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  1. pwarren

    So what did I miss?

    /me follows the crowd and *waves* also.
  2. pwarren

    Internal forum politics

    Been like that for quite a while... Oh yeah, I've definitely been like that for quite some time!
  3. pwarren

    Internal forum politics

    I don't know wtf is going on with this place anymore....
  4. pwarren

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Built a few sled kites as a kid, had a stunt diamond for years. Always wanted one of these.
  5. pwarren

    How colour blind are you?

    331. Deuteranope here :)
  6. http://www.modelflight.com.au/gliders/mult...ght-glider.html My 4yo loves it, plus it gets us all out of the house for a walk.
  7. pwarren

    file compression question

    Actually, a 1 byte file, will not compress at all with winzip, as winzip stores uncompressed directory metadata (filenames, create time, permissions etc), so in fact, a zip file, is significantly larger, gzip is also larger, but not as much, as it only stores the file metadata, not extra stuff about directory layouts. Filename: bytes random.bin: 1 random.zip: 171 random.bin.gz: 32 zero.bin: 1 zero.zip: 167 zero.bin.gz: 30 Interesting note: if you can compress random data, it's not random enough :)
  8. pwarren

    Trans Pacific Partnership agreement leaked

    How long until something like Time Warner Bros Disney (or w/e the fuck they're caled these days) actually owns a government, and passes laws that only their content can be purchased in that country. Please tell me it hasn't yet happened...
  9. pwarren

    atomic flair

    Heh, I'm a boring regular atomican: Didn't realise I had a uid with 2 zeroes at the end :)
  10. pwarren

    Steam OS

    So, anyone else need some more friends? StrangeAttractor is my steam name :)
  11. pwarren

    D&D Atomicans.. Noobs especially

    Well, I know almost nothing about D&D and would like to learn, definitely keen to join in AD! I'll read up about character creation, and any sites you guys recommend, but happy to play a pre-canned one.
  12. In most countries being married to more than one person is illegal, usually because of the tax incentives that marriage brings. I'm not advocating for multiple marriages to be legal in Australia, and like I said, neither are most of the polyamorous people I know. There are, as always, people who are passionate about the idea. Here's an amusing look at part of what I think about marriage equality though: http://qntm.org/gay Not written by my, just someone very much like me :) In the end, I don't think that the state should have a say in who I can marry, or place limits on it, but I realise I'm in a rather small minority and that it doesn't really matter! In all current regions that allow polygamy (Multiple marriages) it's actually polygyny (One husband, many wives) that's legal and the laws reduce the human rights of women, ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_polygamy In Australia, according to legal advice I've received (This is what I was told, don't rely on it in court, pay for your own legal advice and don't blame me if it's wrong), a relationship outside of a marriage is considered a de facto relationship if it persists for more than 2 years, which impacts the settlement decisions if your spouse files for divorce and the court needs to decide on the settlement, but it's not illegal. To be clear, there's a difference between being married to, and sharing a relationship with a person. Life is complicated, whether you have multiple loving relationships or not, and, as I've previously mentioned here, I love complexity and complicated things, polyharmonic classical music to Baroque-core, quantum mechanics, and the complex line between monotonic and chaotic automota :) And I'm reasonably adept at managing my time and energy after some years of practice. Well, we define it as a relationship when everyone agrees it's a relationship and wants things to continue down that path. Yes this is a fuzzy line, but tends to be along the lines of partners snog, friends don't. Partners of mine have in the past shared relationships together, but that's certainly not required. Things get bad when partners don't like each other so I try to avoid that.
  13. pwarren

    What's on your mind?

    I only just discovered that the forums have a 'jump to latest unread post' button!
  14. Well, thank you for labeling me, I'm glad I now know what to call myself when I look in the mirror. Do all the people you have relationships know about each other? (how many are there?) Yes they do, that's one of the basic, fundamental ideas of polyamory as I practice it. Nothing hidden, all out in the open and welcomed. I currently share a relationship with 2 people. The most I've had concurrently is 4, which brings me to: Shared online calendars. If it's not in the Calendar, it doesn't happen! The time with each is not equal, we share what we can when we can. I have responsibilities associated with one relationship that override a lot of other concerns including my hobbies :) (read: kids) The way sleeping arrangements work, if we are cohabitating, is that my partners have a bed, and I'm told where to sleep :) I've had a relationship with a person who was a more demanding of my time, and was definitely competing. In the end, they ended up attempting to take me away from my other relationships all together. Needless to say, that did not go down well with me, and made many of their behaviours make a lot more sense with the clarity of hindsight. Okay, no worries! :) Along with The Ethical Slut from Nich..., have a look at More than Two by Franklin Veaux (and fund his book via indigogo, it's looking great!) The Wikipedia entry is also pretty good, and close to what my ideas are.
  15. Well, thank you for labeling me, I'm glad I now know what to call myself when I look in the mirror.