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  1. das_book

    So what's with these ugly square cars these days?

    I dunno, I like the look of the swifts, could easily have one myself
  2. das_book

    Save SGU!

    Only way to "save" a show, and have it not cancled, is to watch it, in a way which ratings can be counted.
  3. das_book

    Transformers 3

  4. das_book

    When were (or will you be) happiest?

    Never been unhappy. Regardless of whats thrown at me, I find it hard to find it upsetting.
  5. das_book

    Wasted Time

    I like!
  6. das_book

    Chilean miners rescue..

    Got link for that please? Turn on the TV?
  7. das_book

    Chilean miners rescue..

    The ustream one seems delayed. Ch7 was showing the images of him up and out a good minute before ustream did
  8. das_book

    Chilean miners rescue..

    Hes up!
  9. das_book

    Atomic Unlocked

    I shall be there :)
  10. das_book

    "Hardly anyone plays FPS on PC anymore"

    How about people just play games on the platform they feel the most comfortable playing them on? I know it is a radical and crazy idea.
  11. das_book

    Computer Store Comparison - online and physical

    Budget PC 9.5/10 Shopped through them many times, you pay a little more than other stores, but the customer service, I have found, is next to none. Always seem to have the stock I need, and always seem willing to cut a deal. MSY Mulverne 7/10 Cheep prices, and strange for a MSY, the staff seem friendly. Had to take back some items (admittedly my fault), and they were happy to do a strait swap. CPL Blackburne 6/10 Hit and miss. Don't always have the stock advertised, and it is really a roll of the dice if the person serving you is going to treat you like a human or not. Also prices seem to be hit and miss, with some reasonably priced, and some stupidly expensive. Scorptech 5/10 Shocking customer service, prices seem higher than needed to be. Felt like they just wanted me out the shop when shopping there (only ducked in quickly during lunch for a mouse, seemed they were annoyed that I was only buying one cheep item). MSY Clayton 7/10 Always seems to be a cue, but the line moves quick enough, stock levels seem to be reasonable. Havn't had to take anything back there, so don't know how they handle returns, but sales staff seem nice for a MSY again.
  12. das_book

    How thick is your prick?

    I use Herdim blue picks, sideways so the rough edge catches the strings.
  13. das_book

    Are you happy?

    Happy. I don't see the point in being sad, it's not me.
  14. das_book

    That's awfully fishy...

    I've got a few tanks up and running. Got a large tropical community take with some Clown Loaches, Rainbow Shark, a pair of Gouramies, a Bristle Nose, some tetras and a few angles. The tank near is is almost as big, with just a single Oscar in it (he is still growing, he is only 7 months old at the moment. And finally a smaller tropical tank in my room with 4 Gouramies and a Bristle Nose in it.
  15. das_book

    NERF Airsoft Guns

    Just got a Recon :P