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  1. Randy Andy

    Left or right?

    When you have special alone time do you use your left hand or right hand? IMO left FTW!
  2. Randy Andy

    It only does *almost* everything

    At uni we have PS3's for use in the multi core programming course (linux) and also by the games technology students (used to play games for study, critique, etc) One of my friends is doing a PhD on the Cell B/E and bought a PS3 for his work and gaming I bought a Gen 1 PS3 2 weeks ago for uni work, doing some of my own stuff for fun on the Cell B/E and also for gaming Another friend had a PS3 and when his desktop died rather than buying another one (all it was used for was web/office) he put Linux on the PS3 So.... in all cases the decision has to be made to cripple the use of the PS3 as a gaming machine or remove linux....... When did it become acceptable to fix a bug by removing features :(
  3. Randy Andy

    modern warfare 2 Multiplayer

    I help to run a LAN that attracts around 70 people and a big game that we play is CoD4. So I want to know how this will affect offline LAN play. On a side note, we decided that we didn't want anyone playing with pirated games and found that only 3 or 4 people didn't own CoD4
  4. Randy Andy

    WTS: Almost **New** Toilet paper

    Registering interested pending pics Is the item used or discoloured in any way?
  5. Randy Andy

    CoD4 Linux Server

    I realise that this is a bit of a long shot posting this here but I have asked on a few forums just for CoD4 servers and had no answer. I've got a problem with my Cod4 Linux server v 1.7 I just run a local server for LANs, I set it up a fair while ago have haven't touched it in about a month. However a few nights ago I started it up to have a game with some friends only to find that every time one of us tries to connect it says "awaiting key verification" and it times out All of us are running legal copies patched to 1.7 the server is running Ubuntu 8.10 with a server made from the data on the install DVD + the 1.7 Linux server files. I have tried extending the connection attempts, restarting computers/routers/switches, remaking the server from the game files of 1.7 plus the server files. All of us can connect to internet servers or a listen server made on anyone else's PC. I also tried running it off the Linux install on my computer, rather then the server, with the same results. New config files have not changed the issue either The network is as follows router -> switch -> computers. Turning off firewalls has also not fixed the issue. It has been suggested that this can be a problem with the CoD4 master server, however this has been an issue for >3 days now. Has anyone come across this before or knows something....... well, anything I could try to fix it?
  6. Randy Andy

    Are you an organ donor?

    I am, though I think if anyone ends up with my heart they will want a refund, the (as yet undiagnosed) tachycardia and hypertension is probably considered bad
  7. Randy Andy

    Has anyone played "The Last Remnant"

    ^ I've heard reviews from friends and it seems to just be another "wave-after-wave-of-stupid-people-who-die" game that is amusing for a short while then loses its fun and its plot. i should have said i havent finished it yet..... but so far its alight not great
  8. Randy Andy

    Has anyone played "The Last Remnant"

    I've played it on PC felt VERY consoleish, but if you dont care about that it was alright
  9. Randy Andy

    Jaunty Jackalope day

    Is anyone getting uber issues? First of all I installed the netbook remix on my acer aspire one and it locks up every 5 mins and has to be hard restarted Then I upgraded my 8.10 install (on my desktop listed in tag) to 9.04 and I get a black screen at boot in both the normal and recovery version So I did a fresh install (ext3) and it is SOOOOO slow it takes 2 mins just to open firefox, plus I can't get the ATI drivers to work out dual screen :S
  10. Randy Andy

    Sims 3 due this month or next?

    http://thesims3.ea.com/view/pages/coolstuff.jsp here is a count down timer you can have?
  11. Randy Andy

    VA or TN

    So I'm tossing up between the dell ultrasharp 24" with the VA panel and an Asus 24" with a TN panel. SO pretty much I was wondering if the VA is worth $100-$200 more than the TN panel keeping in mind that the screen will be used for gaming, movies and just general other things and also that I have 931C at the moment with a TN panel
  12. Randy Andy

    Parents oppose end of care for brain-dead son

    Thats what I was thinking when I was reading. It's not like his lungs and heart are working on their own
  13. Randy Andy

    Post What You Gross

    Fuck i wish i go Youth Allowance....... would make my life soooooooooooooooooooooo much easier
  14. Randy Andy

    Post What You Gross

    Bottle shop while doing uni ~6g's aka fuck all
  15. Randy Andy


    you can upgrade the RAM on the Acer ASpire One to 1.5GB (512 soldered to the board + 1GB stick) but you have to open up the entire body to get to the slot voiding your warranty