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    Login and password wiped

    Cute little kittens and puppies are dying every second that passwords are left written down. I use; http://keepass.info/ the only thing that keepass needs is some way to automate syncing between different systems. I came across this; http://lastpass.com/ after hearing Steve Gibson talk about it. the free version is pretty much the same as keypass but for $1 per month you can sync pretty much any OS flavour you like so all your passwords are up to date between your devices. It really is very bad to write your passwords down.
  2. Thom0

    Windows Update reporting tool

    try http://msmvps.com/blogs/Athif/archive/2005/11/20/76035.aspx
  3. Cross-architecture in-place upgrades (x32 ---> x64) or (x64 ---> x32) are not supported. You have to clean install. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library...28WS.10%29.aspx If you are going x32 ---> x64 there are tools to migrate your data such as easy transfer or USMT. You can't use these tools to migrate from x64 ---> x32. If you are going from x64 ---> x32 your best bet is probably to use an external/second HDD or network share, copy your files & export your mail/PIM to it. Then clean install windows & restore your files.
  4. You need to work on your googlefu or you're just lazy. http://www.google.com.au/search?q=Audit+Account+Management For a domain, think about what type of servers process AD account events. That's the GPO you need to edit. Here's a hint, heard of a PDC emulator? For non-domain servers look in secpol.msc
  5. Thom0

    Info on data centres in Australia

    I know Internode do co-location. Is this for a business if not you better have deep pockets?
  6. Thom0

    Add user from another computer as local administrator

    I can't test it so not sure if it will help but try going to the "\\htpc\admin$" share by running "net use * \\htpc\admin$ /user:htpc\media Password1 /persistent:no" & opening up "compmgmt.msc" in the system32 folder from there.
  7. Thom0

    Add user from another computer as local administrator

    Should be psexec \\htpc -u HTPC\media -p Password1 "c:\Windows\System32\compmgmt.msc" I didn't look at this properly when i sent you the link. This will execute the process on the remote system from your system, which is not what your after
  8. Thom0

    Add user from another computer as local administrator

    Sorry, i didn't make myself clear before. I am not trying to RDP or anything, I was just trying to add the remote user to the local administrator group. I do this all the time with my domain computers, adding a domain user to a local admin group. What I was trying to do here was add LAPTOP\User1 to computer HTPC local admin group. This way From the computer called LAPTOP, i should be able to remotely access HTPC's computer management\Disk management (Hopefully) I can do that though as LAPTOP is just a computer name and it seems to require a domain name. I don't know if that made it any clearer, I almost confused myself writing it up. I had this w3orking when they were both XP, but i have not needed it in so long and now one is VISTA and one Win7 (Vista will be upgraded soon, maybe that will help) It doesn't matter if you are using RDP an mmc or something else. You have to authenticate against against the HTPC with an account that is local to the HTPC by doing what kikz said. if you are still having trouble try launching compmgmt.msc against the remote PC using this tool.
  9. Thom0

    maths/geometry question

    2828cm3 or 0.00282m3 should cover it I think. Edit: Thanks everyone.
  10. What OS? Couldn't you just use a script for this e.g for windows: netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" static Where "Local Area Connection" is the name of the NIC then IP>Subnet Mask>Gateway. As linux just use text files for config it would be easy enough to do something in bash as well.
  11. Thom0

    Password on wireless network?

    As mentioned anyone could potentially join your network & sniff all traffic, start MITM attacks against you, DNS redirects, launch attacks on other people, look at illegal websites or even host it on your network. There are mischievous buggers' out there that if given the opportunity they'll take it. If they do something nasty from your network guess who's door gets kicked in, in the middle of the night & who gets interrogated. There have been documented cases of this happening before. Protect yourself.
  12. Thom0

    Do apple PC have errors and crash?

    mainly it depends how you hold it...
  13. Thom0

    Old printer eraseable?

    Hey if your quick enough you can get the contents off the RAM while it's still warm, better stick it in the freezer ;p
  14. Thom0

    eBook mah bitch up!

    I've got a barnes and noble 3G+WiFi nook that is running a rooted android OS, it's awesome. I think the nook has support for more e-book formats then any other e-ink device on the market. You can easily load content onto it as it just shows up as a drive in your PC when you connect it. Has a Micro SD slot, web browser & plays music as well. Downside is that you can't easily buy them outside of U.S jurisdictions, or buy content for them. Depends how techie you are & how much time you want to spend banging up against squid.
  15. Thom0

    maths/geometry question

    Sweet, just needed some pointers in how to go about it. Thanks all. \m/