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    How to change password?

    I've been having trouble changing my password. Every time I attempt it I get an 'Internal Server Error' message and it boots me out. I see in the Commonly Asked Questions thread that I'm not the only person to experience this, and the solution is to ask for help from the Mods. I did that by using an RTM link, but I didn't get a response. Is there another way I should be contacting them (apart from post here)? I also saw that I may need to create an alt account...is this necessary?
  2. Chazzozz

    Gratuitous Space Battles

    That's my problem, too, finding the time to play. So far I've only been doing the very first battle, trying to increase my honour by winning with less & less pilots and money expended. My personal best is three frigates and ~5500 credits, and I've now earned just over 6000 honour. Methinks it's time to move onto the next battle. :)
  3. Chazzozz

    Gratuitous Space Battles

    I've been spending time with an indie title, called Gratuitous Space Battles, that I'm finding is a fresh and fun diversion from mainstream gaming. You get to build huge spacecraft, use them to form a fleet, then direct your armada to duke it out with a challenger. Direct and to-the-point with no mucking about. I came across this little gem via Dan Rutter's blog. I won't try and reinvent the review, Dan says it far better than I could so just read what he's got to say about it and drink in the screenshots he takes on his humungous screen. I'll merely add that it's simple to play, the demo is a tiny 47Mb download (unless you're on dialup), and it works pretty well on realtively modest hardware (well, it runs fine on my laptop which doesn't have a dedicated graphics adapter). It's cheap, too. Only US$22.99 direct from the developer, or (strangely enough) even less at US$19.95 if you buy it on Steam. Personally, I'd prefer to support the developer and buy it directly from him, but it's nice to have an alternative I suppose. I like how even though the demo is limited, when you register the full version you don't lose any of the hard-earned honour you need to unlock more parts of the game. The best part, though, is watching your challenger's capital ships become novas as they turn into space dust. You can even watch their escape pods run away!
  4. Chazzozz

    WinMo vs Android vs iPhone vs ?

    For what? Windows Mobile or iPhone? I've tethered my Treo (WinMo 6.0) in Ubuntu but I used a third-party driver to do it.
  5. Chazzozz

    WinMo vs Android vs iPhone vs ?

    After reading the thread about the HTC HD2 (and similar praise at Engadget) I'm seriously considering this handset. I've been talking to other people about the iPhone and it seems like tethering is something of a hit-and-miss affair. I'm already familiar with WinMo and tethering to a Windows box is a no-brainer. I had a play around with some WinMo 6.5 phones at the T[life] shop in Brisbane City and was mightily impressed. It also seems to me that HTC have this end of the market all sewn up, other manufacturers just don't even come close.
  6. Chazzozz

    HTC Hero Cases

    Shock resistance is relative to the thickness and resilience of the case. Most silicone cases I've seen are really thin, and wouldn't offer any better protection than another material. Crystal cases seem to me to be almost useless, because the hard material simply passes (maybe even amplifies) the shock straight through into the phone. Some leather cases can be quite thick and, IMHO, offer superior protection, so that's the way I'd go. Besides, leather looks a lot nicer, is easier to clean, and doesn't get anywhere near as grubby.
  7. My faithful Palm Treo 750 has served me exceptionally well over the last three years, but it's time to look at updating to a new handset. Ideally, I really want to replace it with the Palm Pre that's been making waves in America for the last 6 months, but it doesn't look like it'll be coming to Oz any time soon and I'm kinda getting tired of waiting. So, this reduces my choices to another Windows Mobile phone, give Android a try, or cave in to the allure of the iPhone. I know there's Nokia's Symbian, but I just cannot get excited about it, and as far as I'm concerned Blackberry is simply WiMo in disguise. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the three different OSes and can give some insight. I have two main considerations: 1. Tethering. I currently use my Treo as a modem for my laptop for on-the-go wireless Internet. This is essential. 2. Telstra. Simply for the reason of much greater coverage where I live and work, it needs to be available on Next G. A less-vital point is that I'd like to go for a touch-interface. I'm quite used to Windows Mobile, having started out with 5 on the Treo and upgraded to 6 about a year later. The interface is comfortable and familiar, and I know for a fact that it will tether with a Windows-based laptop without any trouble. The new WiMo 6.5 looks pretty sexy, especially on the touch handsets, and I've been told there's an App Store coming soon. I know nothing about Android, so I have no opinion about it. I've read that people have a lot of good things to say about it, but apart from close integration with other Google tools does it really have anything else to offer? I don't use Google Docs, Maps, GMail, etc, so I'm wondering if it would have any real value for me. Now, the iPhone....my daughter has one and I've been allowed to use it (on a strictly limited basis!) a couple of times and I have to admit I like it. The interface is slick and easy to use, the iPod functions work brilliantly (and why wouldn't they?), the App Store is filling up with lots of interesting stuff, and it can't be beaten for storage. The main problem with it is I've had conflicting reports about tethering, being told "Yes, it can", "No, it can't", and "Yes, it can, but Telstra's turned it off on the network". Therefore, I'm reaching out to the Atomic community and asking if anyone can offer some advice and thoughts.
  8. Chazzozz

    Trademart and me.

    It's sad to hear of your loss, and I'm genuinely glad I didn't return any earlier, else I'd also have been (needlessly) whinging about it. After a hiatus of a month or so I was pleased upon my return to see that TT has been updated. Thanks for that.
  9. Chazzozz

    New Member - Introduction

    Greetings! Have fun, don't feed the trolls, for goodness sake read the FAQ, and...hmmm...are we still ignoring Takoma around here? Or are we cutting him some slack now that he's making an honest relationship for himself and his new fiancé?
  10. Chazzozz

    Donated blood today? Post about it on Atomic!

    BTW, it's great to hear from recipients in this thread, too. It's one thing to get a warm 'n fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping someone, it's something else entirely to get a warm 'n fuzzy feeling knowing that your going to live another day longer because of someone else's generosity. I couldn't even begin to imagine what that feels like so thanks to you guys for sharing your stories.
  11. Chazzozz

    Donated blood today? Post about it on Atomic!

    Thanks for the kudos. I would've gladly done a bone marrow transplant for my sister; I even got tested for it but wasn't a match, that honour went to my other sister. As VannA said, things have come a long way from how they used to do it. My other sister said the worst parts were the pre-harvest injections, where they give you stuff that's meant to plump up your T-Cells. She complained of being hot and uncomfortable all the time, but it stopped almost as quickly as the injections did. Edit: I forgot to add that as a result of my testing I'm now on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, too. That's exactly what I do, except I try and hit every 3 weeks. I actually find donating plasma is easier on my body than whole blood, too. As long as I drink plenty of water beforehand I recover fairly quickly.
  12. Chazzozz

    Donated blood today? Post about it on Atomic!

    That would depend on why you needed it. If it was to top you up after blood loss due to major trauma then I don't think it matters, but if it was related to a disease then they won't. They also draw the line at chemotherapy recipients. They just have to be so careful to ensure no lingering nasties come over with the donor's blood.
  13. I guess I've been meaning to do this for quite a while now but it always seems to slip my mind. I'm a blood donor, and I'm damn well proud of it! Today I made my 60-something donation so I'm well on my way to my next target of 75. Previously I'd set myself a goal of 50 donations before I hit a certain age, and I managed to romp that one in with plenty of time to spare (especially since I discovered you can donate plasma as often as every two weeks). This one's taken a little longer but I've also been a bit more relaxed about it. Why am I so passionate about donating blood? When I was a kid I used to amuse my parents to no end by proudly announcing, "When I grow up I want to be a blood donor!" They used to donate whenever the Red Cross came to our small town, and it always seemed like an exciting social occasion...not to mention free ice cream, too. :D When I was a teenager I got quite sick with mononucleosis (AKA glandular fever) which affected my liver, so my GP advised that I not donate blood in the future. I wasn't too disappointed at the time because I had other more important things on my mind like girls, computer games, girls, hanging with mates, girls, etc...and girls. Then 7 years ago my older sister was diagnosed with leukaemia. During the course of her treatment she received many transfusions of various blood products that, at the time, were life-saving. Ultimately, though, she succumbed to the effects of the disease and left behind a loving husband and two wonderful kids. This got me thinking: if other people can donate the gift of life, why can't I? It'd been a long, long time since I'd been sick...maybe I was better now. I looked into it and, yes, there was nothing wrong at all with my liver or blood that would prevent me from donating, so I set my goal and vowed I'd make it in memory of my sister. Since this is the Year of the Blood Donor I'm making an appeal to other Atomicans to donate, too. I realise that it's not for everyone, but if you've ever considered it, or used to do it and haven't done so for a while, check out the Red Cross web site donateblood.com.au for more details. It's chokka-full of information such as who can donate, what they can donate, where to go and how often. Even if you're unable to donate blood you can still help the Red Cross in a number ways through monetary donations or volunteering. There's also a comprehensive FAQ that answers just about every question you can think of. (Including, "Does it hurt?" Yes, when the needle goes in it will sting, but it stops hurting after that.) Of course, you can also ask questions here and I'd be happy to answer. So, go ahead and donate. Even if you only do it once you will be saving a life.
  14. Chazzozz

    New URL shortner

    Dunno if this is the right forum so please move it if you think that's necessary. I've just come across a new URL shortener twi.bz. With other shorteners (e.g. bit.ly and TinyURL) you have no idea where the link will take you. With twi.bz, a portion of the original URL appears in the shortened version, so when you see the new link you at least have a vague idea of where's it's headed. It's all explained on the front page.
  15. Chazzozz

    Halo 3: ODST - the game thread

    Okay, let's kick this puppy off. Post your thoughts and impressions of the game here, or discuss levels and tactics. I haven't started playing yet, but as soon as I leave the keyboard I'm picking up the controller and diving in!