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  1. Demented Freak

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Given I've been to every m33t bar the first one, it would seem strange not to make an appearance. Now, what ever happened to my fez...
  2. Demented Freak

    Returning to our roots....

    It's amazing what you find lurking around your ISP's webspace, dodgy photoshops circa 2003... http://i39.tinypic.com/15wl6px.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/14dngw6.jpg You might even find the original Fab Four... http://i42.tinypic.com/xcujy8.jpg
  3. Demented Freak

    Atomic M33t 12!

    Really? We're talking about organising a piss-up in a pub, it's not rocket science. Find a venue where you can have at least 50 people, make sure there's some kind of area for the token smokers. Preferably find somewhere that doesn't require a hire fee (a lot of places will waive any charge if you agree to a minimum bar spend). Pick a weekend where there's no significant event on in the city (ensures airfares aren't expensive for interstate people) and lock it in.
  4. Demented Freak

    Entire QANTAS fleet grounded

    Once they sort this mess out with Qantas, I'd be interested to see whether there is greater scrutiny of Air Services Australia and the current state of air traffic control. Number of incidents recently with aircraft breaching minimum separation.
  5. Demented Freak

    Entire QANTAS fleet grounded

    This is quite an astounding escalation of the dispute. Alan Joyce now seems determined to play chicken with not only the company's workforce, but with the customers and Government. The main reason behind the dispute with the three unions is Qantas' offshoring efforts. They've already farmed the less profitable routes out to Jetstar, they moved most of their trans-Tasman flights to a New Zealand company which has a cost base 30% lower that the Australian company and has been planning to offshore another significant portion of its international business to either Singapore or Malaysia, under the guide of a new premium carrier (supposedly called RedQ). The previous board fucked up when it came to fleet planning, meaning you still have 20+ year old 767s flying domestic routes and the majority of their 747s are now 20 year or older. The two planes they banked their future one (A380 & 787) have both been significantly delayed and in the case of the 787 don't look like living up to the hype. In the meantime the major SE Asian and Middle Eastern carriers have taken over a lot of the market share of Qantas thanks to better timetabling and their newer fleets of A330s and 777s. Australian companies offshoring is not exactly a new thing, the difference with Qantas is they are a company whose marketing and image is built around Australia (designated flag carrier, "Spirit of Australia", "I still Call Australia Home", sponsoring Wallabies, Socceroos & Olympic teams) and there is the Qantas Act which is the law passed by federal parliament in 1992 when Qantas was privatised (to prevent the main business being sent offshore). As for the comments about how much long-haul pilots earn, the average wage for a Boeing 747 captain is about $350,000 a year and almost $400,000 for an Airbus A380 captain. Sounds like a lot of money, but remember these guys are responsible for the lives of 300-500 people each time they take to the skies and I would have thought the way the flight crew handled the QF32 incident (A380 engine explosion last year) would have reinforced that point. Should note that the unions haven't exactly helped their case with some of their actions during this dispute (ie telling people not to fly with Qantas) but maybe all this fuss will draw people attention to what's actually happening before it's too late and we end up with a shell of a national carrier. One thing is clear, the long term damage from this lockout to the Qantas brand will take an awful long time to repair.
  6. Demented Freak

    Atomic m33t XI - Legs Eleven!

    See I managed to be photographed for the 3rd year in a row :) Good to see some old faces again, emphasis on the old part because time has not be kind to Noddy :P
  7. Demented Freak

    Covered Songs better than the original.

    Sorry Nancy, but you're been outdone... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi5f3TVhnoE
  8. Demented Freak

    Scary earthquake?

    So I landed in KL about an hour ago, wondering why my flight to Tokyo had been delayed for 5 hours. Turn my phone on to roaming and get 6 text messages asking if I was OK. Booted up my netbook, connected to the free wifi (gotta love SE asian airports) and opened SMH. Holy. Fark. Got 7 hours to decide whether to continue on, seems most of the places I was going to aren't badly affected although Sydney FC's ACL game might be postponed, which sucks given it's the reason I was making the trip :\ Kinda funny watching CNN freak out about all the trains and nuclear power stations being shutdown, standard whenever there's an earthquake over there. If there's going to be a country prepared to deal with an earthquake/tsunami, it's the Japanese.
  9. Demented Freak

    world cup bid

    FIFA put in place a lengthy criteria around World Cup bids, rules about not having more than one stadium in one city, public transport infrastucture, facilities for teams, officials and fans, player health and financial viability. Everybody jumped through those hoops, except Qatar. Of the five bids for 2022, Qatar's was the only one which was labeled as High Risk. What's the point in having all these rules if you then disregard them when awarding the rights?
  10. Demented Freak

    world cup bid

    Absolutly gutted. If we had lost out to the US, I'd be fine with that, they had a very strong big. Probably the strongest of the lot. But the decision to go with Qatar is absolutly astounding. World Cup are hosted by countries, not cities. Qatar has a population similar to Adelaide, and a fair chunck of that is the cheap migrant labour they use for all their construction projects. They're going to host it in June, where tempteratures range from mid-30s to mid-50s. The bid team countered that arguement by saying all of the stadiums will be air-conditioned (noting the technology they plan on using hasn't been developed yet). No mention of how they're going to house the 32 teams and where each teams training base will be (which of course will have to be air-conditioned as well). Where are you going to house all the fans to boot? Consumption of alcohol is restricted to a handful of hotel bars, however they're going to relax those restrictions for the World Cup fan sites...which will all be outdoors. In public and under the influence of alcohol? 40 lashes coming right up. Gay? Don't bother going, it's illegal. South Africa, with it's population of 50 million and 500,000 tourists, struggled to fill their stadiums for the group stage (total ticket sales of 3.4 million). Qatar are saying they will sell more tickets with their population of 1.5 million and probably less tourists. Uh huh. Mohummad Bin Hammam is the president of the Asian Confederation and a reknown wheeler and dealer in football circles. This however takes the cake, make no doubt that the 14 ExCo members who got the bid over the line have been well and truly sorted out. There are plenty of corrupt organisations in the world, however FIFA surely must take the cake for the brazenness of all of this. This result is akin to Tokyo, New York and Madrid missing out on an Olympic bid, only for the games to be awarded to Ballarat.
  11. Demented Freak

    Where can I buy a Vuvuzela?

    Just putting it out there...but Vuvuzelas aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
  12. Demented Freak

    Sous Vide

    The DIY option was mentioned on Gizmodo a couple of days ago http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/11/how-to-s...ng-it-yourself/
  13. Demented Freak

    Rugby League is back!

    Open at your own risk as it's NSFW - http://twitpic.com/33fq4d
  14. Demented Freak

    Rugby League is back!

    Saw it last night, I'm gonna love to see how the Daily Telegraph spins this one.
  15. Demented Freak

    The Longbox - Atomic Comic talk

    Started reading 'Walking Dead' recently.