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  1. Okay, so here's the thing. My computer was running fine. I've just got a new house mate who likes sketchy software. He wanted us to be able to play games over WLAN using his PS3 controllers, so he got me to install DS3 Tool. The kicker with connecting the controller over Bluetooth with that crappy program is that it installs a driver OVER your ordinary Bluetooth driver. He told me that if I wanted to use a different Bluetooth device then I'd have to reinstall my driver. I didn't care, because I never use it on my computer anyway. Fast forward to today (from 2 weeks ago), when I got sick of the fact I'd been living without a mouse for a few weeks (I have an ASUS G73) and asked him if I'd be able to borrow the one he never uses until I buy a new one this week. It's bluetooth, and he reminded me of the driver stuff. I uninstalled the PS3 controller driver through DS3 Tool, and the mouse wouldn't connect as expected. I downloaded the driver from the ASUS website, ran the installer, and it had a random error. Instead of googling the error message, I decided to run it again. The installer got stuck when it came to one of the first steps, uninstalling the current driver. So I opened up task manager and ended the process (the nice way). INSTANTLY, this is when things went insane. All of a sudden, my icons along the taskbar turned to the no-icon standard 2D piece of paper image. I went to the start menu, and all that showed up was a list of standard Microsoft games (which shouldn't have come up there), with icons of a person with a crossed out circle next to them, which I'm guessing is some sort of no access icon. I immediately rebooted, and not only did things not change and my wallpaper not come up, but I'm unable to access ANY programs - the computer just thinks that they're just shortcuts to nowhere. The backlighting and Fn controls of my keyboard linked to ASUS' software are not working (such as bringing up the wifi/bluetooth menu or even the calculator), and the only way I was able to access Firefox (explorer is showing no programs as existing (except for three that are pinned in the start menu, but again are just shortcuts), not even IE) was by going through Windows Help pages until I found one that linked to a Microsoft website. Even FF is weird, the google search bar isn't working, and when I open a new tab I get "The address isn't valid" instead of the array of commonly used websites that version 14 normally shows up - not to mention that none of my bookmarks, history or passwords are there anymore. For some reason I then downloaded and tried to re install the bluetooth drivers, like an idiot, and I'm getting the same result from the installer. Here is the closest thing to a screenshot image: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/19QKjTUi...vVNhMh4q5g/edit - Paint isn't even working so google docs is the closest thing I could think of to share this. Does anybody know what the hell I can do about this situation without reformatting? Doing that in itself is a problem. When I said "got a new housemate," what I meant in a broader sense was "moved to South America for a few months and in with someone I didn't really know" and with "need a new mouse" I meant "left it on my desk in Australia." Any suggestions are very appreciated, thanks very much in advance. EDIT: I had about 80 000 photos on my computer. I'm REALLY hoping that something's just up, but explorer is showing my Pictures folder as being empty. wow. Program Files and Program Files x86 aren't showing anything other than default programs as being installed, but right-click menus show as otherwise. WMP will play audio only.
  2. anon.irisX

    Lowepro Fastpack 350

    There is definitely no perfect bag (although the upholster across the road is able to do some work to this one for me). The Tick yes, I totally agree that you should try a bag before you buy it.. but first of all I'd have to drive to Sydney to find a shop that stocks them.. then because I don't have a bag for my laptop I'd be carrying it around the city. I did read in one review that someone had a HP Envy and claimed it fit fine, and I really hoped that I'd be as fortunate. Seehund, I'm intrigued by your comment -- what is it about the bag you hate so much. It actually must really suck having loads of gear and hating all your bags haha
  3. anon.irisX

    Lowepro Fastpack 350

    Hey everyone. I thought I'd write this because there's sure to be someone out there who's needing the same sort of thing I was. I've got a bit of camera gear.. my 7D, 580EX II, a 50mm 1.8 and 18-200 lens and I was wanting a bag I could use to put that gear in (as well as an older film SLR for a bit of fun), AND one I could use for my laptop. So I bought a Fastpack 350. Those bags are AMAZING. There's no point me rehashing one of the many reviews, but they've got everything and then some. You should note that in all the reviews around the internet, one thing they didn't like was that it doesn't come with a rain cover. I was surprised when I opened mine up and it did have one right there in the bag (saving the bit of money I was going to spend on buying one). Although they are an awesome bag, the one thing to watch is the laptop compartment. Most of the reviews I'd read said they had a netbook or a 13" MacBook. That's not really my thing -- I have an ASUS G73. Don't buy this bag if you have a bigger laptop. You'll be left frustrated like me by the fact that you have this amazing bag that has been rendered half pointless. It says on the papers on the bag that it fits "most" 17 inch laptops. I did try my mum's XPS 17 though, and that fit fine (it's pretty thick, about the same as the G73). So it would seem that the problem with mine is the extra depth because of the cooling vents at the back, which isn't exactly common. I'm going to take it to the upholsterer who lives across the road and see if he can work some magic. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Bottom line, buy one of these bags... just beware the size of your laptop. If you've got an 18" monster, it will definitely not even come close to fitting.
  4. anon.irisX

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    I like, especially the first ones. They have such an awesome feel to them. What work did you do to the first two, may I ask? I think it looks like a colour fill layer..
  5. anon.irisX


    Wow, damn.. maybe the iPhone 5..
  6. haha yeah, 1.5GHz dual core phones? You must be crazy, says 2009. A friend of mine has a Nexus S.. the curved display is really cool.
  7. anon.irisX

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    Just as a side point, those images above actually look like the Metro UI... ;)
  8. It'll be rad if those specs are true, but it's going to be weird not having S II as the best phone around anymore...
  9. anon.irisX

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    You're making me question everything I've ever believed! haha I think maybe I just don't like touch screen devices that are supposed to be proper, desktop computers. I like my keyboard and mouse. At an old job a few years ago I was using a 22" HP with a touch screen Vista (bleh), and I really didn't get the point of it.. it had an onscreen keyboard, but I had one in front of me that worked better. I could just hit the X to close a window, but it was faster with the mouse. With that said, the touch part of things was a mere add on back then, Vista certainly wasn't designed to be used touch based -- hell, Vista wasn't designed to be used at all by humans I don't think.
  10. anon.irisX

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    Woah, don't get me wrong -- I LOVE the Metro UI: ever since I first used a WP7 handset it felt fresh, intuitive and original. And on devices such as phones and tablets, it's rad. And maybe it is personally what I've grown used to and what I like; but I really feel that an operating system that's designed for a computer should be very different to one for a tablet or smartphone. While I personally don't like the iPhone, I do agree with anyone who says it forever changed mobile technology (RIP Steve). When the first one came around it was severely lacking in 'normal' features for the time, and the OS was monstrously simplified from what everyone was used to. That trend has continued with touch devices, and I'm just not sure that having that trend move into the desktop arena is such a good thing...
  11. anon.irisX

    Steve Jobs. Dead

    That is so true -- it's not thinner and it doesn't have LTE or a bigger screen, but there are much worse things in the world, like being dead for instance.
  12. anon.irisX

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    I don't think that hating Windows 8 is hating technology, it's hating the fact that computing is becoming dumbed down. It looks great, and for a tablet it is great, but on a desktop it's just going to feel like it's pulling away all your freedom by being so lacking in functionality.
  13. anon.irisX

    Iphone 4S

    The no iPhone 5 part was irritating -- especially after the exciting rumours that seemed credible because of how repeated they were -- but Siri sounds awesome.. to me it makes it a new device, in old skin (and dual core with double RAM..)
  14. Thanks for the help guys! I think I should have googled the issue first, for then I would have seen how simple a thing it really is instead of wasting times... drago, I used the command prompt tool you mentioned and it worked like a dream. Fast, too -- as that Ridgecrop Consultants page mentioned, it takes 4 seconds per TB; so this was pretty darn quick! :D bowiee, thanks for the linkage. It's pretty cool that the manufacturers (WD in this case) have their own software, and if I'm having issues etc. again I'll use their tools first. Thanks again!
  15. Hey everyone. I'm having some troubles with a drive I'm trying to format... The story goes that right now I've got a 160GB IDE drive in an external case, formatted NTFS. A friend gave me a 250GB the other day, so I'm wanting to swap the two over. However, because I got a PS3 yesterday (woo!) and I'd like to be able to watch all the movies etc. from the external drive, I've decided to format this new (250) drive as FAT32. The problem starts with the fact that Disk Management will only let me format it as NTFS. So, I popped in an old Kubuntu 5.10 live CD and used GParted (as I have many times before) to format the drive to FAT32, like I wanted. I think it may actually be vFAT32 or whatever it is; but even so, I've done this a few times before as I've mentioned. So I did that, booted back into XP, and unfortunately Explorer doesn't detect the drive, it's only Disk Management that detects the drive (and it doesn't seem to be detecting it as the right kind of partition, at that). Here's the magic that I see in Disk Management: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7961...p;id=1449667540 (let me know if you'd like a better quality image etc) So is there any way I can actually fix this problem? Formatting this drive as FAT32 wouldn't have been too hard an ask, I would have thought... Thanks for any help in advance :)