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  1. Virul

    Do you still identify with your handle?

    I know! You're one of the very few people that still do ;) Hahaha. Coming back randomly and seeing hulk's thread about you brought back the memories. I think I'll always have a part of Atomic with me, no matter where I go, or what I do.
  2. Virul

    20 years on...

    This should take you back about 8 years mate. Many a conversation we had when my wife and I separated briefly back then. You helped keep me slightly sane :) Wow, the memories. Many a night was spent chatting away on MSN. Always happy to help a friend out :)
  3. Virul

    Do you still identify with your handle?

    Oooh wow. Congratulations to the both of you!!!! :D
  4. I know this is a weird question, but seeing as most of you have been here for years and years with the same handle, do you think it's still an accurate representation of who you are and/or your hobbies and interests? For me, everyone in high school used to call me Virul, so I decided to continue on with it when I started on the forums back cause it made logical sense at the time. But now, I can't even remember the last person that called Virul, so I'd have to say that I don't identify with it anymore. Also, I think I've grown a lot and no longer relate to who I was during this time period. Would I ask for it to be changed? I don't think so. There's way too many memories and history attached to this handle on these forums now that I'd rather keep it. This post turned out a lot deeper than I had expected, carry on! :)
  5. Virul

    20 years on...

    *HUGS* All the best hulky! I wanna see you back to your cheery self soon :)
  6. Virul

    Happy Birthday Moz

    You'd think he'd be able to sniff his way home....
  7. Virul

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay. Play. Throw to ball to the nut licker!! :) Is he coming back, or has he run away again? ROFL! I guess he must've liked what he saw :P
  8. Virul

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Hehe. Some things never change! :) Happy (late) Birthday moz! Still remember the fun times...
  9. Virul

    Farewell to a Mod

    Heh. I was wondering what Maxx was up to, so I decided to check on Atomic cause I KNEW he'd be here. Then I read this :( Thanks for everything you've done for Atomic! That beer gut must really be exploding by now... :P
  10. Virul

    Going to the Gym & associated tomfoolery

    Good on ya! Staying motivated is the hardest part. Especially when you don't have a gym buddy, but once you start seeing the results, staying motivated will be easy. Take your time with it, but don't get lazy! :P
  11. Hi Gl0Bey! :D This thread smells like a nursing home. I blame hulks.
  12. Virul

    [PAC] Fredz is coming again!

    You make it sound like I did something dirty to your bed... I wish :P
  13. Virul

    Farewell Girvo

    All the very best Girvo! Good Luck :) Juggs, will you be wearing the Batman costume with nipples and enlarged cod piece? :P
  14. Virul

    I love the internet

    Hehehe. I liked it. But you probably knew that already :P
  15. All the best, have fun playing with the public health system. Seriosuly, I'm sure you'll be fine :) Hope to hear from your gall bladder-less self soon!