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    Interesting site, but I don't understand: 1. who would want to willfully give away a copy of a game they have purchased to a complete stranger? 2. how the site makes any money?
  2. ShiroKage

    120Hz Monitors (Samsung S27A950D)

    is 120mhz really that good? What about for normal tasks like using Word and web research? Will it reduce my eye strain? no, lcd monitors don't have a refresh rate for mostly static pages like word/internet. a white pixel stays as a white pixel, a black pixel stays as a black pixel, why would it have to change?
  3. ShiroKage

    Steam Specials Thread

    Notice: This game does not support Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
  4. ShiroKage

    Why won't BD movies fill the screen?

    as the wiki link above details, most big-budget movies are shot in 2.39:1 aspect ratio (but often referred to as 2.35 anyway, due to old convention). often the lower-budget movies will be shot in 1.85:1 which is almost identical to what a tv will display (1920x1080).
  5. ShiroKage

    Firefox 4.0 shenanigans

    when i right click hide (untick) menu bar (in FF6), then right click customize, the menu bar appears until i click done also. so this is the default behaviour, not strange! i'm not sure though how to fix your problem. your screen looks pretty chokkas, maybe there's no room...?
  6. ShiroKage

    what is this?

    well the best telstra can offer me is... cable 5GB data/month + landline phone =$78 cable 200GB data/month + landline phone = $88 cable 200GB data/month = $99.95 cable 50GB data/month = $79.95 the landline bundle prices are inclusive of the phone line rental. i don't understand how it can be cheaper than standalone cable... but whatever, it's all pretty expensive. plus i might incur a $299 connection fee if a landline isn't already connected (and they couldn't tell me whether one was or not). i might just go adsl2+, it turns out i'm only about 300-400m from the exchange!
  7. ShiroKage

    what is this?

    does it have to be telstra? gosh, telstra bigpond - naked cable 200GB is $99.95 a month. i can't afford that...!
  8. ShiroKage

    what is this?

    i've just moved into a house and i haven't seen this sort of plug before. is it for cable internet? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/121/imga0004k.jpg/
  9. ShiroKage

    Pentium 4 or Dual Pentium 3?

    i think you've come to the wrong forum. in fact i think the forum you're looking for doesn't exist yet, because most old people don't know how to work computers.
  10. are people really this rich to be going shaving 3-6 times before throwing away an overpriced multiblade head??? i get probably 20-30 shaves done before replacing it. i often don't do a full shave though, just an upper lip blitz.
  11. ShiroKage

    SSD frimware upgrade?

    Cheers everyone, I'm not desperate to upgrade the firmware so I think I might just wait and see if they add the functionality. Otherwise if I get bored, I'll try what fajw suggested and hook it up to another system temporarily.
  12. Looking at the firmware update for my vertex3: http://www.ocztechnology.com/ssd_tools/OCZ...Solid_3_series/ But it says "Updating the firmware from the toolbox is not supported when Windows is running off the drive you are trying to update." So I'm a bit confused. Doesn't everyone's SSD have Windows "running off the drive they are trying to update"??
  13. ShiroKage

    Microsoft Office Question

    Yes it's possible, we have this at our work. You need to set up public folders and have a calendar in the public folder. Each user will need to manually add the public calendar to their calendar menu though. Once they have, they can choose to see either their personal calendar, the public calendar, or both their personal and public ones together (side by side).
  14. ShiroKage

    Outlook Auto Email Signature Script

    What version of Outlook and what do the errors say?
  15. ShiroKage

    System Reserved partition.

    It should happen for every Windows 7 fresh install (it has for me). Even if it is possible to hack and remove during install, I wouldn't. Not worth the potential pain.