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  1. Count

    What to do?

    I found a simple solution that'll work well. We know the boats are coming from Indonesia and they don't give a crap about stopping them. So the solution is this. We tell Indonesia, "Fine, we'll accept every boat that comes out way, but we'll deduct their resettlement costs out of our foreign aid to your government", and see how fast the boats stop then. I promise you the boats will suddenly and miraculously stop and we'll all be left scratching out heads wondering why.
  2. Count

    Failure To Vote

    Can I point out that voting is NOT compulsory in Australia.. just turning up at and saying "I was at the voting booths" is. Under australian law, you merely have to sign off your name against the electoral roll every election to say, "Yes, I was here and haven't voted anywhere else", you are not legally required to do anything more at hte voting booths then to get your name crossed off, if you dont want to vote, throw your ballets away. That's the confusion a lot of people have in Australia. If you really dont want to vote, dump your ballet sheets once you get your name checked off.
  3. Count

    A thought experiment

    small problem of the people who believe that gay is something wrong to be fixed or a life choice, also happen to be the same people that believe in women having no controls over their bodies. So by that subject matter alone, no one who finds a child gay would abort, simply because the homophobic parents wouldnt kill a baby in utero (they'd abuse the hell of it once it's out of the womb though) and because those who who arent homophobic wouldnt care.
  4. Count

    Stellar Impact

    sounds like that old nettrek game that used to run around the webs in the late 80s.
  5. Count

    My response to a petty ban

    Play on a server not run by 13 year old girls?
  6. Well, this movie will have to succeed. Without stargate and most of the golden era movies catalogue now, Bond is the only franchise that's keeping MGM afloat. They lose that and they may as well fold up shop.
  7. Count

    getting my money back from game.com

    See that's the other thing, if you pay by card (particularly by credit card) you can lodge a claim dispute and normally the banks get back 100% of what you were owed (with some fees or exceptions). But if you paid by cash, you are pretty much screwed. Says a lot for the balance of power in the legal and financial world, huh?
  8. Count

    Siamese Murderer

    Actually, i think they'd both go to jail. The courts would probably find the innocent one as an accessory to murder and charge him as well.
  9. Count

    Dreams and there meanings.

    I dont know, maybe. It depends... Was your dream one about buying a dictionary? Maybe your subconscious is compelling you to know the difference between there and their.
  10. Count

    Weight loss diary 2012

    No thanks, did it last year, went from 96 to 74 in 8 months with no exercise (self control really helps here :P ). and now my superhuman metabolism has finally kicked in 4 years after doctors rearranged my insides, I can now eat whatever I want again and not put on weight. :) good luck tho, seriously calorieking.com.au is the best when it comes to figuring out costs for foods.
  11. Count

    STO FTP Jan17

    when their FTP solution was to give FTP players "less" then the original subscription and those who had collectors/retail/preorder editions no bonuses for playing FTP... they lost me. I am not giving another cent to those morons.
  12. Count


    Amazing amounts of loot in the Dwarven ruins, the scrap metal turns into ingots which give you heaps. So don't forget to have your packmule buddy (probably Lydia) carry as much as they can. Also, best standing stone is the steed stone. Armor doesn't slow you down and you can carry +100 on top of your existing load :) EDIT: Just look up riften speech bug and you'll get gamefront's explanation on how to do it. It's just cheating the persuade option on some random in riften.
  13. Count

    Hey lady, I think YOU need the glasses.

    My Opthomalgic surgeon said to me, "You're eyes will never get any better now, dont bother with glasses anymore", heh. Oh well, 95% in my left eye ain't too bad :)
  14. Count

    TVs as Monitors

    I've been using a Hd5870 to spit out HDMI to my 52" Samsung series 8, never had any problems, graphics look as clear as if they were put onto a monitor. Naturally the only problem being though is that a 1080p screen of that size tends to lose resolution because of the pixel size, so yea... But it's still 1080p quality from the box.
  15. Count

    Speed VS Quantity

    Thanks for the help folks, james, those Corsair dimms are ridiculously expensive now, I'l probably wait till Gskill release theirs or the price comes down in general. 8 should suffice for the moment. kikz: thanks for that in particular, good to know the setup works, I am tempted to wait for the 2700K to come back in stock, mainly because it's only 20 bucks more over the 2600k, but i'll figure that out later. Thanks again people