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    Pokemon Safari X & Y

    you get access straight after E4. You visit the prof. and he gives you a train pass which takes you there.
  2. chubby

    Pokemon Safari X & Y

    Ok, So everyone has been playing Pokemon, I know I have. If you've played and gotten up to Pokemon Safari, you'd find that you need some friends to make this worth while. From 6pm today, I will add everyone that leaves their NDS ID below so we can all benefit from each other. Just add me and leave a comment below along with your ID number and i'll add you back. Chubby | 3454 1131 0617 | Rock - Boldore, Corsola, ? | Thanks -
  3. chubby

    Phase 1 Active

    Mmm wonder what i am
  4. chubby

    Cleaning out the dirt

    Gave everything a clean, all nice and shiney again, there was a heck load of dirt and dust. Every gave the keyboard a sweepdown
  5. chubby

    Cleaning out the dirt

    I have a massive air compressor but really not trusting myself. I've used a can of compressed air before and everything worked out fine!
  6. chubby

    Cleaning out the dirt

    Thank you thank you, i will give them a try tomorrow, but is that the correct way to clean the inside of a computer?
  7. Alright from the red dust, since i've been away, has gotten inside my computer! What do i use to clean it. I know using a can of compressed air does the job, but where can i pick up a can. Cheers in advanced - Chubby
  8. chubby

    Ski trip 2009

    HAHHAHAH 1 week costin 700? keep on dreaming mate a week will cost 1000+
  9. chubby

    Another Joke

    You guys making those little airline peanut jokes again?
  10. chubby

    BENQ G2412HD

    I just bought one the other week and loving every minute that im using with it.
  11. I've tried that and still nothing. It's sorta fixed now, i can access my PC from my lappy but cant access my lappy through my PC Weird innit'
  12. Nah there isnt a username and password for the either of the pc's Okay, i did something, now its not letting me access \\chubbyslappy but it will let me access \\E5200-pc on my laptop. Any solutions here?
  13. ok, i recently grabbed a freeebie off my mate but he had windows 7 installed on the machine when i recieved it. And my laptop is running XPSP2 The problem here is i have it connected wirelessly for both computers as i am downstairs and need internet (this might play a role in it im not too sure yet). My brothers computer is connected directly to the router where all the little wireless and internet pixies come out and do what they do. I am able to connect to my brothers computer upstairs, which he is also running XPSP2 and he also doesnt have a password Now for the main problem. i want to access the shared files on my laptop (\\chubbbyslappy) while my computer (\\E5200) is asking for a username and password. There is no password for either computers which is being used so i think thats the problem, because why would they ask for a password when i don't have one. Each computer has a clean slate on the harddrives and scanning showed no viruses. Here is a screenshot of what happens