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    Quantum of Solace

    I saw it this afternoon. The film has its good points and bad points. For a start there is way too much action stuff with Bond trying to be a Jason Bourne type character. Gadgets - none really - however there was a fancy computer system with an interesting user interface. The car chase at the start was quite good - they used 12 identical Aston Martins in the making of the movie. Casino Royale was a much better movie than Quantun of Solace. And did Bond get his quantum of solace - you will have to see the movie to find out. Is Daniel Graig the best bond ever? I don't think this is a fair comparison. In the two movies he has starred in, the movies have been a marked change away from the typical bond movie. I suppose this was inevitable because Bond movies used to be about bedding the leading ladies, and gadgets and some over the top stunts - they were starting to lose their relevance. These two movies show a darker grittier Bond who will do anything to get the crims - and that means putting his body on the line. Something that Sean Connery and Roger Moore never really did. Anyway the movie IS worth watching - however some people will like it and others won't.
  2. Azazel

    So who here is for a sex party?

    I would vote for them. But seriously does anyone involved really understand the technology. You can get around it by using Tor or a VPN server in the US (either free or paid for).
  3. Azazel

    Nostalgia of programming days

    Yes I still remember programming in 6502 on an Apple II I bought in 1980. Come to think of it a lot of the programming was centred around breaking the copy protection on games. It wasn't the piracy we were interested in - but just the fun of cracking a game.
  4. Let’s get straight to the point – this is one of the best horror movies ever made. It starts innocently enough, then there is a bit of gore. Then the movie waddles along until 4 young women decide to go and explore a cave. The trouble is the leader takes them to a cave that isn’t even on the map. Well the girls throw a bit of a hissy fit when they discover this, but they decide to explore the cave anyway. As they get deeper into the cave you become aware that they are being followed by someone or something. Suddenly they get attacked by a Gollum like creature who is cannibalistic. This is where the fun really starts because there is a whole tribe of them and the 4 girls have to fight for their lives. Well horror movies don’t really affect me – I am able to distance myself from what’s happening on the screen. However in this movie I felt myself getting tense and feeling uncomfortable. The flashing lights and very quick cut shots disorient you – I would have liked to see this in the cinema to get the full effect. At these times you think WTF is going on. The movie isn’t that gory however it’s the psychological aspect that plays on you, being trapped underground, being in the dark, not knowing what you are up against. I think the movie was very well done. People who are not horror movie fans should avoid this one – they would probably get nightmares after watching it. One thing I didn’t get was the ending with the mother and daughter – I couldn’t figure that out. Oh well, it looks like I will have to buy the DVD so I can watch it a number of times.
  5. Azazel

    [DVD Review] - The Descent

    OK - it looks like I will have to check out Dog Soldiers then - I will post a review after I have seen it. Although I like horror movies like - The Saw series - The Final Destination series - The Ring - The Grudge etc I really don't find these movies all that scary.
  6. I'd like you to repeat saying that last line 100 times fast.
  7. When I was young I had perfect vision. Now after years spending most of my days in front of a computer screen I need bi-focals - the graduated type. My eyesight has deteriorated further and I need new specs. Welcome to the club!
  8. Azazel

    Movies based on Video Games

    The Max Payne trailer looks good. I admit I am looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully they will make a decent movie - Hollywood has a bad habit of making poor movies from video games, although there are a number of execptions.
  9. Azazel

    [Movie Review] - My Best Friend's Girl

    For me the draw was Kate Hudson as I think she is a decent enough actress. If I had of known what Dane Cook's comedy was like I wouldn't have bothered.
  10. Dustin (Jason Biggs) is in love with Alexis (Kate Hudson). Dustin’s room mate Tank (Dane Cook) makes a living by going out with girls who have dumped their boyfriends, so the boyfriends pay Tank to go out with the girl and give them a really rotten date so that they rush back to their ex-boyfriend. Dustin tells Alexis he loves her after dating her for 6 weeks and Alexis’s room mate convinces Alexis she should expand her horizon’s and see other people. Well of course Tank takes out Alexis but they manage to hit it off and try to keep their affair secret from Dustin. So it sounds pretty much like your standard romantic comedy – NOT! This movie is rather vulgar and not very funny, especially if you have seen movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The jokes tend to be rather offensive rather than funny, however they may appeal to the teenage market. Jason Biggs hasn’t really graduated from his American Pie roles. And I don’t know what Kate Hudson was thinking when she signed up for this movie – she should be getting better roles than this. Even RottenTomatoes rates it a lowly 13%. The only highlight in this dismal movie is its sound track. The theme music for the movie is of course The Cars “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend”, however there are some other notable tracks too. I wouldn’t even bother waiting for this one to come out on DVD. I was tempted to walk out but thought I may as well stay and see the ending – I rarely walk out of movies You're always dancing down the street With your suede blue eyes And every new boy that you meet He doesn't know the real surprise (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky Oo, she'll make you flip (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky I kinda like the way she dips Well she's my best friend's girl She's my best friend's girl But she used to be mine You've got your nuclear boots And your drip dry glove Oo when you bite your lip It's some reaction to love, o-ove, o-ove (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky Yeah, I think you'll flip (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky (Here she comes again) I kinda like the way, I like the way she dips Cause she's my best friend's girl Well she's my best friend's girl-irl And she used to be mine She's so fine You're always dancing down the street With your suede blue eye-eyes And every new boy that you meet Doesn't know the real surprise (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky (Here she comes again) Oh, she'll make you flip (Here she comes again) When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky (Here she comes again) I kinda like the way, I like the way she dips Cause she's my best friend's girl, uh She's my best friend's girl-irl-u-irl She used to be mine She so, fine (My best friend's girlfriend) Oh (My best friend's girlfriend) She used to be mine (My best friend's girlfriend) Yeah yeah (My best friend's girlfriend) Said she used to be mine (My best friend's girlfriend) Oh, yeah yeah yeah (My best friend's girlfriend) She used to be mine (My best friend's girlfriend)
  11. Azazel

    Name My Computer

    I name my computers FRED. It stands for Fucking Ridiculous Electronic Device - coz it runs Windows you see!
  12. Azazel


    I have Obstructive Sleep Apneoa. I have been on a CPAP machine for 10 years. Technically it happens because the muscles in your throat become flabby when you fall asleep cutting off your air ways. This happens several hundred times a night. What happens is the body wakes you up to take a proper breath - although you wouldn't be aware that it has happened. It is a serious condition that can cause heart attacks and strokes if not properly treated. To be diagnosed you have to go to a sleep clinic, get hooked up to all sorts of wires, and a computer monitors your vitals during the night. In some rare cases it can be treated by surgery, however the most common method is a CPAP machine. This maintains a positive airflow keeping your air ways open. Although it is common in overweight men it can also occur in young children. The worst part is getting used to the mask you have to wear. In summer this heats up your head and things become very uncomfortable.
  13. After Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) attends his brother’s funeral he finds his apartment filled with Ammonium Nitrate (used for the explosive ANFO) and heavy weaponry. He receives a mysterious phone call from a woman telling him he has been “activated” and the FBI will raid his place in 30 seconds and to make a run for it. Needless to say he is caught by the FBI as a suspected terrorist. Meanwhile Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) has just sent her son off on a train to Washington when she receives a phone call that she has been “activated” and to follow the instructions given to her or else her son’s life is in danger. This is the start to a frenetic political thriller with Orwellian overtones. Rachel and Jerry eventually meet up and what happens next is a thrilling and well choreographed car chase which is satisfyingly spectacular. Sure some of the action is a bit over the top and some people will criticise the film, but I found it an enjoyable watch. This film pushes all the right buttons on paranoia over technology and Big Brother. If you like a good action movie, with the race against time suspense then this movie is recommended viewing.
  14. Azazel

    Impressions of WALL·E

    Robots in love didn't do it for me. When I say all the people really fat and laying back in hover chairs I thought - yeah that's probably what the future for humans will be like (not just because of the loss of bone density when you are in space.
  15. This is the third instalment in the Mummy franchise and unfortunately it plays out like a very bad Indiana Jones flick, it just isn’t fun to watch. Unfortunately Rachel Weisz doesn’t make an appearance in this movie, and she is surely missed as I think she plays the perfect foil for Brendan Fraser. Her replacement, Mario Bello just plainly falls flat. The movie moves to China where the Dragon Emperor and his 10,000 warriors are resurrected from a 2,000 year old curse. This time it is Rick O’Connel’s (Brendon Fraser) son Alex that brings the Dragon Emperor back to life. It then becomes a race to stop the Dragon Emperor from finding Shangrila, and so becoming immortal and raising his warriors to dominate the earth. There is plenty of action and CGI but it is fairly average material these days. Somehow the move to China just doesn’t work and they would have been better off sticking with ancient Egypt. This is definitely a movie where you have to leave your brain at the door. The script and plot are very average and Fraser and Bello just don’t click. I can’t believe it has already made $100 million, probably only on the basis of the first two movies. Overall I was pretty disappointed with this movie, but I liked the first two in the franchise. It just seemed like a half baked money making attempt like the recent Indiana Jones movie. And of course at the end there is an indication of the next movie in the series. I think this is one best left to watching on DVD if you really want to see it.
  16. I have tried to upload a number of files from my computer to be my avatar but with no success. The files seem to meet the requirements, being .jpeg or .png and 64x64 or 90x90 but with no success. I have tried the Help link but that wasn't very helpful! It says an avatar has been uploaded with size XxX but nothing appears on the screen. Is there some trick to this that I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Azazel

    Debilitating Illnesses ... Got Any?

    DonnaGEM that sounds terrible. Just focus on the birth and when you get to hold your new baby. One of my cousins had identical twins. As she neared term her health deterioted and they put her in to hospital. But her health continued to deteriorate, she suffered liver failure, renal failure etc. They decided to air lift her from the country hospital to Melbourne. On the chopper flight she died twice but they managed to revive her. When she got to Melbourne she was able to give birth and recover. She had a rare condition whereby the babies take so much from the mother late in term that the mother starts to die. She is fully recovered now and the twins are fine. My cousin goes to see people who develop the same condition. I hope this story can give you some strength. As for me my debilitating conditions include Depression, Insulin Dependant Diabetes, Sleep Apneoa and a few other things.
  18. Lol, l2read the entire thread before commenting? oops - he he - I just read The_Psychonauts reply
  19. OMG - I can't believe this is for real. Its only a computer game and a fairly innocent one at that - I wonder if he has issues with Grand Theft Auto? I can't see anything anti-christian in Spore.
  20. Azazel

    OK - What's the deal with Avatars

    For some reason avatars dont seem to be uploading unless you host it on another site like photobucket. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=80 Thanks Devere - I have added one posted onto Photobucket.