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    New monitor

    ok fist time poster so here goes i have just built myself a new pc high specs think the perfect pc build in the latest PC&TA single GTX 980 card included but im stuck on the monitor im not sure if i really want to go 4K as i dont really play many of the games that are compatible with 4K at the moment im just using a 32" sony tv in 1080p resolution and a 22" monitor as a secondary im not interested in gaming across multple monitors i play on one and have a web page/you-tube or a movie playing on the other looking for recommendations please include a reason why not just "get this model period" please thinkning around 400-600 per monitor cheaper is better of course TIA
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    Ok just been reading issue 103 (August 09) and have discoverd that the Main cover story(mac killer) and even the monitor round up are straight from another magazine WORD FOR WORD and even PIC FOR PIC (custom pc issue 70 July 09) i mean wtf is going on ?????