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    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    pretty sad :( this was a pretty good forum back in the day, and the first issue of Atomic was breathtaking :)
  2. millusions

    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    what happened to this forum? its like dead
  3. millusions

    Upgrading MacBook Pro to SSD

    the easiest and fastest way to do it is to make an installer USB. if u have Install Mac OS Mavericks.app downloaded the command is something like: /Applications/Install Mac OS Mavericks.app/Contects/createinstallmedia something rather, it will give u the exact commnd options as in --sourcemedia etc.etc this all happens in a bash terminal, yea
  4. millusions

    Macbook Air 2013/14

    i prefer mavericks to Yosemite, have no issues with it. Macbook Air 2014 + Quad core Mac Pro its probably the ancient macbook not the OS :)
  5. millusions

    Which mac for the job? Need some advice.

    ditch windows if u can. mac pro + mini :) you can easily hookup a bigger screen to your mac for gaming, given the graphics card is all ok.
  6. millusions

    they're working on pity now.....

    sounds like she's very sick in a chinese mental hospital
  7. millusions

    Phase II is GO!

    hi, why am I a quark? i joined this site just after issue 1!! whats the deal? thanks ahhh, ok, fixed after one post, thank you
  8. I've got this weird problem today, just when we were planning on some hard gaming this afternoon. I've got a Gigabyte mobo running AMD6000, and something crapped out this arvie. When i pull out the ATI4870 the computer works fine with built in Nvidia 6100 but when I put the ATI48700 in it makes click, click , click sounds and only shows the built in 6100 (on a second monitor). 1. test one, put the 4870 into the second computer - WORKS FINE 2. test two, put a Nvidia8400GS into my comptuer - click, click,click and no video on that monitor , built in 6100 works. 3. test three, put a 7600GT into my computer - works fine!!!! 4. test four, put a Nvidia9800 into my computer - click, click, click and no video on that monitor, built in 6100 works. so i think its the mobo, has anyone come across somthing similar? any suggestions?
  9. millusions

    Good old Atomic

    thanks, who would have suspected the 'submit' button.. lol
  10. millusions

    Good old Atomic

    See what i mean? you have a bunch of 'mods' going on about 'when do u subscribe?' but when someone has a problem it's ignored... yup, im gonna run out now and subscribe for ten million years, sure thing. just some guy: thanks for the bone SheepyTwoPointOh: awesome, we have a special issue of Fatomic in the mail out for you, it covers the burning question of when do u subscribe and why, with interviews and tons and tons of pictures. MODS: thanks for nothing
  11. millusions

    Good old Atomic

    I remember when i was in Brisbane I bough this new magazine called Atomic, this was around 2001 or 2002, the content of this magazine impressed me enough to subscribe within days of the first issue.. anyway, thats my nostalgia for now. I'm having problems with forums and email settings, that part of the forums is screwed up. It wont let me change email address, it did the other day which resulted in an instant email claiming 'Good Bye from Atomic, Your email address has now been removed from our list' which is bollocks on email change. Now, my profile still shows my old invalid email and when i go to 'change email' the new gmail.com email is show. its screwed up i tell ya. I emailed help at Atomic about this around 1 year ago but got no reply. who's the geezer looking after these things? throw me a friggin bone here :) m.
  12. millusions

    how deep is your love?

    very strong argument from brains, roflmao. did you just want to tell everyone that you use Unix and you're experiencing some delusions of superiority?
  13. millusions

    how deep is your love?

    ok, its been a couple of days. where the heck is brains to tell us how Unix makes Linux look like dark ages? im really curious.
  14. millusions

    how deep is your love?

    interesting thread to read, before retards start dribbling about their vista shite, like who cares man? curious thou how vista drama spill over to the open source , rate your linux forum. of course, drama queens never get enough drama. lol. I've started using linux around 1994/1995 with Slackware 3.1, out of sheer curiosity, there was no plug and play back then and getting hardware working with linux was often about replacing things with 'linux friendly' items (sound cards, etc).. I thought this thread would be good to see what people are using out there and why? this is so i can decide waht to put on my laptop without spending a week trying out different distros.. Well, there's that and it's just fun reading about linux boxes. From Slackware i did the whole tour, red hat, mandrake (why rename it to mandriva, sounds like a fruit), Caldera.. through the years my flavour was Debian for a rock solid distro, anyone remember Progeny? and Red Hat, i've used Red Hat as desktop up till 7.3 - where the first thing 7.3 would get is 'apt-get' for red hat. apt-get didnt work so well with red hat after 7.3 (for me anyway), besides the fact that Red Hat 8 was just bloated to the max and a lot of installation decisions were taken away from teh user. it was time to move on! :) it was Suse from there on with 'testing' of most new distros, like ubuntu 5 :) and other distros computer mags would rave about.. whenever someone would mention Red Hat i'd be seeing a boardroom full of non technical suits watching an overhead projector and secretaries squeeling with 'oh, and its plug and play!!' lol.. who else is it designed for? Ubuntu was a natural progression also, could not avoid the media ranting about it. it looked good. mainly because the debian flavour is strong in ubuntu, it is solid, but then came a day of googling to get Enemy Territory running with sound, it was some Ubuntu specific thing i dont remember because fdisk happened next and ubuntu was not welcome around here P), and the no root account thingo. that is just plain crap - i believe everyone should at least once delete their whole file system by mistake as thats a lesson that shouldnt be skipped :) yes, ive done it, its cool, you go: ls -l and there's nothing there, lol... it's wicked to hear about suse servers thou :) i've done the xterm/mc/vi thing with a debian box before, wicked! but Yast2 just works without 20 shells open and at the end of the day it saves a bit of time. I think my laptop will get ubuntu 8.10 , im sure with xfce it will kick butt :) brains: can you elaborate on 0/10 in favour of unix? ive also worked with Unix servers in the wild (at work) and the only thing that was impressive about them was the box the software came in (with big fat books) and the price tag. what are you talking about basically? have you been smoking someething today? btw. next person that mentions Vista in this thread can expect a knock on the door after midnight.
  15. Which distribution of linux are you using and why? on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love linux/your distro? whats the best thing about this distribution, and what's the worst? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I use Suse 11. mainly because of centralised administration. actually, come to think of it - that is the only reason, rpm based distros generally suck :) On a scale of 1 to 10 i'd give it a 10 on my 3.2ghz 24/7 server and 10 on amd6000/8600gts/2x22' lcd desktop. the worst thing about suse is package management, nothing beats apt-get (apt-get i think is what made Ubuntu popular, cuz i find it sux0rs otherwise, bring apt-get to the massess, ha ha) + (Ubuntu is just stupidified Debian for dummies = what's the go with a linux distro without a root account? [yes, i know you can enable it], surely that's linux for stupid people). Getting off track here.. Suse is very polished, has all the right options during install - without going overboard (how's red hat for install options? -> press here to install 'desktop environment' roflmao the best thing about Suse is that it's fast to setup and get going, as in, Suse complete setup=1 day, Debian complete setup=1 week, Red Hat complete setup= lifetime of forums in summary, Suse 11 is one hot biatch :)