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    Where to get HDD repaired?

    Thanks for the added info SquallStrife. Do you have any suggestions on what I can try? Or is data recovery service my only option? I know that most if not all references on the topic of HDD failure advises against openening up the cover of the HDD yourself, as the tiniest speck of dust can scratch the platter surface, but I've read posts from people who has opened up their HDD and managed to get it going on. I'm really tempted to try it myself and hopefully have all the luck on my side. Hey Master_Scythe, when you opened up the drives, what precautions did you take? Did you do it in a "clean" room/box?
  2. i-Styler

    Where to get HDD repaired?

    I have read that there can be various reasons for the "clicking" sound to occur in a drive. But you kinda scared me by saying "read head slapping the platter and damaging\erasing things further.", which I hope isn't the case here. Well, I know that data recovery is very expensive, therefore, I was hoping that if I can exclude the actual data recovery process, that it might make it more affordable. Do you think this is possible? P.S. So I should send the receipt together for the warranty of the drive?
  3. Hi guys, Recently, one of my Seagate HDD (500GB SATA) failed on me. Basically, upon powering it up, the drive will start to spin for about 40 seconds and then it will stop spinning, and will remain like that. During the spin-up process, I can actually hear a "clicking" sound before the drive comes to a complete stop. I've only had this HDD for no more than 4 months. This is my backup hdd, and I have important files I need to read from it. My question is, does anyone know where I can get my HDD repaired? I don't need them to recover the files for me, I just need to get the drive operational (spinning/reading) again. I'm aware this isn't going to be cheap, but I don't have any other options, as I really need to access the files on the drive. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Shawn