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    File Servers & NAS

    My understanding is the benefits of zfs filesystems are you can set different attributes on each filesystem, which you can't do with straight directories. For example: storage/media -compression=off -copies=1 storage/photos -copies=2 -compression=gzip
  2. What's your average daily data diff? Is the data sensitive? I'd seriously consider an off-prem service like Crashplan - there's many others though. I'd be concerned with heat and dust running a computer in the ceiling.
  3. lew~

    File Servers & NAS

    Figured I should stop lurking and post - I'm always interested in this kind of stuff. My N40L is at the post-office now for pick up, replacing my massive Norco chassis-based NAS. Keep the posts coming!
  4. What sort of Internet connection is it/what speeds or bandwidth do you get? If you're in Japan or somewhere crazy with 100Mb+ you probably don't want to drop performance with a slow router. But if it's regular Internet or speed/performance isn't a concern, then yeah - any router without a modem will do fine. From a security standpoint, if the router supports configuring an access policy it might be worthwhile allowing only outbound connections to public IP address ranges. This would drop traffic from other devices on the untrusted building LAN and inbound connections being initiated by public (internet) addresses. The latter would only be an issue if you need to host any services. The router will perform NAT which does provide some security, however an explicit policy gives you more control.
  5. Just so Tantryl doesn't blow a fuse over us not reading his posts properly. :P Ah whoops, my bad...
  6. You could try a direct connection between the NAS and Win7 PC, and a wireshark capture on the Win7 host to see if there's any more useful errors. Can the Win7 host access shares on the XP host, and vice versa? Anything useful in the windows or N360 logs? I would be tempted to uninstall N360 as a test :p
  7. lew~

    HP N40L discussions

    I'm pretty interested, but haven't pushed the button. What are you going to be using it for? Are you going ESXi with pass-through HBA/storage? WHS or BSD/Solaris? I don't have the time to play any more, so I was thinking either WHS or FreeNAS (latest Beta is looking good) on the Microserver and a RaspberryPi or JB AppleTV 3 running XBMC for HTPC.
  8. lew~

    iOS 6 Beta

    Any idea how the Guided Access feature works [iPad if it matters]? How do you enable it for an app, and disable it after?
  9. I prefer his take on it on The Daily Show. You have to proxy/fake a US IP address to see it Looks like the start may have been cut a little, but:
  10. lew~

    Paypal Account Security Fun

    Only needed the last four digits of the CC number. In order to make a purchase, you should need: Full name Full credit card number Expiry CSV
  11. lew~

    Paypal Account Security Fun

    Fair enough mate. It definitely is a balance to ensure you try and keep people's accounts in the right hands. Out of interest, have you chosen a payment provider yet?
  12. lew~

    Paypal Account Security Fun

    Good question, but no - from a blocked number which is not associated with my account. How so? Perhaps it was just the customer service rep I got on the day, but I don't really believe they got anything right with my call. It was difficult getting through the process due to the offshore call centre, so I didn't raise it at that time. But I agree with you - I will send through an email to an appropriate address to ask their processes be validated from a security standpoint.
  13. lew~

    Paypal Account Security Fun

    It's a total fail on paypal's behalf. Anyone could have pretended to be me with some basic information, and accessed my paypal account.
  14. My recent ‘locked-myself-out-of-paypal-account-by-restoring-iphone-which-had-the-softoken-installed’ experience / PSA. Identification performed by: • Full name • Last four PAN digits form a card assigned to the Paypal account (printed on any receipt e.g. car park or coffee shop) • Asked for the last four digits from the security key… explained why I was calling paypal support again, and continued anyway. (lol) Paypal phone support were then happy to: • Change the account’s email address and reset the password • Remove the security key (2FA) assigned to the account • Ask me if there was anything else they could help with Notwithstanding the above, they also failed to try and identify through my secret questions (possibly because they are 250char long random keys). Can’t say if all this is a human or workflow/script failure. Mitigations? • Don’t keep a Paypal account • Use a separate account/card for Paypal in an effort to try and keep the account info private…? • ??? Can't even call this social engineering it is so disappointing...
  15. lew~

    Workplace Comms Rooms

    @krispy89 are the removalists contracted to sanitise/destroy any media, or did you do that before-hand? Our DCs are very tidy, built and maintained to standards. Structured cabling helps a lot. Comms rooms and branch sites vary, but mostly pretty good.