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  1. NukeJockey

    Best PC Games to use with a controller

    Thanks for the reply Chaos, I need to get rise of the tomb raider, finished the first one and don't really feel like going back. Dying Light I have put literally hundreds of hours into on console and the PC, definitely plays well with a controller, but it is objectively better with mouse and keyboard. Castle Crashers is also something that I smashed out on the 360 back in the day, if I can find it cheap on PC I may pick it up. I've been looking through the steam store using tags to do with controllers etc. and unfortunately am finding very little. I bought Yakuza 0 recently, which is excellent with the controller, wouldn't mind some more beat em up games of that style.
  2. NukeJockey

    Best PC Games to use with a controller

    Xbox One controller that I was using with the PC died recently, so found an excuse to upgrade to this. VID20180804021450.3gp The Hyperkin Duke, a remake of the OG Xbox controller. https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/hyperkin-xbox-one-duke-wired-controller-xbox-one/26846265 Loving the larger size (though admittedly, the bumpers are a little hard to get used to) and am feeling the need to find/play some more games with my sexy new controller. Any ideas? doesn't have to be recent, just fun and excellent with a controller. Genre is not an issue either, FPS, Beat em up, Platformer etc. I don't care, I just want more reasons to fondle my baby! Suggestions? Cheers. *EDIT* How do the video attachments on forum work? Expected it to be embedded, which is how it showed in the preview.
  3. NukeJockey

    Doom 4 / DOOM by Bethesda / New Doom

    Not in the same way though. DOOM Essentially blocks your progress until you defeat waves of enemies in arena style areas. There was none of that in the Original 2 games. The way Doom 1 and 2 did those ambush style encounters was cool. FWIW I finished it and enjoyed my playthrough, but I doubt I'll go back and play it much, maybe a replay of the game in a years time or something.
  4. NukeJockey

    Doom 4 / DOOM by Bethesda / New Doom

    Having played some more, my opinion is changing for the better. The wave style arena fights still annoy me, but offer some frantic gameplay. Certainly something I need to be in the mood to play and I can't play it for really long stretches, but its growing on me, thats for sure.
  5. NukeJockey

    Doom 4 / DOOM by Bethesda / New Doom

    I don't like the way the enemies spawn in. I don't mind the RPG style upgrade system for the weapons, but am not a fan of the RPG style health upgrades. I can see they are trying to emulate the original Doom with the speed and overwhelming amount of enemies, but it doesn't work when the enemies just constantly spawn in. It feels like it plays more like a wave shooter, do this, kill everything (while it spawns in), move onto the next area, rinse, repeat. Thats about as far from the Original 2 games as they could go. With enemies constantly spawning around you in different directions, its hard to really play it like the originals, if you knew the areas well or were just flat out good, Doom was almost like a ballet. Art style is weird and almost cartoony in some aspects, while being ultra realistic and gritty in others, I'm not a fan, Coop would certainly help make the campaign more enjoyable. Maybe I'll find something I like in Snapmap with Coop.
  6. NukeJockey

    Dark Souls 3

    I've only been 1-shotted by Sulyvahn. Once. Because I went through the fog expecting a custscene to start, so I took my hand off the controller to scratch my nose. And that was that. Because Dark Souls. Jeez, how long did you scratch your nose for? Sulyvahn takes ages to attack if you don't approach him. Even when you do approach him its still probably a good 10 seconds before his first attack. :P Also, I can confirm that hollowing is bugged out, I've done 2 playthroughs and gone through with the Yoel/Yuria quest line, maxing out my hollowing in the process and never had the limitation placed on me. Steam username is same as here, if you feel like playing, feel free to add me. Same with anyone else here. *EDIT* I should mention that none of the issues with fog gates/no animation etc. are happening on the PS4. I only have those sorts of issues on the PC version.
  7. NukeJockey

    What game have you played the most?

    Xfire tracked about 2500 hours of CS: Source for me back in the day. Next highest was NWN at around 350 hours. However I played quite a few toons on WoW a long time ago and racked up well over 3000 hours in the end. Highest count in the last 5 years would be Dark Souls, followed by Dark Souls 2 and then finally Dark Souls 3, with somewhere over 200 hours for DS, 185~ for DS2 and around 140~ for DS3 (so far). Oh and Rainbow Six Siege. I haven't really played for about a month or so, but I had around 165 hours played in TDM and 25~ or so in Terrorist Hunt coop. *EDIT* Forgot about Dying Light. Got that on PS4 when it came out and spent over 200 hours across several playthroughs and lots of random coop. Great fun.
  8. NukeJockey

    Dark Souls 3

    I still need to do several of the side quests on subsequent playthroughs. They're a bit more convoluted than previous games. Its easy to entirely miss NPC interactions in some areas if you don't take the right path or finish the area in one go without having to reload. Patches encounter in cathedral is easy to miss, as is Anri's entire side quest if you don't go back through certain areas etc. I'm surprised how fast people worked it all out to be honest. Especially with the branching quests that can end prematurely if you choose the wrong option or go to locations in the wrong order. You playing on PC? Do I have you on steam? If you're up for some jolly cooperation give me a yell!
  9. NukeJockey

    Dark Souls 3

    Anyone interested in some coop/pvp shenanigans? Playing on both PC and PS4, have a few SL120 toons on the PC version to play with, still on my first playthrough on the PS4 though. Laggy multiplayer is kind of putting me off, but it is at least enjoyable when playing with others. (Gank squads are always fun :P)
  10. NukeJockey

    PS4 Owners - I need more friends!

    Cool, I shall add you neoprint. Do you have the Season Pass for FC4? I'd like to try the escape from Durgesh coop mode.
  11. NukeJockey

    PS4 Owners - I need more friends!

    Thats right PZO, I don't :P You're a horrible person :P Ihsan, I have you on friends, but yeah, can't say I've seen you on much lately. Sup M_S?
  12. NukeJockey

    PS4 Owners - I need more friends!

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've popped my head in here, don't get onto my PC too much these days. Basically been playing PS4 since I got one in November, unfortunately I don't know many people who also own PS4s and as such, don't have many people to play games with. Is anyone currently play Dying Light, FarCry 4, Diablo 3, Little Big Planet 3 or GTAV on PS4? If so, care to add me to friends for some gaming fun? Cheers PSN account is the same as my username on here.
  13. NukeJockey

    Atomic Top 20 Games

    I filled it out. Had a little trouble thinking of 20 off the top of my head and now that I've submitted there are another dozen or so that I realised I just forgot. I've been gaming for a long time, there are way more than 20 games that I consider to be my favourites, unfortunately :(
  14. NukeJockey

    Minecraft Ubuntu server EULA

    They implemented a new license agreement to stop server hosts from monetizing their servers with powerups etc. for people who pay.
  15. I have FetchTV through iinet, using a billion 7800VDPX modem. I have several programs that I have scheduled to record, unfortunately, these programs are on late at night, which is also the time my computer is set to allow steam to update. Because of this, I often end up with recordings that are completely useless or of very low stream quality. I don't know much about this type of networking, but I remember hearing that Quality of Service can be set on a device and it essentially gives it bandwidth priority? Is this correct? If so, would setting up QoS for my FetchTV box be a good option? Does anyone know roughly what I would need to do to get this to work? I've had a look at the QoS page on my modem, but it is all confusing for me, quick google didn't help much either. Cheers.