is as long as the solid tri SLI bridge so I assume Gigabyte means it can be used to run dual SLI on the first and fourth pcie slots. More reviewers should cover these possibilities with the large hsfs coming out now as replacements or as standard on special videocard versions. I have mainly been looking at GTX4xx SLI because it seems like they would keep up framerate levels in general better than the respective radeons at 5760x1200. That and nVidia seem more supporting of 3D displays which I may upgrade to when they are more affordable and of comparable size. This may be a slight moot point though as 3D output at that res would undoubtedly destroy the framerates even with GTX480 SLI in newer titles thus calling for res/details to be lowered to compensate. However, checking through the wikipedia page on ATI gpus, the November announced/released? Radeon 69xx series may well be worth waiting for. From the specs i'm guessing the 6950/6970 may have 120%/150% performance of the 5870 but (further guessing) with more acceptable than fermi power/temps/noise. In addition to that, the notes section mentions something called HD3D! Hmm. If I cant wait and build the system in the interim I wonder if I can get by with a stop gap of a cheap GTX275 to go with my existing one. May be a waste though. I dont think that an i7 @ 4GHz will present an issue to feed dual vcards at the moment so I probably wont wait for sandy bridge. As a luxury issue, dual/tri SLI reviews at guru3d show quite impressive scaling on the GTX470/480 although they claim that their i7 965 @ 3.7GHz is creating a bottleneck for tri SLI.