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  1. Ratternoss

    So what has the green room done for me lately?

    Whats the green room given me ? Id say its the only place I can come and see people duke it out till blood hits the floor, then get up and be civil to each other as if we we're all humans. It truly makes day, thanks all :)
  2. kk I've had a play with Zorin and Zorin lite, on a 775 3.1Ghz board with 1.5g ram, yep - its much like ubuntu, looks good but has a few issues with updating, clearing 'closed' programs. I still prefer mint13 'out of the box'. I was only looking at linux because I've never really used android, but looks like it time to learn. I'll play with it more and update if anything cool/suckie happens :)
  3. Hi all I'm looking at getting a mini pc, something like the Android MK802 USB Mini PC - http://www.expansys.com.au/android-mk802-u...1gb-ram-234639/ Thought I might try Zorin OS lite - http://zorin-os.com/ but I don't need to reinvent the wheel, so has anyone tried it ? cheers
  4. Ratternoss

    Hey guys, just something to say

    Your butts a joke son
  5. Ratternoss

    Veet for men

    that is the funniest thing I've read all week I also don't feel so alone now :) nice find.
  6. Ratternoss

    I Miss General Chat

    I miss my old wife ---- NOT!!!!!!
  7. Ratternoss

    New Drum & Bass tune by me (Dreadnought)

    I like it, though I like your "Rage King - That you there " remix more some great sounds thanks for the link
  8. Ratternoss

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    Hi Linux_inside V2 if you had the part number for the plastic caddie, that would be a great help. I can't find it anywhere. (however if they're $50 or $60 each, I'd be better off buying another microserver) So if you happen to know if any generic caddies would fit inside the microserver, I'd love to know. Thanks
  9. Ratternoss

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    My bad, I didn't mean hotswap, I meant quick swap (ie turn off, then swap HHd without having to unscrew caddy and put a different HHd into the caddy) I'd like to be able to replace 3 hard drives fast, so 3 caddies would by ideal, 2 would be better than 1, but 1 is ok :) So far the HP server is running great, I put 8gb ram in it and it runs sweet.
  10. I have the HP microserver proliant N36l, and have been unable to find any info on the standard hard drive caddies that came with the server. I'd like to have a few spare caddies to hotswap over hard drives as I need. I can't however find a model number for the 3.5in caddy that is standard with the machine. As its my first server, I know nothing about hard drive caddies. Can anyone tell me what generic 3.5inch caddies might fit inside the HP N36l server. Below is a link to a picture of the standard HP hard drive caddy - http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT...WBp471EPori1pPw
  11. Ratternoss

    Atomic Dad's - What did you score for Fathers Day?

    I scored a shiatsu foot massage machine, which I must say is quite relaxing. So relaxing that my 16yo has only got off it to let my 7yo onto it. My turn tomorrow I guess.
  12. +1 everything The Fuzz has said !! The Fuzz for President.
  13. Ratternoss

    PETA has a screw. Loose.

    happy days, roll on Sept 7th. I'm off to lock up my sheep. I'm also keen to hear from Tony Abbott MP, I'm sure he'll let me know what to think about this madness.
  14. Ratternoss

    I've just been admitted...

    Gratz on all your hard work also good to know, as I never know when I'll need a good lawyer in the ACT :) Do you have a specialty area ??
  15. Ratternoss

    Speedtest.net - How fast is your ISP?

    since I live in rural NSW, I feel ok about my speeds, particularly after seeing some of those city speeds