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    Buying an mac

    After years of building and fixing doze PC's I eventually had enough. Now, when someone asks what new computer should I get, I say just buy a Mac... they just work which is nice and for that I would happily recommend to anyone as a "User" computer.
  2. @Work we just use the apache load balancer... we proxy pass everything and then direct it on through, does the job.
  3. Aviation

    Firefox vs Chrome

    I have been an FF user since 05' and I love every list byte of it :D I used the NKOTB (Chrome) for about 12 months @ work and then I went back to FF, it just doesn't have the features I love in FF, but, still a nice piece of kit (rapes and pillages IE).
  4. Aviation

    How can I do this?

    Yeah masks are defs the way to go, and make sure the dir perms are correct. Then just samba your heart to the dark side.
  5. Aviation

    Gnome 3 / Unity

    Once you get with Unity it's quite nice, just takes a bit of *adjusting*. I have to admit it has it's bugs though :S
  6. Aviation

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    Yeah back to the ubuntu unity thoughts, it is the same... I thought ohh god here unity, I'm gonna hate it but after using it and slowly more and more bugs are sorted it's actually really nice! And now I love it, however, don't think I will be taking back to the dose any time soon :S
  7. Aviation

    Firefox 4 is out!

    I had heaps of crashes in FF5 and 6 but 7 seems to be rather good 4 me... still think unity is furking with it a little tho.
  8. Aviation

    HD7000 rumors

    God I can't wait for this update :D I hope it's quite a pull ahead of the current 6K series, have to wait for some benchies I guess.
  9. Aviation

    What was your favorite system you had or used?

    Lets see, my last two systems were pretty unreliable which is annoying... you get that when you go for fancy mobos I find. Previous was E8400, Maximus Extreme, Corsair 1800mhz XMS Extreme (god that was expensive when I bought it) and 3870X2 + 3870 in tri-fire - Sold it two weeks back for $200 :( Before that was 2x FX72's on a Asus Quadfather mobo, with 4GB of OCZ Plat and a pair of 8800GT's. But my fav would have to be my ole faithful P4 2.8, 2GB DDR400 and 9800 PRO. Fav server, my Sun X4140 Dual Opteron Quad, with 32GB DDR2 :D
  10. Aviation

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    I remember dealing with this same issue, HP want like 50-60 dollars each, managed to pick them up off ebay for like 20 each but they wrought you hard on shipping.
  11. Aviation

    Over My Head In MySQL And HLstatsX

    Basically I just ran two databases side by side and modified the perl capture script to remove the ingame features set it to listen on a different port and am going to just reset the stats from the second db when the comp starts.
  12. Aviation

    Over My Head In MySQL And HLstatsX

    Yeah, sorry about that, this was a 2:30am post I copied from another gaming forum. Thanks for you reply, but I have since worked out how to do it.
  13. Hi all, I write this post in hope that someone can please help me with a project I am currently working on. The project is for a series of CS:S servers I run, basically I am having a little comp over the holiday period and want to be able to track players over just this period. Now, the way it works is, I currently have a HLstatsX setup running with several servers and numerous players ranked in it. The competition is for who can place first in rankings throughout the period starting midnight 26th Sep till midnight the 11th Oct. The way I want things to work is like this, every action in game is calculated and transmitted from the game server to a perl script on a remote server which then sorts it into a MySQL db. Players can then either go to a webpage which they can view all the stats about each player and servers or they can view it remotely ingame or simply by typing say rank and having a text window popup ingame. Now, I want to keep this intact and fully operational, except I want to run a separate database which I already have, a separate stats webpage which I have. But, here comes the hard part I only want this separate one to basically mimic the original db less the scores prior to midnight sep 26th. Its a bit overwhelming to me not having much of a databasing background but I really want to get this working. If anyone has any ideas of how it could be done please advise! Thank you all.