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  1. I didn't say anything about buying fixing and selling regularly. All I said was it shouldn't be an issue if I buy fix it and decide to sell it for more than what I paid on the basis of what I consider a fair price.My original intention was to get something to play with. OCAU members are very 'passionate' about making sure the forums do not become eBay-like. Many members get upset about reselling of items for profit as they believe it is not in the 'community spirit'. unless Ma used those exact words, then you have misunderstood the reason for the sale being closed. The commercial sales rule is there to prevent regular "for profit" sales. As p0is0n said, be careful with the way the sale is worded and there won't be a problem. I wasn't the first to mention allbids, I never posted the link to the allbids auction, I didn't quote the commercial sales rules to the thread, and YOU asked for the admins to clean up the thread - which Ma did so :D I told you (not my exact words) to reconsider your pricing based on your prospective audience of informed buyers who knew what you paid. I suggested you part it out as I knew you had been considering doing so based on posts here. I also know the value of the parts, which you now probably realise wasn't actually lowballing you. I was the only one in 15 or so replies to actually bid :D Your price check thread appears to have gone bye-bye... FYI - the last reply I saw said $200-$250
  2. holy crap >_< if I saw that I wouldn't have bought any in the first place D: i guess parts it is then ~_~ which is what I was trying to tell you in the OCAU thread :) the potential buyers are all informed and therefore cheap arses :p honestly you should be putting this on eBay as is because the ACT market is saturated with ex-allbids gear (I must have like 100+ purchases alone and 20 dual/quad CPU servers in my spare room for parts) offering to deliver to Syd isn't hard and the cost of petrol is less than a courier you could feel it? check the bid history on the DL585s... I don't bid on those for the exact reasons you found out (huge, noisy, power hungry, etc) I normally bid on dell 1950s as a minimum for the DIMMs that I made you an offer for EDIT: not that it matters as I just realised the part nos are for ECC reg... brain fart... won't get FB-DIMMs out of that AMD server :p
  3. I said from $180-$320 http://www.allbids.com.au/Buy/?ID=496967 Personal attacks now? even better... canberra is not a big place ;) it got hard to keep track of your edits, but so far you have accused me of being 'jelly', not being very nice, attacking you and harassing you. at no stage did any people replying in your thread act in a way that attacked you -> I can probably get a copy of the thread for "lols sake" if ppl care
  4. Ameel was trying to offload the DL585 G2 on the OCAU forums 2 days after purchasing it from allbids a lot of the canberra (and other members interested in enterprise servers) are allbids members and know the price these go for (as can anyone who can google) someone in the thread (not me) linked the sale showing ameel paid $210 (+12.5% buyers premium) for the server which he was trying to sell for $520+ it is perfectly fine to sell for whatever he can get, just he misrepresented the item for sale, how and why it was acquired, state the server was in and reality of what he meant by "fully tested" surely someone who has a degree in finance and legal practice should know better
  5. yes, didn't go well at all @_@ OCAU member HeXa was pretty much attacking me and the sale. He only made a bid when I requested for it and a lowball at that, but kept posting messages unrelated to purchase/interest in the item. Think he was jealous that I got a good deal and was selling it. I mean, if you look at OCAU generally, a lot of people do much much worse, but get away with it. In the end, my responses backfired and I got shit from it as mod on OCAU decided that I was making a "commercial sale" (im guessing based on what HeXa said and/or implied) and that I am thence prevented from selling anything on OCAU since ANYTHING i sell will be deemed a "commercial sale" ~_~ I can't help but think that mod may have been biased when I mentioned harassment and pressure from member HeXa (who is a senior member) :lol: