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    Who's still here from the olden days?

    Mael, Prophet X, Chaos.Lady!!! Wow, some really sweet names turned up.. I honestly didn't expect that. It's crazy where everyone went. CheekyChops.. I drove through tornado alley twice around 2 weeks ago, but I currently live & work up in New England, a few hours out of Boston & New York City. Life itself called me here with to be with a wonderful woman.
  2. Lectric

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    It's around 1.5 to 2 foot long! I can't wait to have the rain stop to play with it more.
  3. Lectric

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    I think I had issue 3, and was on the forums by 4.... I think I collected most of the way to 50, and got the subscribers edition of the digital editions of the magazines.. Then I moved internationally, so moving magazines was not high on my list.. but they are in storage somewhere..
  4. Lectric

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    That might seem like strange cutting, but those lines are related: When the boards moved over to v3 (which is using IPBoard instead of home grown code) the original UID numbers fell off. The number of posts required for given ranks also changed. Also, there's some sort of post requirement to get over 'quark' status before you can post in Trademart. I'm certain people who actually know for certain, rather than just absorbing this sort of thing through osmosis, will now step in and correct me. ;P BTW. welcome back! Not that you and I have any knowledge of each other prior to this post. I concede, and apologise in advance to Virt.. He was always oldschooler... (and older.. ) (I do recall being a user number in the 3,000's, not my current supposed ~2700) As for the quark -> Atomican thing, I honestly don't recall posting here on IPBoard at all, so it's funny that it only took two posts to get upgraded (if my memory is correct)
  5. Lectric

    Software prices! WTF?

    Couple of quick things to note, having moved to America myself. 1: Postage is hella expensive to Australia. If you haven't actually looked at an atlas lately, do yourself a favour and do so! ITS A FREAKIN LONG WAY TO AUSTRALIA. 2: Economy of scale. Australia Population: 22,680,080 - Australia Size: 7,617,930 square km UK Population: 62,262,000 - UK Size: 243,610 square km US Population: 308,745,538 - US Size: 9,826,675 square km The United Kingdom has 274% the population, in 3.1% the space. The United States has 1361% the population in 125% of the space. Australia is a midget on the global scale, except for in GDP and Land space. I still <3 Australia and miss it dearly, but things are different past the great barrier reef. You may just have to get used to the "Australia Tax".
  6. Lectric

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    Wow, lots of peeps I remember still float around here.. ! Yes Yes Virt, I don't have a user ID in the top 100, or even 1000.. (oh, wait, neither do you!) so maybe I'm a middle-ager. I didn't see you at the first AtomicMPC XP GIB FRAC CON FEST, or whatever it was back then.. Hulkster: I moved to the US of A.. so I suppose that'll have to stand in for a 'note'. Flouncy: You never did race me in TOCA2.. ya mug ;) Chancy! Still a sydneysider? ChrisG: Still at optarse? CheekyChops: Still causing dramallama missy? hehehehehe, nice to see you around.. AD! Wow, that's an old nick I ain't seen in a while. Spriggan: Anything prior to 2003? Betzie: Oldfags? Waltish, Freck, KTS, Khirareq, robzy, freespace, nice to see you all! G__day! nice to see you too! Nich: I wish I knew when I was headed back to the land down under.. I really do.. For now, I'm just an Aussie in Yankville.. earnin a yankee dollar, and avoiding the swill that is budwieser as much as I can.. ;) PS, how did I suddenly end up as only a quark, and then back to Atomican? Is Flouncy messing with the interwebs again?
  7. Well? Is there anybody? Or is my imagination of the fun times here just a memory now?