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  1. Maybe we need GPS trackers on all the nutters, then we wouldn't need to speculate.
  2. No, I just see the ones that hang around the city center.
  3. Never seen a woman standing on a street corner with a placard saying abortion is murder, seems to always be these men types. I guess there are fanatical deluded evangelical women also *shrug*
  4. datafast69

    NSW / QLD fires

    An less rain I guess. Stupid governments.
  5. datafast69

    What's on your mind?

    Toss Ali the ass in jail, and confiscate assets to recoup the stolen money.
  6. NZT is a male wanting to control what women do with their bodies. I passed one of these evangelistic types near central station once, preaching the sin of abortion...... boy oh boy did he get a dressing down! He wasn't there the following day.
  7. NZT's questioning and wording of those questions are constructed and skewed towards his crazy belief. The what if's are inane.
  8. datafast69

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    As long as you aren't a cross dressing politician like Pauline Hanson, you are OK in my books, Kimmo Yes, I do have standards.
  9. datafast69

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    The 8x plug board has features the Duo's don't like coax for tv antenna and filters and protects a little better, and the 4x plug boards have fast USB charging which the 8 plug board doesn't. The Thor website in MS's post is good for checking features.
  10. Yup, they just roll off like a loaf of bread on the last supper table. Or was that Joseph? Ah, they were pissed so they don't even remember!
  11. datafast69

    Too much gym !

    Never head of it. Sounds kinky
  12. Ah, got ya' Ah! Better, cheers
  13. datafast69

    Chinese Whispers & Vegan Militants

    Don't ya' hate diets